Assad warns: Chances of war increasing


Bashar al Assad, the Syrian president, has warned that “the possibility of war is increasing” in the region.

“The specter of real peace in the region is disappearing, and the possibility of war is increasing,” al Assad said in a statement marking Syrian Army Day on Sunday.

Israel and the Lebanese group Hezbollah have traded increasingly hostile rhetoric in recent weeks, raising fears that the two are headed for another round of war.

The two fought a month-long war in the summer of 2006 that left thousands dead, many of them Lebanese civilians.

Damascus has long provided logistical and military support to Hezbollah, but analysts are divided about whether Syria would become directly involved in a second war.

Al Assad also said that Syria would insist on the return of the Golan Heights as part of any peace deal with Israel, which occupied the heights in 1967.

Syrian officials have long called their return an essential precondition for peace talks.

“If anyone thinks that Syria might negotiate over its occupied land, then they are mistaken,” al Assad said. “The liberation of the Golan is a deeply ingrained right. Peace requires restoring all the occupied soil.”

‘Uniquely dangerous’

The International Crisis Group (ICG) warned in a new report published on Monday that the situation in southern Lebanon is both “exceptionally quiet and uniquely dangerous”.

The group warned that a second war would be more destructive for Lebanon, and that there is a growing chance it would involve Syria.

“The build-up in military forces and threats of an all-out war that would spare neither civilians nor civilian infrastructure, together with the worrisome prospect of its regionalisation, are effectively deterring all sides,” the group wrote.

Many analysts believe Hezbollah fears that another confrontation would hurt its position in Lebanese society.

The group holds two seats in the Lebanese cabinet, and is increasingly positioning itself as a political force.

“A war resulting in widespread destruction would be hard to explain let alone justify to the Lebanese population as a whole, particularly if its most tangible outcome were Hezbollah’s mere survival,” the ICG report said.

The report also warned that an “underground war” between Israel and Hezbollah is already raising tensions in the region. The Lebanese government last month filed a complaint at the United Nations about an alleged Israeli spying ring in Lebanon. Aljazeera



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  1. assad should represent and talk about issues related to syria. If he was not supporting h/a the likelihood of a war will be slim. If assad is a man and means business he would have gotten engaged with h/a to ward of the israeli’s in the past wars. Rhetoric and propaganda wont get anywhere. assad is only the name but does not reflect your actions.

  2. tony ali Avatar

    oh boy, when assad talks, i dont like it. he comes here to diffue tensions and he returns home to tell people that things are getting heated. not good.

    when i talk to my family on the phone, they say all is good and then i read the papers here and all is mayhem.

    there better not be any war cos the analysts are right. how will HA explain another destruction to lebanon with israel.

    lebanon’s not at war with israel so lets keep it that way and while we’re at it, lets pass that law that disarms the palestinian camps cos the civilian population there is getting caught in the crossfire and thats not fair for them.

  3. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    When Assad always addressing Lebanon and bring us the news of gloom and doom no one from March 8th seems to object to it. But when Mr. Geith of Egypt says May 2008 events should not be repeated the first one to criticized is Mr Aoun and others in his camp. why Mr Aoun do you prefer the message from Assad so you can keep everyone guessing on what’s going to happen next? why did Assad come to Lebanon anyway isn’t to calm down everyone? Or does he really care about lebanon stability? Lebanon Stability is your stability Assad remember you’re outnumbered by Sunnis in your country and if anything should happen to them in Lebanon, you will have to deal with problems at home no matter how strong is your army. Worry about your problems and let us alone. Maybe if you and israel and Iran leave us alone we can all live in peace? maybe hezbollah will not so focused on war with israel and just on the building of the country instead. Its not too late to avoid another distrasous war with israel. The question is what will hezbollah do and react if the STL start indicting their members? I would hope they would be responsible. But judging from the way they keep sending one clown after another, they seem to be sounding the drums of war. How else can hezbollah avoid the STL other than create a big distraction like a war with israel or within? If they took over the gov’t then we face the wrath of not just arab countries but also and mainly the international community. Let’s not isolate lebanon further and do the right thing for lebanon and for once in your lifetime. Stop choking Lebanon and let the people live in peace. Long Live Lebanon and i hope peace will prevail..

  4. michael Avatar

    What chances of war are increases? the war between Israel and syria? or the war between hizbolla and Israel? for the last 30 years the wars have been an almost a lifstyle for the lebaneses and no other arabic countries were involved. Bachar the coward is very good at predicting wars in lebanon while at the same time lokking for indirect negotiations with Israel via turkey or others nations.

  5. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    This time I strongly believe Syria will be involved like it or not? My hunch it will be limited strike against Syria since israel want to just weaken the regime and possibly humilate it but not neccesrily unroot it. But also Syria has been getting stronger since the last war and who knows how many fronts israel will be face with if iran is attacked. It seems our hezbollah bretheren are more than willing to sacrifice Lebanon for the sake of the Imam of Iran. So if the US gets involved then Russian eventually might get involved too. Who knows if Iran have influence with the North Korean regimes it might push it to open another front. Iran is very devious and i am sure israelis are very greedy too for them to keep the building of settlements and kicking palestinians out. Which not really serving israeli interests at all. So what I am trying to say is that iran is devious that it has many places to attack the US and israel. especially in Iraq, Afghanistan and north korea. Which basically make the israelis and the US so anxious as to wishing to uproot iran from its foundations. Which will be very hard as we know by now. All i wish is that lebanon will be spared and hopefully hezbollah will act independently of Iran and syria decision. However that seems very unlikely to happen. God save Lebanon and protect it from all harms.

  6. ya assad ya little mouse you surname is wrong you should chsnge it to a mouse 35000 of your tropes where in lebanon if you put them against the israels in the golan they may give it to you without a fight but u rather bring them into lebanon to destroy it anyway we saw your troupes any the way they fight and we tought you many lessons in lebanon i don;t thing you can stand a chance with your gays soldiers against israel thats why you prefer to use lebanon i don;t think he will involve his country in any war he knows thats they are no good for anything but stealing

  7. You think Assad gives a damn about Lebanon or it’s people? We (the Lebanese) have stood up to him and his regime and embarrassed them many times. This kind of humiliation not only hurts his image but also creates internal strife in Syria with his own people. Believe me, many Syrians despise the Assad regime and it’s oppression on it’s people. So having said this, Assad is basically (along with Iran) using HA as a tool to fight the Israelis without having to dirty their own hands let alone territories. On the other hand, shameful people (Lebanese) who belong to HA are so brain-washed that they fail to see what these other two wolves are doing to our beloved country. They are using them and the price tag is our beloved children/civilians/country. Assad is a sleeze ba

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