Jumblatt to meet Lahoud for first time in 5 years- update


Central News Agency reported Monday that democratic gathering leader MP Walid Jumblatt will be attending a dinner banquet Monday hosted by his arch enemy former President Emile Lahoud, which will also be attended by a number of political and social figures.

The dinner will mark the  first meeting between the two in five years.

Jumblatt was one of the most outspoken leaders against the extension of Lahoud’s term imposed by Syrian president Bashar al Assad .  He considered Lahoud a Syrian puppet. His parliamentary bloc voted against the constitutional amendment imposed by Syria to extend the mandate of president Lahoud  in 2004 .

MP Antoine Saad a key member the Democratic Gathering parliamentary bloc was asked to comment about the meeting during an interview with ABN on Monday and said: “This comes as a continuity to the reconciliation of Jumblatt with his former rivals.”

Kuwaiti paper al-Anbaa also reported that Jumblatt is also accepting a number of invitations by several western officials to visit their countries in order to hold talks on current developments in Lebanon and the region.

Sources close Jumblatt added that he refused an invitation to Washington, saying he would rather not travel there at the moment.

They also revealed that Jumblatt may postpone a future visit to France in light of French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner’s recent criticism of Hezbollah.

Jumblatt traveled to France last week to discuss with the country’s officials the current developments in Lebanon, including the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) according to Lebanon media.


Never say never !!!!

This was a family get together after all !

Jumblatt was accompanied by his wife Nora and his son Taymour and Lahoud was accompanied by his wife Andre and his two sons Emile and Ralph.

A statement issued by Lahoud’s office said that the former president and his guest recalled the common history of their families, adding that “solid patriotic beliefs” gathered their late fathers Kamal Jumblatt and Jamil Lahoud.

“Lahoud and Jumblatt have found out that their common patriotic denominators provide a meeting space that is free of artificiality and vagueness, even if political stances diverge sometimes,” the statement added.

“The unity of Lebanon and its people and the steadfastness of its army and resistance, in addition to consolidating the ties with fraternal Syria and deterring the Israeli enemy’s dangerous, sponsored and expansionist schemes in Lebanon, Palestine and the region are common denominators for the same national struggle that gathers the two men.” The statement said

Lahoud and Jumblatt hoped the close ties between their two families would be passed on to their children and grandchildren “who are continuing on the same path of national dignity.”



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  1. Not him again in the news. How can we trust an individual like jumblatt who seems to have multiple personalities. When he travels abroad, who is he representing or what is he achieving. I bet you he is seeking mental treatment in Foreign territory, since Lebanon institutions are at full capacity dealing with the likes of aoun, murr,wahab … and on and on.

  2. tony ali Avatar

    any reconciliations are a good move. the past is dead. the present is a gift so use it well.

  3. Tony Smith Avatar
    Tony Smith

    Who’s ass is he going to kiss next ??

    Tony Ali,the past is not dead…you can’t go on assasinating poeple an hope all will be forgotten.The killers must be punished at any price.

    1. tony ali Avatar

      tony smith i wasnt referring to the STL if thats what you’re referring to my friend. thats gonna happen regardless of anybodys rants and raves.

  4. Mr. Jumblatt is fullfilling the last condition imposed on him by reconciling with Pres. Assad regime. Lets look at the silver lining there is nothing wrong with reconciliation if Mr. Hariri can do why not Mr.Jumblatt.

  5. tony ali Avatar

    thumbs up rafik again.

  6. Berytus Avatar

    Changing your political position does not make you someone with a ‘disorder’. It makes you a politician.

    You don’t analyse someone’s politics according to their changing stances. You analyse according to why they changed, and what they are trying to achieve. He is achieving reconciliation. There is nothing wrong with reconciliation. If anything, he is doing better than what any other lebaneses politician is doing because he is trying to mend his relations with all politicians.

    Sometimes, I wonder if his reconciliation is the only thing that is saving lebanon from another war.

    1. tony ali Avatar

      berytus i gave you a thumbs up. if i could you more i would. finally some rational and logical posters on ya libnan instead of all the angry ones. one can never rationalise when angry.

      have a good day berytus. do you like mexican by any chance? thus berytus instead of burritos? lol 🙂

      1. Berytus Avatar

        haha thanks! I like burritos too actually, but I like berytus more because it’s the ancient name of beirut 😉

  7. This monkey need someone to play with.

  8. tony ali Avatar

    aaaaaaaaaaah i get it now my friend. thank you berytus for the clarification.

  9. All,

    Let’s face it ..

    there are no friends or enemies in politics! Only common interest among politicians to get richer and more powerful. No one wants to get behind..or someone to behinds him/her!


  10. why does jumblat put his hand between his legs in his photos is he scared that the syrian mite steal something of him

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