MP: Nasrallah’s Tuesday speech to clarify Hezbollah position


Hezbollah MP Ali Fayyad told OTV on Monday that Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyad Hassan Nasrallah’s upcoming Tuesday speech is aimed at clarifying Hezbollah’s stance toward the Special Tribunal for Lebanon’s (STL) pending indictment for the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

His comment comes after Nasrallah made a number of fiery speeches in July rejecting the tribunal, calling it an Israeli project aiming to incite sectarian conflict in Lebanon.

Everyone is making efforts to maintain security and protect the Resistance, Fayyad also said, adding that talks on the latest developments are ongoing in the lead-up to Nasrallah’s speech.

Nasrallah’s recent speeches created tension not seen since May 2008 when the Iranian backed Hezbollah militants occupied western Beirut and tried (but failed ) to occupy Mt Lebanon .

The recent tension prompted the visit by the Saudi and Syrian leaders last Friday to try and calm the situation in Lebanon. Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani also arrived last Friday on a 3 day official visit with the aim of reducing tension in Lebanon.



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  1. Clarify what? The real Lebanese people and the 100% lebanese do not need any of these clarification, not just Lebanon first it is Lebanon WOUBASS.

  2. Tarie Al fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al fanarie

    Let it make it clear to you all you hezbollah leaders. You’re going down and not coming back. even if you’re strong in lebanon and with the drug cartels you still going down like every cartel leaders in mexico. you’re doomed and you have opened the gates of hell on yourselves. You may win the short term war in lebanon but they will be a long war on your souls and the forces of good will wipe you out the face of this earth. Stay where you are nassrallah because i am coming to get you myself.

  3. TARIE no man take it easy now you don;t have to do this you know what may be the bloody syrian will do it for you its depent if saudi paid then enought

  4. Lebanon is no longer afraid of HA!

    Once, the threat of cival war intimidated the nation, now the threat of HA running the joint is more intimidating!!

    Viva Lebanon, free from tyrants and war hungry, agenda pushing snakes!!!

  5. Sydney, Australia Avatar
    Sydney, Australia

    Hezbollah rules!! im glad at least one country in the whole Arab world can stand up to Israel… and so proud that lebanon won in 2006 even though we lost much more lives, Hezbollah showed the world that its a force that can with stand the most powerful army in the world…. god bless Hezbollah and Sayid Hassan….

  6. I hope lebanon gets bombed and Hizbollah stay out if it. I wonder what lebanon will do after around 1-2 weeks bet there will be alot of begging for HA to help them starve off there complete defeat. It sounds like alot of people on this site are marcho and think because there leaders in MArch 14 are against hizbollah there areas are completley safe. I would love the sight of it when israel deserts your leaders like it always does. EXample SLA. Didnt the SLA helping israel ran to the border and israel didnt let them in after they got smashed.

    1. Sydney, Australia Avatar
      Sydney, Australia

      nice one Adam… lebanon will give in to Israel in less than 3 days if hezbollah is not around.

    2. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri


      You speak of HA as if it were an non-Lebanese entity.

      If Lebanon gets attacked ALL Lebanese should come together to defend it.

  7. Face the facts..we saw what the Christian militias did to the palestinian refugees..the only effective fighting force is lebanon is hizbollah.

    1. George Haddad N.J. Avatar
      George Haddad N.J.

      Farzi the fact were the palestinians who started the war. Facts they had so many armed groups in lebanon. Facts they attacked the lebanese army many times? facts plo eliminated christians in many towns in Lebanon before the attacks on Sabra and Shatilla. Facts christians were defending Lebanon as the low life arafat was saying that the roads to israel starts thru Jouneih. just recent facts fatah al islam and many extremits groups reside in palestinians camps in Lebanon and we know from recents facts how these groups beheaded lebanese troops. facts get lost and bury your head in the sand. Because if you’re truly lebanese you don’t call civil strife and this is what you’re doing here.

  8. Aussie supporting Lebanon Avatar
    Aussie supporting Lebanon

    So you hope Lebanon gets bombed. Shame on you, well thats happening as we speak by the low life country called Isreal. Oh and do you know The Lebanon Army took a stand and good on them and Hizbolla had no part. Our Army is not scared and they are stronger then ever. Lebanon has the support from its people and other counties such as Egypt and Syria.

    President Bashar al-Assad telephoned Lebanese president Michel Sleiman on Tuesday and expressed Syria’s support for Lebanon against the brazen aggression launched by Israel.

    And Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the Egyptian foreign minister, spoke with Hariri and promised Egyptian support.

    Hariri’s statement was predictable: It condemned Israel’s “violation of Lebanese sovereignty”

    And most important:

    Sleiman said much the same thing, but he also included a message for the Lebanese army, asking it to “confront any Israeli aggression, whatever the sacrifices.”

    Yet Hizbolla said nothing.

    We will not take any more crap from Israel. If all the above parties get together to kick some butt then so be it. Go Lebanon.

    1. Sydney, Australia Avatar
      Sydney, Australia

      Aussie – Hezbollah leader has a speach today at 8:30pm (lebanon time) and he will speak about it… do you really think the Lebanese Army can defend it self from Israel who is so powerful, yes the Army can fire a few bullets and use its very old tanks but at the end of the day Without Hezbollah, Lebanon wont stand a chance with Israel, the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah should work togeather to fight Isreal.

  9. Adam you sound like an israeli spy who’s trying to create strife between lebanese. Yes many people here have difference of opinions and few go to extreme attack. But there is no need for your divisional words here not from March 8th or March 14th. I do not favor either side and i could careless about either side. But one has to be objectives also and we don’t need extreme views here. I see people here like Tarie and George Haddad with their name callings and asking practically israel to wipe out hezbollah. But these two people we can do without. If HA members were guilty and the STL is not consipring against them. Then i would pray that HA will have an open mind and hand over these members to trial and chance to defend themselves. But in the end we’re all lebanese and i see today even the LF is calling for everyone to stand united behind the army after the border clashes. In the end we all need to stand united and take care of our internal problems internally and not involve anyone. However no group should have power over another and we all want to see a united gov’t from all sides and not controlled by any one side. I am sure many lebanese have tried to put the war behind them and forgive and forget. Lebanon has many enemies but definitely our main enemy is israel and they’re not going to let off easy if we’re weak. The current israeli gov’t is controlled by monsters and they’re ruthless when it comes to war. So for you to wish that it bombs lebanon so HA comes to the rescue is very mean way to defend HA. its like the old lebanese saying “Mein yazoum al Dib ta yakoul houmsatouh”. I am tired of the wars and we need to be united and focus on building the lebanese infustracture and not destruction.We need to live in peace with all our neighbers but we all need to be stand united behind our army and support it. We need to have a gov’t that works for all lebanese not just one group or one religion/sect. And most of all lets stop the fighting and let the STL declare its verdict. For those are guilty i say if you feel innocent by all means fight it and if we see injustice with the STL rulings, then let’s all fight it and put this damn thing behind us and move on for God’s sake.

    1. tony ali Avatar

      walid elias aussie supporting lebanon sydney australia its great to know you guys exist. we are ALL lebanese and we need to stop allowing foreign forces to come in between us. i hate all parties and all religions but one thing i don’t hate is my natioality and i will fight to defend lebanon against the likes of adam ben yoel.

      whether you like itor not adam, israel ran back to israel with its tail in between its legs and till today is trying to show its people that its still a formidable force.

      israel’s days are nubered in terms of being a force in the region that even the right wing party is contemplating the thought of co-existence which i’ve been chanting for years.

      a 2 state solution is an apartheid state. theres no way it will work. you can’t possibly have 2 areas – west bank and gaza apart from each other and call them a country. is the west bank gonna be called palestine major and gaza be called palestine minor?

      adam, isrelis know that and the US know that and when the walls come tumbling down for israelis and palestinians to co-exist, iran and HA will have no cause for their weapons and as soon as you get the hell out of lebanese territories, HA wont need to have cause to defend lebanon. as soon as the palestinians in our camps dismantle their weapons, HA wont need to have cause for their weapons.

      we have many issues that we’re dealing with right now including foreign interference and the dreaded STL so the last thing we need is someone like you to come and stir the pot more.

      totally in agreement with everything that the people i mentioned above are saying and lone live lebanon and HA id lebanese whether you like it or not so if you attack HA you have attacked lebanon. and i aint even a shiite.

      1. Well Said Tony Bro. thanks for the support and no matter what we put our problems behind and fight the enemy to show our soliderity and total unity.

      2. Sydney, Australia Avatar
        Sydney, Australia

        for sure brother!

      3. Jacob-International Relations Avatar
        Jacob-International Relations


        The extremist messianic (of the 13th Imam or something) Iran and most of the radical Arab states around Israel do not support Jews living in any-not even 10X10 kilometers of-their 4,000 year old Jewish homeland. So Iran will never make peace.

        They also support occupation of Lebanon with their axis allies the Syrians who are an armed force in your country threatening more civil war. You need a free Lebanon.

        If you do not take responsibility for your country you will pay the price in foreign aggression and domination (Syrian/Iranian) and then you let them attack Israel from your country’s land. They, like in 2006, do not let Village citizen leave (this is a war crime against the Lebanese people)when they fire guns and missisle from civilian homes.

        Can you blame ISrael for protecting itself like in 2006? Israel didn’t start the war.

        Accoridng to your theory, Tony, Hezbullah already has no reason to exist since Israel left the security buffer zone in Southern Lebanon in 2000. (they only stayed in a strip of land beacuse of aggressions against Israel from Lebanese soil. Remember you invited Israel to help you rout the PLO?SHIA forces in Lebanon in 1982).

        Israel stands on not one grain of Lebanese soil as recognized by UN. Israel doesn’t want any aggressions from any side not because it is weak (it is still strong and could defeat Hezbullah 100% without any cease-fire)but because Israel is moral unlike most of its neighbours.

        So why does Hezbullah exist? Come one Tony we know the answer to dominate and terrosrize lebanese citizens and to continue to fight Israel (for Iran and Syria as a proxy army) until they defeat Israel.

        This has nothing to do with Lebanon. You are too smart to fall for the Hezbullah Propaganda I think.

        By the way, Tony, why should Israel divide itself again? The Europeans who made a lot of trouble in Middle East and created most borders… made another in justice by creating Jordan. they did this by taking 77% of ISraeli land to do so. Look it up. Historical fact. To appease a spoiled Hashemite Saudi who wanted to be king like his cousin or brother in Iraq.

        Look up League of Nations, Balfour declaration and San Remo accords. According to international law everything west of Jordan river belongs to the Jews. (not just in the past but presently according to Int’l law). So when people talk of a two State solution it is really a 3 state solution.

        Is it fair to ask Israel to set up a 2nd Arab foreign state within Israel’s borders.

        Hey why not make a lasting peace with Hezbullah and Syrian…they stay in southern Lebanon and make a state seperate to Lebanon and maybe divide up the North for a second state?

        There is no such thing as “land for Peace” There is only Peace for Peace, historically.

        Maybe ISrael can live with having a second “palestinian” state in Gaza. There is alreay a huge one in the east bank-Jordan.

  10. Fadi Abboud Avatar
    Fadi Abboud

    HA is the biggest organized terrorist group in the world…

  11. Correct Many people have different Opinions, But its just i find it Unbelivable when even relatives of mine Want HA disarmed and then when a skirmish like this happens they go dont worry everything is okay we have the resistance. This is complete hypicrosy in my Opinion. We need it when were in trouble and then when everything is okay and there is a fake sense of peace we dont. There is a golden rule i follow and i know not everyone believes it but We cannot have peace with israel with out full submission. Do we want to be like egypt and jordan where every person you speak to say its a jewish colony a know fact Because they troops on borders defending it and building barriers and fences to help israel these are a couple of things they do out of 100 to help world oppression. I dont want my country to be labeled like these countries that have no respect at the past and present our country is on the map because we all stood together in 2006. Dont destroy what we have. The future is finished for all modern camp who believe in peace only the strong will have peace.

  12. tony ali Avatar

    lol i love the way adam now wants to talk like as if hes lebanese. dude you’re adam ben yoel man. you aint lebanese and stop with the sheep skin. you’re a dangerous wolf in sheeps clothing adam ben yoel. really? your relatives want HA to blah blah blah.

    adam ben yoel, i like your posts cos it makes us lebanese from all religions unite. keep up the good work cos you’re helping our unity trumpet sound louder.

    thanks adam ben yoel.

  13. Jacob-International Relations Avatar
    Jacob-International Relations

    To Farzi and Adam. you speak truth George.

    The Muslim, “palestinians”/Arafat instigated the civil war in Lebanon. The favorite act of theirs against real Lebanese(christians/Pheonicians) were to use a chain saw and cut off a persons joints one at a time.

    There is up in the mountains in a monastery/nunnery a girl (now a woman) who survived this aggression but wishes she died.

    She has no hands or legs-just a torso and a head-may God grant her inner-peace!

    Lebanon succeeded in getting rid of the Syrian Army only to still have the Syrian/Iranian proxy Army Hezbullah-the fanatics on your soil.

    Asad ordered the assasination of Rafiq Hariri (may he rest in peace) and his lackeys Hezbullah carried it out.

    Only last week Hezbullah promised to either start a civll war or to make aggressions agsint Israel if its members were indicted and brought to justice.

    Listen, Ecoutez bien, mon ami a travers la frontiere.

    Israel wants peace and expected to have a full peace treaty by 10 years ago with Lebanon (Rafik Hariri).

    Israel does not want any part of Lebanon. You have nothing to fear from Israel

    The problem is Hezbullah-the SHIA proxy army of Syria and Iran dominating your country. You LET them dominate you…so maybe I will start to feel less sorry for you.

    Hezbullah started the war in 2006 and hid as most cowards do behind women and children, civilians etc…Thisis a war crime against the Lebanese people. If I were you I would kick out Hezbullah from your land.

    You are not onthe MAA still because of Hezbullah-this is a grave fallacy. You are okay because Israel decided to stop defending itself. They are powerful enough to “wipe you off the map” if they wanted. But this is not their goal.

    Israelis and Pheonicians (currently Lebanese Chrisitians) have a history stretching thousands of years of being friends and having a good relationship.

    The Mountain of Lebanon was in Israel’s northern territory in the ancient past. There was trade between the groups and some Pheonicians came down to Jerusalem to offer and worhsip God in the Temple on the temple mount.

    According to UN resolution 1701 not only was Lebanon supposed to observe the cease-fire but Lebanon was supposed to DISARM hezbullah and stop the infiltraiton of munitions/missiles to Hezbullah at the Syrian border and by sea and air.

    You failed to do this. So I ask why? If you want peace why not disarm Hezbullah? and now why attack Israeli soldiers on Israeli territory. The place where the IDF soldiers were uprooting a tree was on ISraeli territory reconized as ISraeli by UN and Lebanon.

    I was surprised to find out that so far it seems the order came from Lebanese government to Lebanese Army instead of from Hezbullah (who threatened to create another civil war or start another war with ISrael due to Hezbullah officials being indicted for assisinating Rafik Hariri ( I was sorry to hear he had been assasinated).

    Anyway, chabibi if you want peace and an eventual peace treaty with Israel I suggest you take your country back from the fanatical SHIA and from Iran and Syria(aka Hezbullah).

    Then you two can have a BRIGHT future together.

    Before Arafat and the “palestinians” created the civil war (or really a revolution in Lebanon after they failed in jordan) Beirut was a smal Garden Paradise in the Middle East….the Paris of the Midlle East.

    Let’s do the intelligent and sane thing and make peace and fight terrorism from taking over both your countries.

    Do you like Mariam Fares , Amr Diab, Haifa, Elessa and Nancy Ajram?

    1. tony ali Avatar

      jacob – your post shows to me what a true instigating professional you are andquite amateurish at best.

      me being a british canadian lebanese can tell you all about the balfour declaration which was the biggest scandal in human history.

      i’m not gonna go thru the jargon that lead up to the creation of israel cos i live in the present and i hate history lessons.

      people like you i’m used to cos you love tangling the air waves with history and you spend the whole session talking about the past instead of focusing on the present.

      i support president suleimans vision wholeheartedly and i welcome the opening of the embassies in both syria and lebanon.

      regardless of your arrogant rhetoric of the 2006 war, israel wsa crushed morally and not infrastructurally.

      HA at least killed actual soldiers whichmakes me respect their accuracy in not targeting women. whether or not they shoot from homes and villages is none of your business. its called war. the people who invite them into their homes are willing to die for the lebanese soil and to protect it from zionist brutality.

      as for iran, i dont see it invading lebanon and if ahmadinejad actually comes to lebanon, it will be to forge relations with our country and not to invade it.

      just cos we shake hands with iran doesn’t mean our women are gonna wear veils anytime soon.

      syrias ban on veils was exactly timed perfectly before his meeting with the saudi king just to let them know that even though we’re talking, we’re not gonna follow your ways.

      you can sit there and pretend you’re a professional but lemme tell you that you’re an amateur propogandist that loves to feel important by tooting your horn.

      arafat’s little nail is worth more than the whole of the israeli population. he was the only man allowed to carry a gun in his holster at the UN. the PLO was and still is the only recognized organisation to actually be fighting for a legitimate cause.

      more and more right wing politicans are beginning to see the benefits of co-existence.

      you keep trumpeting the perfection of israel but lemme tell you the fierce feuds between the ashkanazi jews and the sephardic. here is a nice link that the israeli media keeps hiding from the public as to the jews themselves burning israeli flags cos many recognise the illegitimacy of israel as per the tora.

      enjoy the link:

      i could care less of the past and lemme again give you this nice poem.

      the past is history

      tomorrow’s a mystery

      today’s a gift

      which is why its called the present.

      i could care less about your history lesson cos at the present time, lebanon and syria are uniting and its scaring israel.

      you talk about ceasfire and the implementation of 1701. why dont you stop flying over lebanos airspace you hypoctrite.

      get out of shebaa farms and the golan heights. yes you heard me, the golan heights cos now we are uniting with syria so go ahead man, let’s see what you’re gonna do when both lebanon and syria file complaints with the UN and pile on the mounting human rights violations as well as world countries that are now beginning to divest from israeli comapnies.

      ireland, scotland and many countries are divesting from israeli companies.

      elvis costello and many artists are refusing to come and perform in israel.

      keep up your arrogance cos this is one lebanese that will not play into your hands and live in fear of myown people. hizbolla is lebanese first and foremost and i will never let some foreigner come in between me and my lebanese brethren whether they’re jew (thats right you heard me), christian orthodox, maronite, presbyterian, catholic, protestant, muslim sunni, shiite, druze, atheists or whatever.

      keep trying with your put downs jacob cos i’ve been living in the west way too long and i’ve gotten used to your arrogance. actually, one university at a time in the US is now divesting thanks to the student bodies that are debating against supporting israel economically.

      what are you gonna do when no country deals with israel anymore and the US turns it tap off? is thtawhy the right wingers are looking at co-existence? you can’t keep up your apartheid state forever. why dont YOU wake up for a change cos as israel is getting weaker, its neighbors are getting stringer. good luck jacob and adam ben yoel and any pro-zionist supporter.

      every dictator regime has fallen and your system aint immune to this pattern.

  14. Jacob-International Relations Avatar
    Jacob-International Relations

    FREE LEBANON from Syrian/Iranian occupation. FREE LEBANON from Hizbullah and extremists.

  15. To Tony, Ya Mallam You say im not lebanese to make a fact like that when you havent even seen me or know anything about me shows your ignorance, you act like where united i dont see lebanon united for the last 5 years. When i see the walls tumbling down between israel and palestinans and if one out of a million chance that happens maybe we should talk about causes and so forth / need for Iran / HA and there weapons, until that happens tony do you really think israel will make peace, thats the biggest joke i have heard you sound like a optimist but im sure you sleep everynight dreaming about it wish you luck with your dream.

    1. tony ali Avatar

      whatever you say adam ben yoel. you’re not lebanese adam ben yoel who shortened his name.

      its mo3allem so if you wanna get in with us like a good spy, speak the lingo properly.

      israel will eventually make peace whether you like it or not. its the only way for its people’s survival.

  16. Adam sounds like a jewish name. Listen to you my relatives wants HA stripped of their weapons. Well butt out and let us lebanese deal with each other. HA is lebanese and we support them against israel for sure. we won’t accept stripping of weapons if it endangers lebanon sovreingty. But in the end we can’t have too many forces controlling the land. Something has to give and the best and most civilzed way is to strengthen the lebanese army with the backing of the resistance.

  17. So Tony and ELias, your only defence on the issue and facts is that iam not lebanese so iam wrong. Same hypocrites iam talking about arent you the kind of people that say we dread the STL but support the outcome. No real Opinions just what suits you at present. Wasent it the same people that blamed syria for the killing and now hizbollah wouldnt it be Iran next and probably venezuela

    1. Adam – Tony and I want peacefull co-existance between lebanese. We want the lebanese gov’t to take control of Lebanon and no one else. Neither him or I are going against hezbollah. That’s not the point. We’re against people from both sides who one side say look you need hezbollah. And the other side says we need to wipe them out. The whole point here we don’t negative comments from either side to encourage more strife between us. The resistance is here and its strong and no one can deny its existance and its strength. But also we like to keep the gov’t whom we elected as the sole representative of the country. But hezbollah are a force to reckon with and we definitely need them to support the army. But the way you said its like degrading the lebanese army and its like without us you can’t defend lebanon. Whether we can or not its time to stand behind the army and support it. Sorry with all due respect but we have had control of Syria for 30 yrs why didn’t they train the army as they trained hezbollah? who stopped from training them? who stopped Iran from supplying the army with weapons? Frankly we were disregarded by the US and western allies. They left Syria to control lebanon at will. so please we’re not against the resistance and its established. Let’s work on fighting the israelis and get the palestinians back to their homeland where belong. Peace!

      1. tony ali Avatar

        elias i gave you a thumbs up.

  18. Fadi Abboud Avatar
    Fadi Abboud

    There are Lebanese Jews- its factual.

  19. nasrallah delever his speach from under ground what a brave leader you have gays he;s as stong as no one how long he intend to stay down there is he fixing the new network ahst a shame and he want to fight israel he;s save down there while all lebanese people life in danger

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