Nasrallah says he has the proof that Israel killed Hariri


Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech Tuesday via video marking the 4th anniversary of the July 2006 war : “We are celebrating the July victory, but what happened today was a heroic confrontation fought by the Lebanese army.”

The Lebanese message was very clear: Lebanon, the whole of Lebanon, will not tolerate any violation of even one hand span of its sacred land.

What we witnessed today was one of the forms of this aggression, but the army’s retaliation was courageous despite its modest capabilities.

Israel’s aggression on Lebanon has never stopped. The Israeli war machine stopped, but there are violations against Lebanon that are still persistent, topped by Israel’s violations of Lebanese territory — over 7,000 violations of 1701.

“It was wise to stand behind the army, but we told the army’s commander: “The Resistance is at your disposal.”

“Since the first moment of the confrontation, the Resistance was put on maximum alert and we told our brothers in the South to remain calm and not interfere in the clashes. The Resistance placed itself at the service of the LAF.”

“Some people ask why Hezbollah was cautious and did not interfere in the clashes today. Let me tell you, first, that some people will say that Hezbollah is waiting for an opportunity to explode the situation in Lebanon and obstruct the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL). Others say that Hezbollah will abide by Iran and Syria’s orders.”

Nasrallah warned that “the Resistance would no longer stand idly if Israel attacks the Lebanese army.”

“The LAF protects the Resistance, just as the Resistance protects the LAF, and the Lebanese people protects the LAF and the Resistance. This is the formula.”


He addressed the issues of spying by Israel and said :

The extent of Israel’s infiltration of Lebanon’s telecom sector is a great risk .

What does uncovering more than 100 Israeli collaborators in Lebanon signify?

How many spies are still operating in this country?

Uncovering such spies weakens Israel. The Resistance was, and will, remain ready to assist the security forces, especially in the telecom field.

Work should be maintained to continue the spy probe, and we must not be tolerant in any way on this issue.

We demand a quick implementation of the death sentences against Israeli collaborators.

Defense strategy

He addressed the issue of defense and Liberation strategy:

I reiterated my call to design a strategy to liberate the Lebanese lands occupied by Israel, instead of just talking about a national defense strategy.

He added:

We are capable of having the best liberation strategy and the best national defense strategy.

Tripartite summit

We welcome and praise Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s visits to Lebanon [last Friday].

The Baabda summit is meant to protect Lebanon. We should all collaborate to calm the situation [in Lebanon]. We welcome Arab efforts [on Lebanon].

We welcome Saudi-Syrian rapprochement because [it benefits] Lebanon.

Also, on Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani’s visit to Lebanon and tour of the South [last weekend], the Lebanese thank Qatar for its support.

We are also expecting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to visit Lebanon after mid-September.

(Yesterday the Iranian ambassador said , no date has been set for Ahmadinejad ‘s visit to Lebanon)

Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL)

We all want the truth and refuse politicization of issues, just as we want justice, not only for the family of Rafik Hariri.

I will hold a press conference on Monday, August 9, at 8:30 p.m., in which we will address Hezbollah’s accusation, based on evidence, that Israel is behind Rafik Hariri’s assassination.

In the past weeks, we made a lot of efforts. We formed a team to review all the details. I will present evidence during the August 9 press conference proving that Israel was plotting to accuse Hezbollah of killing Rafik Hariri.

I have information. We accuse Israel of killing Rafik Hariri on February 14, 2005.

I will present during the press conference information that will help lead to conclusions on the Rafik Hariri investigation.

I will reveal a very important secret about the work of the Resistance to prove my arguments on August 9.

After August 9, the Lebanese government should appoint a responsible [committee on the issue] if it finds what I say to be noteworthy. We are ready to collaborate with the government.

We will manage to uncover the real criminals behind the Rafik Hariri murder.

Comments about the 2006 war

One of the Lebanese leaders, I will not mention his name, told me that there is an international decision to crush Hezbollah.

One of the Arab leaders, whose name I will not mention either, told me that former US Ambassador the UN John Bolton told him and a delegation arriving at the UN to stop the [2006] July War that the war would only end when Hezbollah surrenders.

This comes as part of Israel’s miscalculations.

In July 2006, almost the entire world supported Israel.

They gambled that every Lebanese will give up on the Resistance. But others supported the Resistance.

One day [during the 2006 July War], Israel’s representative at the UN approached someone from the Arab delegation, saying, ‘We will take the decision to stop the war.’

The Arab leader told me that Bolton also told him that they want to stop the war.

The Arab leader asked Bolton, ‘Then why are you stopping now? Hezbollah has not surrendered.’

Bolton answered, ‘Because Israel is no longer capable of pursuing the war.’

I want to conclude by saying that the Resistance, since the 2006 July War, is seeking for equations to protect Lebanon.

The importance of these equations is that they are based on facts.

Regarding air defense, we [as Hezbollah] will keep Israel wondering. Let them wonder if we have air defense systems or not. We will not reveal it.



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  1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    I am not a Hezbollah supporter, but impressive speech! Kudos

    1. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie Al Fanarie

      Yes Nassrallah makes good speeches since he is the master of Lies and Deceits. And also I might add a charming intimidator too. Do as say or I am going to kill you. Nice waited over 5 yrs to tell us he has a proof it was the israelis who did it. What hide the truth all these times? With all the accusations leveled against your group and Syria you would think that he would come up with it sooner. Oh yes those spies must been tortured to death in order to confess it was the israelis who did it. i see where you got your evidence now.

      1. HA are the master of brainwashing and here you go, you all got brainwashed. Why HA hasn’t reveal all the issues about Rafik Hariri and suddendly they were capable. They are just bullshitters and ends here.

        They are trying to make you all realize our army is so weak we need hezballah and now thus are trying to launch war to liberate our lands. God protects all of us from this game and conflict that we never know when it ends. Enough is enough we are all tired of all our politicians trying to manipulate our free thinking and freedom. I can’t believe how stupid we are. Let them split this country into small states and we will live our way according to who we are and where our beliefs are.

  2. Great Speech.

  3. Allah yesmaa mnak ya Nasrallah,if Israel did it.

  4. tony ali Avatar


    my hopes for a cooperation between the LAF and HA are coming true thus the eventual absorption of HA into the army.

    i love the fact that HA allowed the LAF to do its job and supported it.

    i love the fact that HA is talking lebanese and is responding to accusations.

    when nasrallah has proof, he usually comes through so inshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllah ha has the evidence that these demons were behind it cos if they have 100 spies in the telecom system and elsewhere, how else could this job have been masterminded.

    the truth shall set you free and time is the only provider of all stories.

    i’ve been praying to work together with HA and to implement checks and balances to ensure lebanon’s security.

    well the proofs in the pudding. HA didn’t bite the israeli bait. they backed the lebanese army and rightfully so. to think that israel has violated the 1701 7,000 times with no sanctions or punishment is just disgusting.

    sooner or late time will also reveal that the west is not worried about irans nuclear bombs. they’re worried about the nuclear energy tht they might sell worldwide at reduced rates thus breaking the monopoly that the west controls. inshallah i’m right on this one as well.


  5. After todays story, and reading nasrallahs speach I am starting to like this guy… this speech was far better than any other speech he has ever made +1 for supporting lebanon +10 for backing our army as weak as it might be i am very proud of it.

  6. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    Hopefully he is right, this would be a great slap in the face to the likes of Tarie, Joey and Chuck Lanka. They are worse than Israelis. Israelis at least were born in Israel and they are expected to support their apartheid government, but these guys are “Lebanese” and they defend Israel. SAD

    1. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie Al Fanarie

      Dream on LebFirst Nassrallah and his gangs been fabricating stories the spies with lots of lies. OF all the the times we been waiting for proof. Now the goofball coming with proof that israelis did it? why didn’t he come beforehand with this so called evidence? why now since the STL might be implicating his group in the crime against lebanon? was is israeli also who attacked Beirut in 2008? was it israeli that kidnapped its soldiers and hid them in dahia? we’ve seen enough lies out of this doushbag there is nothing he can say or do to convince us otherwise. Der Speigl came with news about hezbollah being implicated two yrs ago. Why didn’t he show proof it was israelis? why did he let syrian be humilated and kicked out of Lebanon because he had proof to clear syria and his group.. All you stupid idiots out there who want to believe go ahead suit yourself. But you’re stabbing lebanon in the back as much as the israelis. Did the israelis clean the bombing site also? oh wait it must all these israelis spies who cleaned up the scene so no one can suspect it was the israelis? what about the syrian fabrications of some nitwit who came on tv claming he was about to commit suicide to kill hariri? or you people don’t remember that? where is that witness anyway? apparently his video made out of Syria otherwise how did the Syrian govt get a hold of it? come one people you going to believe this farce story of nassrallah? where is your intelligence? oops you ain’t got none i take it..Rot in hell Nassrallah and you’re the one who pushed the buttons today and causing the death of the soldiers and the journalist..You’re the benjamin Natanyahou of lebanon. You’re a disgrace to your country and when your day come, lebanese are going to stomp on your grave inshallah soon.

      1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        For the millionth time, I am LEB-SYRIAN!! Put your glasses back on geek.

      2. LEBFIRST Avatar

        LoL LEB-SYRIAN tarie always does that 🙂

      3. Hannibal Avatar

        The STL has still after many years work not found out who killed Hariri. They are searhing for evidencces, so don you not think Hezbollah was doing the samme???

        The most logical is that Israel killed Hariri, but do you think it is a matter of two days to colletc evidences and so on??

        Out of curiosity, how old are you Tarie Al Fanarie and do you study?? I have studied politics and I can tell you one thing: Logically it would be very dumb if either Syria or Hezbollah killed Hariri because they would matters worse for them self. The most logical is actually Israel.

    2. Chuck Lanka Avatar
      Chuck Lanka

      Ya Sooree, u still Syrian with ur comments stupid and idiot how can you change? Impossible unless you change your Syrian blood. Go tell ur mama to make u lebneh sandwich and suck on it. Eventually in few weeks you will remember evry word I said. Sit still and watch. Ignorant.

      1. tony ali Avatar

        sri lanka your attack against leb-syrian is very imature and shows a huge sign of weakness. but i guess cos you’re phoenecian you’re above all of us. oops, i’m so sorry your majesty that i spoke out of line. people like you don’t deserve to be lebanese cos lebanese in general are cool and you’re definitely not.

      2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        Moron Chuck, I’ll pick Syrian blood over your blood anyday. When are you making Aliyah back to Israel? They are waiting for you.

      3. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        And you call yourself lebanese? tfee 3ala haik Lebanese. Just half of me is more Lebanese then you will ever be. Apparently you know nothing about being Lebanese.

  7. I am not Lebanese or a Jew. I live in the West. I support peace for the two countries.

    But, I amazed, that Hezbollah has now finally come forward with proof, that the Israels killed Hariri. Why now, after STL has finalized their report?

    Anyway, poor Lebanon will always suffer, from outside and inside forces who try to control the country.

    God help Lebanon, seek peace. Saint Charbel, pray for Lebanon!

    1. HA is full of %$%$#$@%. Now…and conveniently (not to mention..out of the blue)…Mr. Sayyed pulls out so called “evidence” that Israel killed Rafik. What BS. Just out of curiosity…why would Israel want Rafik out of the way? To the contrary, if anything, he would be a figure they would love to have leading Lebanon. The only ones who would want Hariri out of the picture was Syria and their bandits, HA! Hey Hassan…go sell your BS elsewhere!

      1. I’ll tell you why Sami, apprently you are not too smart…

        if Israel kills Hariri, then the blame will (naturally) automatically go to Syria and HA. with that, Syria will be weakened and kicked out of Lebanon, making Lebanon even weaker, creating tensions between lebanese and HA the ONLY force that was able to kick Israel’s ass (dont take my word for it, read it from a JEW’s mouth, Norman Finklestein) which is why they want to get rid of them completley and by turning lebanese against them, makes the task much easier…with that said, their goal after taking out HA is that no one can stand in their way at that point. it certainly wont be the lebanese army. therefore, then can come in whenever they want, suck the water out of the Litani, which by the way if you read israeli sources, they are in desperate need of for their illegal criminal settlements.

        why else would have Israel stayed 22 yrs in Leb?? DONT FORGET, IT WAS ISRAEL’S FAULT THAT HA WAS CREATED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

      2. oh ya and one more thing, there was this german independant investigator that wrote a book caliming that it was the mossad behind it and that 2 years ago, and that he had evidence that the UN completley mishandled the investigation. which is why Mehlis was pulled out.

  8. Constantin Avatar

    Is this guy taking the people for idiots or what, when he says “he has proof that Israel killed Hariri”, after 5 years from the date of the crime he comes to tell the people this?

    Why now he has this proof? Just before the STL gives its verdict suddenly Hassan has a proof that Israel killed Hariri. What a coincidence that now in Lebanon everyone is siding with the Army against Israel because of today’s stupid incident, Hassan is accusing suddenly Israel for the killing. This guy must believe we are all idiots.

    Go lie to people like you Hassan! Every one knows that Syria killed Hariri by using its agents on the ground, amongst them the Hizbullah terrorists.

  9. I have to say I am pretty impressed with his speech and I hope he has solid proof it was the israelis. So to spare the country a civil strife and hopefully that will unite the country and rally around the troops. If this is true that it will remove a huge roadblocks between lebanese. let’s hope and pray for the best.

  10. Sandman Avatar

    What amazes me is how some Lebs blindly support this STL inquisition. Since when did the UN or any of its servants stand up for Lebanon? In 2006 they did not push for a cease fire while civilians died in the hundreds. What have they done for the genocide of Palestinians in Sabra and Shatilla.

    The UNIFIL is in south Lebanon to protect Israel not Lebanon. Do not deceive yourself and live an illusion that somehow the UN or the STL gives a rats ass about Lebanon.

    Stop looking for the rest of the world to clean up your mess and tell you how it is. This has been going on long enough since the French wrote your constitution for you. It is time the Lebanese grew some brains and balls and started working for their own country.

    Long live the brave who give up their lives for the future of this misguided country.

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      What a laughable oxymoron Sandman… “Long live the brave who give up their lives for the future of this misguided country.” Tell me how exactly a dead martyr can live a long life?

  11. nice speach nasrallah you know he may be right thats israel killed hariri if its true its defently been done with the syrian intelligent as they where there in beirut and with the help of HA of course as they are the majer power in lebanon nasrallah;s mens are guilty thats why all them leaders condem the stl even before the heard the result we know thats nasrallah good talker but not this time i don;t thing people will buy it as for you leb sarsour you will be better comment on some paper talk about syria don;t know why you like to fix lebanon problems and your golan with the jew do somthing about it beside talking and barking like dogs for nothing

    1. tony ali Avatar

      dont forget joey that they caught over 100 spies so syrian intelligence was probably not needed. just a thought.

  12. LEBFIRST Avatar

    I agree great speach

  13. Mark Thompson Avatar
    Mark Thompson

    Wow , Nazrallah is a gangster thru and thru , look at the history of what his gang has done to Leb , what is wrong with you people who support him . What is he going to do when Israel gives bac Leb territory ? He has gangsters thru out Leb , and in different countries thru the world , he don’t care about some Leb people , I can’t beleive you don’t see this .

    1. tony ali Avatar

      mark why dont you save the american people from the 50 year raping and stealing of the american tazpayer from israel.

      do your country a favor. you guys can be working 4 days a week and living in awesome houses with great pay vut many of you are ignorant to the fact that your country sends billions of dollars yearly whereas they can be helping many programs like welfare, social security and senior funds.

      israel and the US are not allies. israel took over the media many years ago and comvinces the american people that they`re allies while they have nooses around all the politicians cos they got dirt on all of them so they`re like puppets doing whatever AIPAC wants them to do.

      so to think nazralla is a gangster thru and thru, look in the mirror buddy.

      1. Jacob-International Relations Avatar
        Jacob-International Relations



      2. LOL @jacob propaganda??? its true buddy, you should go educate yourslef.

        the only propaganda machine is Israel, claiming, there is no humanitarian crisis in gaza LOOL


        zionists are the kings of propaganda.

        oh and if you dont beleive me, just research Netenyahu;s secret speaches caught on tape about him laughing about how Israel has the US wrapped around their finger.

  14. Nasrallah is insulting our intelligence really, maybe is not Hizbollah killed Hariri,but not Israel also, Syria did it ,but Syrian didn’t or underestimated the reaction. Let’s not be fooled, who killed, salim Louzi, Moufti hasna khaled, Sobhi el Saleh, Bachir Gemayel, Pierre Gemayel, Danny Chamoun, Kamal Joumblat, Ghassan Tueini, Samir Kassir, and almost killed Marwan Hemade, May el Chedyak, Nasrallah is protecting the Syrians, I still believe that the Syrians used some Lebanese in the army (they like it or not) and Nasrallah most likely was aware of the danger that hariri facing so is Lahoud , but killing him was maybe a good thing for all the dirty bastards that were ruling in Lahoud time . Lebanese people are not stupid Nasrallah , but unfortunately the son of Hariri screw up the whole things by kneeing down to Assad , the truth will be buried as all other assassination, Lebanon is a very dirty country!!!! corrupted from toe o head with no hope until the judgment day

    1. Jacob-International Relations Avatar
      Jacob-International Relations

      ASad ordered the assasination since Hariri decided to stand up for Lebanon against Syrian domination/occupation and in fact Syrian Intelligence was in charge of Lebanon at time.

      But his workers were HEZB IRANI/SYRI oops I mean HEZB ALLAH.

      1. tony ali Avatar

        lardy lardy lardy laarrrrr jacob. no ones listening to you or care about your comments. you’re more of an int’l propogandist than a professional. go preach to people that arent well versed in world politics. you’re on the wrong site buddy.

    2. not smart enough gibbo

  15. Chuck Lanka Avatar
    Chuck Lanka

    What happens to HA statement claiming some of thier members were involved? How Israel was able to clean the crime scene under lahoud authority where he is Syrian Guided and executor. If we evaluate ha last 2 weeks speeches it’s confusing different stories different trials to misguiding us. Don’t be influenced by his calm tone of voice this is his way in showing sincerety and leadership. However his authority is over the president of Lebanon.

    1. lebfirst Avatar

      Chuck you keep saying ‘President Lahoud ordered the clean up of the Hariri crime seen’ that proves NOTHING! immediately After 9/11 Mayor of New York Rudolff Guliani order an incredibly quick clean up of the crime scene too does that mean he took orders from Bin Ladin? no it just means that they both exercised poor judgment at the time.

  16. Chuck Lanka Avatar
    Chuck Lanka

    The day that hezbLlah takes the order and decision from the Lebanese government I will be the first to support and cheer but as now they rule us and they are above anyone

    guys ha is trying to set a scene to allow them to launch the war by convincing everyone Lebanon was hit. Iran is under severe pressure.

  17. Constantin Avatar

    Hassan is being cornered by the coming indictment of the STL, so he is agitated, confused, nervous, issuing consecutive statements, he is ready to do anything to avoid the STL accusations…..What a better way than accusing ISRAEL of the killing of Hariri??? We already accuse Israel for everything bad that happens in our country. One more major accusation ….Why not?

    Stick it to Israel, who is going to dare to defend Israel in Lebanon??? If you dare to say: “NO its not Israel”, you’re a traitor with the Ennemy against the “Heroic Resistance”. Accusing Israel is the best alibi for HA, they will stick with it.

    Hassan, you eloquent charismatic speech giver, your cheap moves and tactics are not not going to pass on the Lebanese, at least the educated Lebanese. Hassan’s end is coming thank God due to an unbiased, neutral, professional, non-politicized tribunal.

    The guy, I admit, is very charismatic public speaker but an ignorant amateur in public international politics, taking the people for idiots and ignorants, like all his followers, whom I consider just blind and not seeing things beyond the turban on Hassan’s head.

  18. Re : Hopefully he is right, this would be a great slap in the face to the likes of Tarie, Joey and Chuck Lanka. They are worse than Israelis. Israelis at least were born in Israel and they are expected to support their apartheid government,

    Posted by Leb-Syrian |

    Apartheid , your’e kidding right, I, a proud Palestinian , and a proud Israeli live and studied in Israel, have an excellent job and am the boss of jews,

    My family in the stiing refugee camps arent allowed to work or study without a permit…Dont talk to me about a apartheit

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      So how much is the Israeli government paying you to spread false propoganda on the internet?

    2. Constantin Avatar

      Yeah a proud Palestinian (P) and a proud Israeli (I). This is a novelty, what a joke! Then my proud P&I (to abbreviate), your people in the camps who are not allowed to study or work because they do not allow the Lebanese authority to reign in their camps. The Lebanese army and police are not allowed in their camps. When they recognize they are JUST JUST guests and intruders on our land and not the owners that have the right to arms, then come and ask for civil rights.

      I consider people like you P&I the ultimate hippocrites of the Arabs and the ultimate traitors to Palestine and its cause, especially when you say that you are a “proud Israeli”. But knowing the palestinians how traitors they can be from their behavior in Lebanon, I am not the least surprised.

      In any case, people like you are not welcome on this Lebanese site. Go to the Palestinian or Israeli site or wherever you feel you belong.

    3. tony ali Avatar

      saleh that was the wierdest response i’ve ever heard from a palestinian. ummm are you okay man?

    4. you need to suck on a lolly pop. how much are they paying you bozo?

  19. NASRALLAH does not know young ASSAD is going to use HIM AND THROW HIM AWAY like a JADED lemon?

  20. Mark Thompson Avatar
    Mark Thompson

    Tony nice…Israel is the cause of evrything bad in Leb and elsewhere…thats an old tune .

    The US gives billions to alot of countries…and more…and the US citizens give their hard earned money more than almost any other country .

    But what has that got to do with Naz being a gangster ? Most Arab countries because of their Goverments are so backwards , Leb is one of the few who try hard not to be , but if Naz had his way , it would go back 50 years .

    Just my opion , it seems your country you can die over opions , to bad , so sad .

    1. tony ali Avatar

      really mark? why dont you put some figures so you show what an idiot you are when you spit faeces out of your mouth.

      go ahead buddy. i’m all eyes. the money US gives to israel as comapred to any other country is atronomical.

      the more of this robbery that the US taxpayers learn of their country being sucked dry by israel the more of an internal revolution thta will happen.

      just like you all love to come and cause strife in lebanon – for every comment you spit out about our county i will spit one right back at you.

      how about the JFK family that you all assasinated and no one was caught you loser.

      why dont we all go and set up a STL in the hague and NOT the UN so we can finally catch the killers. isnt that why those files were sealed for 100 years so the by the time they’re opne all of them will be hopefully six feet under?

      go ahead mark, tell me how demcratic the USA is when during the Busg elections, people were so detoured badly that many intentionally were missing the voting booths plus many machines in florida werent working properly.

      go ahead mister democratic USA more like a fascist regime ruling. who is more backward, the USA with its homeland security crap laws or lebanon whose government actually listens to its people.

  21. is he speacking or preaching?

  22. tony ali Avatar

    cathy i love your wisdom. too many blind people that dont see the big picture and the media to them is the messiah.

    they have lost all reason and they love to regurgitate what the media spits out cos its makes them feel smart.

  23. tony ali Avatar

    cathy thimbs up to your response to jacob. my last post to you was your response to sami. keep it up.

  24. tony ali Avatar

    chimo and jimmy stick to comic books. these topics are high in intellect for the likes of you.

  25. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    Like I said, I am in no way a Hezballah supporter. I think they should just integrate into the Lebanese army and fight as one country, and not as a “party of god”. However I just find it apphauling that some Lebanese would rather see Hezbollah guilty, over Israel. When it is quite clear that Hezballah is a threat to Israel, and of course it is in Israel’s greatest interests to cause civil strife in lebanon so that their only threat can be eliminated and framed. After all the mossad has done, why do you find it so hard to believe that they could have killed Hariri as well? And yes the syrians may not be the best government, but what would they get out of killing him? Think of what benefits syria got? none! if anything it made them pull out of lebanon. Just use your brains and put aside your hate for hezballah for just a minute.

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      just to add to that, how about all the israeli spies in lebanon? is that just a mere coincidence? I really hope that the ppl on here that are siding with Israel are just Israeli’s fronting that they are Lebanese.

    2. LEB-SYRIAN I totally agree with you…I am not a hezbollah supporter nor am I a march 14th supporter..I am lebanese who loves her country and has been living for 10 yrs outside Lebanon and because of this, I think I have a more objective view since I view all media from all sides, check facts and can see what Israel’s true intentions are….

      I knew on the day that Hariri was killed that Mossad must have had a hand in this…why would the syrian government be soooo STUPID and shoot themselves in the foot and get themselves OUT of lebanon????

      it makes no sense, not to mention that after it was kicked out and almost everyone in lebanon beleived it was Syria the guilty party, more assasinations of anti-syrian figures happened.

      now someone with half a brain tell me, if they are already accused, are they that freaking stupid to continue killing OBVIOUS anti-syrian people??? LOL

      people in lebanon tend to forget about the 200,000 palestinians in lebanon. what Israel wants is to drive all palestininas out of theur country or kill them and where are they gonna go? Of course Lebanon would be a great option since 200K of them are already there and if HA is out of the way, who will stand in their way???

      1. Leb-Syrian Avatar


      2. tony ali Avatar

        cathy and leb-syrian i hope y’all know that i hate all parties and religions but i do side with common sense and logic as well as the lebanese nationality.

        regardless of who we are or what we believe in, if we live in lebanon, we’re lebanese.

        i do know tht eventually HA will have no choice but to be absorbed into the army in order to be accepted inthe world body plus it will be a slap in israel’s face when they have no argument when lebanon has taken care of that plus the palestinian weapons in the camps.

      3. Constantin Avatar

        Oh Cathy Cathy….Please you don’t know yet that the Syrians are really really stupid. Yes they killed Hariri but they never ever thought that his killing would kick them out of Lebanon. If they knew the killing was going to provoke such a reaction from the people and worldwide of course they would not have killed him. Rafik Hariri himself felt his life was in danger from the Syrians and told his family and Walid Jumblatt about it.

        Of course the Syrians killed all the rest after they left, through their agents guarding the airport, the so called HA, for revenge. They were so mad they lost their grip over Lebanon that they wanted to kill and have revenge one way or another. Typical Arab Syrian reaction….Kill, kill and more killing…

        Yeah sure the Mossad killed Hariri!!! No my dear Damascus killed Hariri because he was TOO BIG, TOO RICH, TOO CONNECTED, TOO INDEPENDENT for the Syrian regime, period! They were unable to control him so they disposed of him without accounting for the reaction to their crime. That’s all!

      4. Tony I agree with you…we are lebanese… I hate Geagea and his likes who claim to be christian and have NONE of the christian values and the same goes for all other parties…we are all lebanese, and we should all unite no matter what religion we are from…

        Lebanon is a sacred land, Jesus walked on this land, it is beautiful, full of amazing people and hospitality…unfortunatley these amazing people sometimes get lost in the western propaganda….

        HA should be absorbed into the army eventually because that will make our army stronger and Israel will have nothing to say after that!

        I am not a HA supporter but I must admit I have a lot of respect for Nasrallah…

        you know what, I have been finding that more and more americans/europeans have been waking up and reading facts for themselves and not just listening to what the media is saying and you can see that they are starting to see Israel and the US for what they are….

      5. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        Constantin. These are your own words. “too big too rich too connected” so now why would the syrians knowing all that go ahead and kill him? Your post in a way contradicts itself.

      6. @ constantin, Listen, this is the typical argument I hear….the truth is constantine, the 2006 war didnt happen by chance, it was PRE-PLANNED. you dont beleive it?

        please serach Norman Finklestein on youtube. Also look up Seymour Hersh, the journalists that uncovered the abu- ghraib scandal, the lies about the WMD’s in Iraq. He said the US and Israel were planning this war and that Israel NEVER accepted the defeat in 2000 and wanted to make sure to wipe out HA. the soldier thing was only a pretext.

        this is what we, lebanese living in the west, have access too. I dont just listen to garbagae spewed by Geagea or march 14th movement or CNN for that matter.

        now to say that they killed all anti-syrian figures after that cos they wanted revenge. B.S. they knew after they kicked out that they lost the power they had and they would want to gain it back, not make it more obvious to the international community, who has been pressuring them non-stop, that they blatantly killed anti-syrian officials and to prove that they actually killed hariri which they have been denying.

        your theory makes no sense. its the lebanese stuck in the glory days’ theory.

        Even if you think they are stupid, they are not THAT stupid.

        do you think all these spies are just a coincidence????

      7. Cathy,

        seriously, you have respect for that traitor and thug?. How can you respect a thug that lets his scum attack their countrymen just because they dared to disagree with them.

        Remember few years ago , way before the deir spiegel article came out, jumblatt talked about the mitsubitshi truck that was loaded in da7ieh and used to kill hariri et al. I guess israelis went to dahieh and helped their friends load up the truck??? syria and zibala killed hariri and stop with your mossad bullshit.

      8. forgot to mention ya cathy, that sirmeyet ja3ja3 btiswa wasso la naswala (pun intended)

      9. thumbs up to Cathy. One of the very few objective people here.

    3. Karim,

      eh sermeyto la Geagea yalli fajjar knisseh bitsswa rasso la nasrallah yalli defa3 3an baladak la 22 years??

      whatever, into el libneniyeh bi libnen haram brainwashed….

      u say the mitsubishi truck…leh aslan mino jumblatt ta sad2o???

      hayda yalli bi ghayer political affilitation mitel ma bi ghayer culotte???

      ba3den yimkin inta ma fhimit wa2ta elet inno the 2006 war was pre-planned!! there goes the REASON why Israel wanted Syria OUT of Lebanon and to weaken Hezbollah.

      ma badda rocket science ta wa7ad yifham.

      one more thing ana lanni ma3 geagea wala ma3 nasrallah….

      1. tony ali Avatar

        cathy stick around, you’ll see why i get frustrated many times at the garbage i hear and my posts end up being angry. i thought i was fighting an uphill battle for a while until you guys came along.

        i honestly thought i was the only one fighting for identity instead of religion.

        its lebanon guys lebanese and we all are in the same boat. we’re all family for crying out loud.

      2. Karim rou7 tlob min israel t7ottak 3al payroll taba3a, cos you would be good at it. you and geagea and Lahed and all the traitors to Lebanon deserve to be shipped to Israel (where lahed is) and not be on an ounce of lebanese territory.

        wlek tfou! ka-anno Geagea manno thug LOL

        ma ken bil 7abess la kill el jarayem yalli 3emelah ou did min? did el massihiyeh!!!! tfou a million times.

        inta bta3ref, inta wel ingorant mitlak yalli byitfalsafou inno el shi3a defa3ou 3an kaneyess bil jnoub?

        I have a friend of mine whos father said that even though he was a christian that they treated him better than his own brother, and offered him protection during war…

        la2 rou7 ma3 sunni wel saudi arabia, holeh bi7ibbouk ktir! LOL

        bala mokh intou…shou wa7ad baddo yi7ki

      3. Sandman Avatar

        Cathy and Tony, you two are the only people here who seem to know what you are talking about and have your heart and mind in the right place as far as Lebanon is conferned. What we need is more people like you who love Lebanon above and beyond politics, religion and money.

        We should all be so fortunate to have this kind of wish yeah?

      4. moustapha Avatar

        hehe.. Cathy.. we are far from standing united with you advising Karim to choose to be a patriotic Lebanese person if he stands by Hizb or a traitor to israel if standing by the sunni confession. Infact this talk is what breeds secterianism.

        As much as you might hate Saudi arabia and the GCC you overlook many important factors of what protects our economy in lebanon and the biggest income to Lebanon is from expatriates working the arab gulf and tourism brought by them. And apart from the fact when our currency was gona brake who comes in to save it during the july 2006 war?

        As much as i might have personal and ethical issues with the Arab oil rich countries.. il 7a2 7a2 and we cant take that away from them.

        I can give you 100s of stories where christians helped shiaa, or sunnis helped christians, or druze helped sunni, or druze helped christians..whatever sequence you want it in… it doesnt mean that if your friends father was christian and was helped by some shiaa it doenst mean that all the shiaa are good and all the sunnis are bad.. and vis versa.

        During the civil war mish kil il 3alam saro wlad shawari3 uw wlad kalb. Ktir mina bi lebnan min khaf Allah in kina shiaa, sunni, marouneh, orthdoxe, dirzeh.. And we didnt need to be taught compassion and how to treat our neighbors who we have shared bread and butter with and lived side by side even though we are of different confessions.

        I find it very offensive of you to label me a Lebanese who loves his country a traitor on the basis of my confession. 3ayb.

      5. no Moustapha, thats not what I meant, what I mean is to tell them, those christians that say that they dont like hezbollah because of religion, etc. yet they stand with sunnis from saudi arabia who also dont have Lebanon’s interest at heart….

        I was just trying to bring out the oxymoron….I have no problem with sunnis, shiites, orthodox, maronites…it doesnt matter…

      6. as long as they are lebanese, thats what matters….religion should be of no importance….

      7. God bless this man!!

        true face of the zionism regime.

      8. Anonymous Avatar

        So what are you trying to say, that you wanted the syrians to stay in Lebanon like the rest of the morons on this site. I cannot understand how some so called lebanese pride on wanting a foreign force like syria in our country to prove ourselves against Israel. I am pretty sure we can do well on our own, all we need to do is unite, convince ourselves that both our neighbours are our enemies and have a strong Lebanese state. Stop this bu**s**t about brotherly countries and same cultures etc, etc, etc………..

      9. Moustafa, yislamli timak!

        Cathy, so now i’m on the mossad payroll just because my opinions are different than yours, that my dear is pathetic and you should be ashamed of yourself. Let’s clarify some conclusions that you jumped into because of your low IQ:

        1-I, unlike you, don’t lump all the shi3a as ha. just because i don’t like ha, it doesn’t mean i dont like shi3a. have a lot of very good friends that are shi3a.

        2- the rat nasrla did not defend me for 22 years as you claim, as far as i’m concerned, he hijacked my country and is forcing his way of life on me gradually. it hasn’t been couple of years when he unsuccesfuly tried to take over our homes in mount lebanon, did you forget that ya shatra? if you read my comment carefully you will see that i said ja3ja3 was a thug, but he is reformed unlike all the 3arsat that still run the show.

        3- my family has been living in lebanon for over 500 years, so who the hell are you to tell me that i don’t deserve to live there.

        4- just because jumblatt (khara 3lay) changes his positions doesn’t mean that what he said inthe past is not true. all intelligent people know that he changed his positions to survive and be on the winning team.

        5- Syria and ha killed hariri. just connect the dots and you’ll see it. Syria didn’t expect that by killing hariri would errupt that volcano of anger, so it back-fired on them. after all, they kiled so many other prominent lebanese and nothing happened so they through hariri would be another killled lebanese, but they were wrong this time.

        6-I respect your right to express your opinions and wouldn’t want it any other way, but i ask of you to have the decency to respect my right to free expression without doubting my patriotism and calling me names.

      10. @ANONYMOUS, PLEASE do me favor and read ALL my posts. I specifically said I am not pro-Syrian and definitley do not want Syria in Lebanon. but HA remains formed of Lebanese shiites no matter who backs them.

        so ya, in essence, you are saying the exact same thing I did, the Lebanese must unite against all OUTSIDE forces.

      11. Karim,

        I didnt say you are on their payroll because you have a different opinion. it is the way you talked about the whole lebanon situation.

        The truth is ungrateful lebanese like you who claim that Nasrallah did not defend their country for 22 yrs is exactley why this country will go no where if we stay like this.

        How can you even deny that? so you’re saying that Israel being in Lebanon for 22 yrs of occupation, destruction and killing (which mostly affected the shias!!) is of no importance and that they should have stayed in???

        Second, you admit that Geagea was a thug. of but he is reformed now. Riiight. and why should I believe that more than you beleive that nasrallah is a thug? are you with him 24/7, in his mind and head to know exactley without a shadow of doubt his intentions?

        Just his speech was so divisive. instead of encouraging the fact that HA stood back and supported the LA, he the israeli opportunist made sure of making a speech that was divisive. even lebanese that are pro- 14 march said that.

        Third, the whole syria killed Hariri, they thought they were gonna get away with it crap, look yu say they did it before and didnt expect this reaction. They did it in the past but who hasnt tried to assassinate political figures?


        I know you will answer me they want revenge or whatever but the truth is we are not in 1975 anymore and the syrians know that and the international pressure along with the US pressure on them would not allow them to make such a stupid move. if you beleive otherwise, then you are very naive and you probably also beleive that bin Laden was by himself behind the whole 9/11 terror plot.

        Karim, I respect your difference of opinion but what I dont respect is one someone turns on his own people against a fierce enemy that hates Lebanon even more than any other arab country, and does not care one bit about you or anyone else in this country but only to fulfill their zionist agenda.

        Trust me, I have done my research from ALL sources, including israeli, US, lebanese, european, independant sources and when you do the same, you can then come back and tell me who is the biggest threat to us.

        You live in lebanon and you are tangled up in all these lying politicians and theories that make no sense to anyone objective from the outside.

      12. cathy,
        I’m tired of responding to an idiot that condradicts heself and keeps putting words in my mouth. i didn’t defend the fkn yahoud so just because i dont like hezbollah doesnt mean i like the fkn yahoud ya 7mara, get it through your thick skull. also i don’t live in lebanon (will be visiting this summer), i live in the usa. However, your notion that people in lebanon are somewhat caught up in the web of lies is insulting to all lebanese people. As for rebutting your other points, it is useless and a wasteof my energy, so i won’t.

      13. Unfortunalty Karim, you are the one contradicting yourself.

        You say you dont like HA but that doesnt mean that you like the yahoud. well i dont like HA either but the point I was trying to make ya hmar is that at least I give him props for liberating our country in 2000. You on the other said, “he did not defend my country, he destroyed it.”

        its ok you dont have to respond to anything I said, cos I know you are unable to.

        oh and by the way stop trying to make me look bad by saying im insulting lebanese. ITS THE TRUTH. EVERYONE IN THE FREAKING WORLD KNOWS IT. LEBANON’S PITFALL ARE ITS PEOPLE WHO ARE CAUGHT UP IN RELIGIOUS AND POLITCAL FACTIONS.

        Now I wont be wasting my time arguing with a moron.


  27. Berytus Avatar

    I think we can all agree however, that Israel and Syria are both suspects in the assassination.

    We have two horrible neighbours that have done more bad than good to our country.

    Can we all at least agree to that?

    Therefore, if Hezbollah really shows good evidence, give it to the STL, and khalas, we can all relax. The STL will sort it all out.

  28. tony ali Avatar

    cathy i’m with you all the way. you speak my language.

  29. moustapha Avatar

    BERYTUS.. you are absolutely right. As crazy as it sounds.. I think all sides being accused are guilty and colaborated to achieve the the same goal. These parties that are being accused dont fear God.. and would do anything to achieve their goal regardless if it means work with the enemy. I believe all sides had a common benefit in riding themselves of Hariri(Allah yir7amak ou yir7am kil il shuhada2 il’en 2atalo).

    I must say though his speeches are very convincing and amusing/entertaining hehe.. and it feels good to hear someone give Israel the middle finger lol!

    1. Berytus Avatar

      Thank you Moustapha.

      Clearly Israel holds grudges against lebanon and seeks what is worst for Lebanon. But Syria is also not innocent. Syria has manipulate and exploited our weak political system for their own gain.

      I agree that out of the two, Syria is the lesser of the two evils, but we should not be blinded and accuse one but not the other. They both “appear” to have something to gain from this, therefore we should investigate both sides as if they are both guilty.

      None of this, “well Syria is trying to cover up the crime scene”, or “Israel has spies in telecommunications, therefore changed the evidence.” These are only suspicions. Give all the evidence to the impartial STL and they will figure it out.

      So people, stop believing our talented politicians. They know how to talk and lie and manipulate events and respond to each other. Let us unite and show we are better than the Syrian regime and the zionists.

      1. I totally agree! we must stand united against anyone who wants to destroy our dear Lebanon. PERIOD.

  30. tony ali Avatar

    well said berytus.

  31. Mark Thompson Avatar
    Mark Thompson

    How did this turn into a discussion about everything else but Naz…

    Tony….swallow your anger….why r u so mad inside ? is it genetics or what ?

    1. tony ali Avatar

      hey mark i might be angry and i accept me genetic defect but i sure as heck feel sorry for your genetic defect of being insecure, blind, slow thinking and fearful which is why zionists think that their tactics of continuing to talk down to arabs will still work.

      talking down to me empowers me bro so keep doing it as i love this other genetic defect i have of not putting up with nonsense and unreasonable garbage cos i’ve heard it all my life and its payback time bro.

      like i said, i will post everytime you post how israel sucks dry the american taxpayers and i hope many read this web aite so they can research it and download the continuously ticking calculator that shows per second how much israel is sucking from american pockets.

      your country will go down when the US citizens statr lobbying their government to stop funding israel.

      israel is crippling the US economy. israel hijacked the US presidency when it killed JFK.

      that was a sad day especially in the arab world.

      israelis are treading on borrowed time cos many behind closed doors are finding ways how to cripple AIPAC and it will happen.

  32. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    For one thing which is not related to this post and I am pro saudi anyway. But lots of you who deny their assistance for decades and their support to Lebanon and many lebanese who worked there. Shame on you to keep putting Saudi Arabia all the times. What did you get from the Syrian gov’t the bloodsuckers? or Iran who just came into the picture who only support you if you fight for their cause? what did ever Saudi or kuwait ever asked of Lebanese to sacrifice for them? Saudi gov’t help year after year and year and all i hear bunch of ungratefull S.O.B who could not make it to dinner without S.A. helping putting food on your plate. Let along send money for schools and charities. Shame you for putting the Saudis down just because some of you are possibly from different religion or whatever your reasons are for hating S.A so much. Its not their fault if the people in our previous and current gov’t hog the money. They help lots of people yet you keep being ungrateful. Shame on you again and again. I am disgusted by lots of you who thinks Syria ever done anything good for lebanon. I mean their gov’t not the people. The Syrian people are good people and i have lots of respect for them and their hard working people. For 40 yrs of wars with israel Syrian govt from Hafez Assad to bashar never supported Lebanon other than with words and distant condemnations of israel. Never helped lebanon in at least rebuild itself during the war. did not help rebuild the army instead it created a gang of armed groups and called hezbollah to help terrorize not just israel which is fine by me. But to use it this group against lebanese in general. Wake up people Nassrallah cares about lebanon as much as israel does. If you don’t understand that by now then you’really very naive or just plain scared of this terrorist. This terrorist told the LAF when it was trying to flush out the camp in tripoli. He said specifically “The palestinians camps are red mark”. Fatah al islam was butchering LAF soldiers and Hezbollah for all the times during the battle between the army and fatah al islam never supported the army. Do you understand that Cathy, Sandman, Tony Ali and Sydney Australia and many of you who thinks that Nassrallah cares about the army. nevermind saying anymore because you can’t talk to the walls..

    1. George, who fed you this propaganda? who told you that hezbollah didnt support the army against fatah el islam? OH BY THE WAY, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO PUT AND FUNDED FATAH EL ISLAM????


  33. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    I am not defending Saudi Arabia and many rich saudis support al qaada and i am sure they supported fatah al islam. But that doesn’t mean this group was totally funded by S.A. Second why this group was trained in Syria? why Abassi who is in Syrian hand cannot be handed over to the lebanese gov’t. Please answer me Cathy?

    1. Listen George, I have said it before, I will say it again, I am no supporter of Syria and I never said they are completly clean but the whole point is to say that no matter who u think u support well it is not in the interest of lebanon, UNLESS you are determined to be united, regardless of religion, not listen to what politicians spew time and time again, but stand together against all outside threats.

      as someone pointed out, Israel now, is the biggest threat, that is what lebanese people are failing to see….

      It is not in Hezbollah’s interest to spark another war, but israel is determined to provoke one….

      after what nasrallah said today, I am really happy that for once, his speech talked about backing the LA, and I think we should be applauding that not doing what the opportunist geagea has done and try to divide, AGAIN.

      1. George Haddad N.J. Avatar
        George Haddad N.J.

        Cathy I am all for unity. But we can’t be naive with Nassralah period. I am defending in anyway shape or form israel i don’t care what anyone thinks. I was never a supporter of Hariri and much of the politicians anyhow. I was suddened during the war to see killings on both sides. But what i am trying to say is hezbollah and their supporters been putting down the army from before that its not capable to defend the country and what did the west and especially the US to arm and train it? but they keep forgetting that Syria was in control and it instead supported and armed hezbollah with the total financial and also training and weapons from Iran. But no one want to stand up to these guys and say what on earth are you talking about? you were in control and no one dares to do and say anything. if you see the article about nassrallah speech when the LAF was redying itself to enter the camp in Tripoli. He warned against it while Fatah al islam was killing the LAF one by one from inside the camp. Then what it ticks me off he criticized Fatah Al Islam for attacking the army. Notice he criticized the terror group. Why the double standard? is killing LAF by israelis are more meaner than them getting killed by Fatah al islam? did he or did he not say we will cut off their arms (Israeli soldiers) if they attack the LAF. what you guys someking? I support the STL to convict and try those were responsible for the assasination of not just Hariri but also for the 18 people who died with him. For Walid Eido, Pierre Gemyal and Gibran tueni and those syrian agents who attempted to kill Marwan Hamade. But they succeeded to deliver the pieces of his driver to his family. How do you think these people feel? yes we don’t go to the past? but the past keep coming and hezbollah keep coming with different things everyday. For God’s sake suddenly the whole population of Lebanon are spies for israel? why they caught all these people and not one damn bastard who killed all these people i mentioned above. what about General Hajj who died and the story came out that fatah al islam did it. There is no way they could have entered the Army Security base and this one was an inside job? how come hezbollah or the current gov’t have not pointed a finger at anyone who killed this great general who fought hard for Lebanon? why is Nassrallah not screaming we will cut off the arms for those killed him? or does he not deserve someone to tell us who the hell did this killing? why are you people blinding the truth from one side and want to forget it about and keep moving in the wrong directions. We want justice and we won’t bury this matter until these jackasses who killed all these people and many whom i didn’t mention to be tried. That include anyone i dont care who its. The problem is Syria is getting away with Murder and there is doubt about it. If the STL really ignored syria hands in this, then I would say screw you then and Go to hell. But hezbollah is smart and know how to get around it by applying situation like the incident in the south. make no mistake about it this was well organized plan by hezbollah and two great soldiers died and a good journalist. Again hezbollah is adventuring and taking us into unkown land where we will see no daylights and our homes will be destroyed and many people will be killed and wounded all for Hezbollah to get people to forget the trials and also for Iran to get even with the west and israel. If you want to be naive and lets be united and rally around hezbollah in fact that’s what we’re doing.But i am going to fight until we see no war between us and israel and i want to see the criminals convicted and tried. Then we can bury the civil war behind us once and for all. otherwise you keep marching toward our demise then suit yourself i don’t want part of it. All i can say is you’re going the wrong directions and may God help you straighten out your path.

      2. George, LOL honey please read up a bit. you are again spewing propaganda fed to you by the lebanese forces.


        stop trying to invent stories where there are none.

        and about Marwan Hamade, did you know that he came and accused Israel of assassinating Hobeila who had a lot to say at Sharon’s trial and that many claim that Israel wanted to get back at him.

        you say why doesnt HA say we will kill whoever killed hajj…because they are supposed to be a resistence movement against foreign OCCUPATION. do you know what mess lebanon would be more in if HA started making threats left and right.

        and about the spies, you say how come they found all of them and not the murderers of all these people.

        THIS is what you base your argument and opinion on????

        the MURDER INVESTIGATION LED BY THE UN has been taking time, 5 yrs, so how do you expect lebanese authorities to do a quicker job than the UN.

        PlUS its not that hard to uncover spy rings my friend. one whistle blower and a whole series can be uncovered.

  34. Hannibal Avatar

    The STL has still after many years work not found out who killed Hariri. They are searhing for evidencces, so don you not think Hezbollah was doing the samme???

    The most logical is that Israel killed Hariri, but do you think it is a matter of two days to colletc evidences and so on??

    Logically it would be very dumb if either Syria or Hezbollah killed Hariri because they would make matters worse for them self. The most logical is actually Israel.

    Let us give the man a fair chance and see the evidences he has. The STL has not made a good job because for many years they hinted it was Syria and suddenly it was not. Now the may hint it is hizbollah

    Exellent comments by Cathy

    1. tony ali Avatar

      hannibal thumbs up bro.

    2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      So you say Nassrallah has evidence it was Syria. So why didn’t he say this on TV 2 weeks ago instead of threatening everyone who accuses him. And reminding people of May 2008 again if needed it can happen again? why all this threats and gloom and doom if you have evidence? who cleaned up the place after the bombing? was it the israeli mossad? Who tried to kill Marwan Hamade and who killed pierre gemyal, gibran tueni and waild eido and francois al hajj? does Mr. nassrallah has evidence about who killed them? i doubt that very much as much as i doubt israel was behind killing them? Who also supplying and training the alwiites in Tripoli do you think? why are they causing civil strife between sunnis and alwaiites. You say its not happening but who really was behind it? the israeli mossad?I would believe if you told me that israel killed elie hobeikah and some hezbollah members. but i cannot understand why israel would kill any of the people i named here. Give him a chance to show evidence. Fine i will but you already convinced by his latest speech that hezb is not guilty. so what difference does it make?

  35. Mr. Nasrallah is a very intelligent man. By producing evidence this late he will have hit 2 birds in one stone. The second bird is embarasing STL and proving that it is pro-israeli from the get go. Could not have done that had he presented anything to it.

    Of course this is assuming he dleivers what he promised.

    P.S: it will take ja3ja3 another 100 years of studying and learning to match 25% of Mr Nasrallah’s

    Sorry I like to take a shot at that bozo everytime I type 🙂

  36. tony ali Avatar

    good one R. r u ever gonna put a name dude/dudette?

    1. Tony, I am a dude .. and my name remains .. R

      regards bro

      1. tony ali Avatar

        all good brother. its just that im going to lebanon in september to october and if you’re there at that time i’d love to have a beer with you. peace my man.

      2. Walid Khouri Avatar
        Walid Khouri

        Now that we know you are a dude, are you also man enough to reveal your name?

  37. Tony, Thanks dude. You’re very cool. I usually like arak more. But an Almaza on tap in Lebanon right now would be priceless 🙂

    I hope to be able to go next year. Enjoy and have fun. God bless.

    1. tony ali Avatar

      i drink almaza beer specifically to help the local business just like in canada we go to small shops to help the locals instead of big business.

      arak beer as long as we toast being lebanese.

      next year maybe if you’re still on this site.

  38. I am amazed at how some people have decided that the STL is useless and has done a bad job…etc, after hearing our divine leader’s last speech. Well I would like to remind those same people that the STL has not said anything yet and that the first series of indictments MIGHT take place in September. Moreover the STL never said that Syria WAS or WASN’T involved, even the released 4 generals might still have to appear infront of the STL. In order for the STL to be un-politicised and fare secrecy is of the essence and this is what it is doing. But to some Lebanese professionalism is a foreign notion to them. If I wanted to take Hassan’s rheory into consideration that Israel is behind all the killing since it had spies in our telecom network and therefore could fabricate all the evidence; I would ask the same of the evidence Hassan is going to present (5 years after the fact) on monday and say what proof do I have that is not fabricated as well. Unlike those who are criticizing the STL, I will not pass judgement on Hassan until I hear his evidence on monday.

    I always said that what ails Lebanon is not only its neighbors but mainly its people.

    1. tony ali Avatar

      marillion get your drinks im gonna be there in 5 weeks. see you soon. do you work at the bar yourself overseeing things or are you retired somewhere enjoying the fruits of your labor.

      in response to your post, i have always said whatever the STL dishes out and also to be fair with nasrallah also, whatever he dishes out, provide evidence. thats all im asking.

      1. I no longer go to Gemmayzeh as I have a day job. I did the first 4 months in order to get it started and now I live with my son in the mountains. Let me know when you get here and I will meet you.

  39. Marillion I am very sorry that you are misinformed but there has been a very detailed report about the UN investigation started and how bad of a job it was by an independant german journalist.

    He said, instead of leading the investigation based on EVIDENCE, they started looking into the accusations against Syria and never even bothered checking the CIA, MOSSAD, ETC. which should also be included in the investigation in order to have a fair view over wether or not they were or were not involved. All suspects are looked at in a normal crime investigation.

    and YES they did accuse Syria at the beginning but then dropped it.

    That is why Melhis or whaetevr his name was withdrawn fron the invest. and Bellemare was appointed.

    lets just wait and see what HA has and what the UN has,

    I do agre with you on one thing though, what ails Lebanon is its people, unfortunatley.

    1. Cathy, I would not put alot of weight on any journalistic piece with regards to the STL (just like der spiegle). I would bas my conclusions on reports and hard evidence. Syria’s invovlevment has not been ruled out, according to the same sources Hassan is quoting the next round of indictments will include Syrian officers. I do a gree with you, and like I said I am waiting for monday to see and judge, the same you should wait for the STL findings for you to judge.

  40. LOL I find it so funny that people here cant even refute my arguments and facts with any logic…all they do is call their friends to rate me -1 LOL

  41. moustapha Avatar


    You have to keep in mind that the situation at the time of the 2005 assasination was boiling with the deal of Syria imposing on us more that 8 years of a president we dont want. The Syrian regime was in power and they were in full control of everything and everyone.

    To get to beirut we had to stop at 3 check points coming from the south.

    It was common to hear stories of teenagers from around lebanon and of people you know in being kidnapped for insulting or bad mouthing syria or anything that had to do with its leader. And so many politicians and strings had to be pulled in order to be able to BEG them to release the kid.. no promise of when the teenager would be released. They used to say the walls have syrian ears. We had to watch what we say by phone and nothing could be said anti-syrian.

    The lebanese secret services Cheif of staff was always the closest to Syria and it was known that both Syrian and Lebanese Secret services are one entity at that time.

    At that time also Hizballah established a huge strong hold in Lebanon and they and the Syrian services had eyes on everything in and out of Lebanon. Nothing could go down without them knowing about it.. Not necessarily saying they did it 1000%(assasination) but the least least is they knew what is going down that I can assure you.

    With that said I will never side with the enemy over my brother even if my brother has treated me the same way if not more then the enemy.. and its due to the fact that I have self respect. BUT it doesnt mean that my brothers dirty clothes are washed because mine are clean. Hizballah is not to be taken simplsiticly and lightly.. and as much as it makes me feel good to hear them rant words in the enemies face.. alot of their actions and their leaders actions have cost us alot. Not to mention the fact that most none-shiaa Lebanese feel threatened by the shiaa community due to the fact that thier party is the only one holding weapons and will use them if it hurts their interest.. and we’ve seen it practiced! It is unfortunate but the circumstance is creating a huge gap of secterianism between muslim/muslim and muslim/christian.

    Allah yistor.

    I am hearing speculations that this little skirmish was a warning for foreigners to leave Lebanon so that next time around they can go all out. I pray that God protects our families and Land.

    Allah yihdeena jami3an

    1. Moustapha, I completly understand your point of view. I lived in Lebanon for 10 yrs and remember my parents telling me not to say anything on the phone, etc.

      I do understand the lebanese people’s animosity towards Syria, and although I do think that HA should eventually disarm, now is not the time in my humble opinion because Israel is still a big threat.

      you see your last sentence was exactly my point. Israel will stop at nothing and if HA reveals too much and doesnt keep bunkers and operate as a militia, Israel will be easily able to wipe it out. this is why they were able to stand their grounds against them in 2006.

      I dont wanna repeat myself but what Norman finklestein said in his interview with future TV was so eye opening, and he is an expert on middle east politics. Please listen to it carefully and you will see, that yes HA should be nationalized eventually bt for now, it needs to operate the way it is, otherwise, Israel will have no one that can stand up to it, and that my friend would be a disaster.

  42. moustapha Avatar

    Oh and what i meant about checkpoints i meant Syrian checkpoints with Syrian armed men that have flags of syria and pictures of its leader.. and them expecting whenever they want to, to ask for bread, cigarettes, etc..

  43. moustapha Avatar

    Dear Cathy,

    I have watched that video many times.. And as much as i respect him I dont see eye to eye with what he is saying due to the complexity of our situation with Hizballah.

    There is a lack of trust between the Lebanese for and the Lebanese against hizballah.. and it is due to the actions of the party and its supporters.

    Dr. Finklestein was criticizing the host of the show that who doesnt support the Hizb and its way in upholding its arms is weak.. when infact he is not taking into consideration the reality at hand.

    1)On what basis do we put our trust in a Hizb that has memebers from its own sect only and solely (yes they claim anyone can be part of it but EVERYONE knows that 99.999% are Shiaa)

    2)they were active in the civil war and(every militia has dirt from the civil war..EVERY)

    3)has imposed and high-jacked the ownership of monitioring our communications network

    4)has never stopped backing the Syrian regime (which our impression of them should be enough to look at how it treats its own people)

    5)Has used its guns on it own people during the civil war and more suprisingly rescently in 2008 when they had stated: “WE WILL NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE OUR WEAPONS AGAINST OUR LEBANESE BRETHREN)

    6)They enter and leave the government as they please with no respect or thought of the kind of affect it will have on our economy and stability.

    7)They make 2 year sit ins on the streets provoking the people of that area and affeting everyones daily life by physically, mentally and financially abusing eveyone who doesnt support the sit-in.

    I can go on and on and on.. to justify how uneasy it is to just practice what Dr finklestein is accusing us Lebanese who dot blindly support hizballah of not doing.

    I dont believe our solution is to rid ourselves of Hizballah.. cause in the end it constitutes of lebanese and they wont be going any where and shouldnt be going anywhere. But I wont kneel to them and bow to them just because they have the muscle now which they only have becuase Syraia secluded and financed them with help of Iran while they were in power and every other faction and party disarmed.

  44. Ok good points Mustapha,

    1)-actually one of the things I DONT like about HA is the whole religious group idea, al moukawameh al islamiah when it should be al moukawama el libnenieh w bass.

    2)-ok they were active in the civil war and they may have dirt from then but like you said, so did everyone else. it doesnt seem to be relevant to 2010.

    3)-they had their telecom system and with reason, with all the israeli spies, of course they need

    their own commnucation web…..

    4)- wont argue with that one lol

    5)- in 2008, not only HA used its weapons…u and I both know that weapons were used sent from tripoli to tayyar moustakbal

    6)& 7) maybe the ways were not right but their intentions were justified….especially now with all these spies being uncovered, they were right!

    even Jumblatt (even though I dont like the guy) admitted after that the govt decision was stupid and should not have happened in the first place.

    Believe me Moustapha, I do not bow down to anyone but God.

    I just thinking fear and propaganda is holding the lebanese people back and they dont want an Iran in lebanon, which NO ONE wants….but do we want a palestine/israel in lebanon? NO we dont!

  45. moustapha Avatar

    I disagree Cathy.. I have many many Beiruti friends and many friends and family who live in beirut but are not beiruti and dont necessarlily support March 14, and they gave me realtime info on what took place.

    There were young men brought from the north when the word came out that the hizb intend to send its thugs on the streets of Beirut.. but they only had melee weapons like iron bars and bats.. No ranged weaopons like guns.

    The people who died during that invasion were young, elderly, and children. And i speak from personal experience from my family that were killed from those events.

    Talking to my friends they constantly informed me on what they saw and what they experienced and it was obvious that the Hizb had no resistance what so ever. They raded homes just like what took place in the Civil war.. stationed men all around each neighborhoods.

    The boys from the north had no such weapons to stand a chance.. they nor the march 14 leaders thought the thugs would turn out to be invaders with full fledged automatic rifles and guns with rpgs..

    With regards to hizb connecting to the netwrok.. On what basis do they do this behind and over the orders of the existig government. Syria is out and they should respect the existing ELECTED government.. and atleast be transparent with the authority and YES take persmission for such a sensitive act. If i was american i wouldnt feel comfortable knowing an american party is tapping into my phone calls and communication without just me not knowing about it but the government itself.

    And if you meant by spies being caught fromt he telecom network then that would be a reason for them not to even think of controlling and tapping into the network since it is infiltrated by spies. you would think they would set up their own.

    How do catching spies justify the sit-ins? How does crippling the economy, and provoking secterianism and hate, on someone elses front porch. 2 YEARS!! the Beirutis and Lebanese had to avoid Beirut because of their lack of descency.. 2 years of trying to embaress and belittle the people of Beirut and Lebanon by black mailling with their party holding the guns in town.

    They need their own communication web.. well coordinate it with the government not IMPOSE yourself on the government.

    The relevance of what knowing what they did in the Civil war and knowing the source of their emergence explains much about the mind set and agenda they uphold. Thus justifying the people who doubt the hizbs actions.

    On your last comment.. I tell you that I humbly side beside you with bowing to no one but God, and I agree UNITY is a key factor. I pray that the steps to that unity are taken, leading to a fruitful united Lebanon. The Hizb is the only one left to take those steps. Inshallah it will happen.

  46. cathy who every funnded fatah el islam its not matter where did they came from which border they cross was is the israelis borders or the syrian border and yes nasralla was the first person to say the camps are red line they only decide to attack them becouse the soldiers where all muslims and i don;t care about eligon i care about lebanon and i don;t like saudi but they do pay the wages of our army as lebanon is a broke country and HA did not help the army in anything in the camps they where waiting for the army to fail so they can say hey we go we told you that you need HA to protect lebanon

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