UN chief: Israel agreed to withdraw from Ghajar


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said during an interview with An-Nahar newspaper , published on Thursday that that Israel agreed to his recent proposal regarding withdrawal from northern Ghajar , a disputed territory in South Lebanon.

Ban said that he has asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take tangible steps in executing the withdrawal.

Ban voiced hope that Israel would withdraw in the near future ,adding that the UN will keep pressuring Israel to do so.

Asked if he thought any positive development would take place anytime soon, Ban said: “Anytime soon means something will happen within a week or two … I am hoping for a development in the near future.”

Ban’s remarks come a week before issuing his new report on the implementation of 1701 which , along with the continued Israeli violations have been the topics of discussion between a high-level Lebanese military delegation and top U.N. officials in New York.