Baroud:Nasrallah will get a response through the proper channels


Lebanese Interior Minister Ziad Baroud told MTV on Tuesday that President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister Saad Hariri are the ones to decide on the way to respond to Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s questions on the Alfa spy investigation.

Nasrallah questioned on Friday whether the Internal Security Forces (ISF) had information about Alfa mobile phone company employee Charbel Qazzi before he was arrested on suspicion of collaborating with Israel.

Nasrallah said that the arrest of Qazzi raised a big uproar because the telecommunications sector is being used in STL’s indictment and accused the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) of being an Israeli project designed to target Hezbollah by stirring up sectarian strife in Lebanon..

Baroud told LBC TV on Tuesday that the “issue of the spies is sensitive , technical and political , that’s why I can’t answer it alone and the response should be through the proper channel “.

“This issue is linked to security forces and I will not spread info and become part of the bickering,” Baroud told LBC TV

“Nasrallah has the right to ask the question he wants and the way he wants and the government has the right to choose the most suitable way to answer him,” the minister added

Baroud told LBC that he handed over a special report to PM Saad Hariri last night

Baroud praised ISF achievements regarding the arrest of Israeli collaborators.

Lebanon has arrested three suspects over the past month in an expanding probe into an alleged network of Israeli spies employed in the country’s telecom sector.