Gemayel defends the Lebanese-French security pact


Phalange bloc MP Sami Gemayel , defended the Lebanese-French security agreement during an interview with MTV on Friday, saying it protects Lebanon.

He also criticized Hezbollah’s rejection of the agreement as politically motivated.

“Overbidding was the reason behind impeding the security pact between Lebanon and France and Hezbollah’s step is isolationist”, he said.

On Tuesday, MPs from Hezbollah and the Amal Movement left the joint parliamentary commissions session, making it impossible to vote on the agreement as quorum was not reached.

At issue is the definition of “terrorism.” The accord stipulates the two countries should boost cooperation in fighting “terrorism,” money laundering, and drugs.

Speaker Nabih Berri said on Wednesday the deal will not pass in parliament unless Lebanon’s definition of terrorism is included in the agreement.

“We consider that the word terrorism should be clarified and the definition of terrorism should be according to the definition adopted by the Arab League and the Lebanese definition,” Gemayel said.

France like the US considers Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

France on Thursday defended the controversial security accord with Lebanon .

“This is a classic agreement like those France’s interior minister has already signed with our foreign partners,” said foreign ministry spokesman Bernard Valero.

“The text includes technical terms, for example, for the fight against organized crime as well as cooperation in … homeland security, crisis management … and decentralized administration,” Valero said in a statement distributed by the French embassy.



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