Hezbollah MP: All spies for Israel should be hanged


Hezbollah MP Hussein al-Moussawi said Thursday that Lebanese spies working for Israel have had a hand in the results that have emerged after the July 2006 war, stressing: “They should all be hanged to put a stop to this shameful phenomenon.”

His comment comes after Lebanese security authorities arrested on Monday a second employee ( Tarek al-Rabaa ) of state-owned mobile telecom firm Alfa on suspicion of spying for Israel.

Lebanese security authorities described Rabaa as a telecoms engineer and said he was “more dangerous” than Charbel Qazzi, another employee who was arrested last month and was referred to a military court this week. If convicted he could face the death penalty.

Moussawi warned that those who defend the spies will only show Lebanon as a divided country.

He asked: “How can we turn into a unified national society if we are unable to confront those who have violated national principles?”

The MP therefore urged the need to establish a capable state with a national bloc comprised of the army, people, and Resistance.

Lebanon began its own crackdown on suspected Israeli spy networks in April last year and has arrested about 70 people.

Hezbollah spies

Israel arrested two weeks ago a soldier and several civilians suspected of spying for Hezbollah and smuggling drugs.

The soldier was accused of passing intelligence to Lebanese drug dealers, an army statement said..