America delivers arms & equipment to police in Lebanon


The U.S. donated over $400k worth of equipment to Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces, including M-4 carbines, 9mm pistols, body armor, bomb technician and post-blast investigation equipment.

The funding for the equipment was provided by the State Department Antiterrorism Assistance (ATA) program as part of a $1 million program.

Speaking at the ceremony at the Internal Security Forces Mobile Forces headquarters in Dbayeh, Chargé d’affaires Thomas Daughton expressed the United States’ continued commitment to helping the ISF and other Lebanese law enforcement agencies improve their capabilities.

“The development of law-enforcement agencies as vital organs of the Lebanese state is essential to ensure Lebanon’s sovereignty, security, independence and prosperity,” he said.

“We are committed to helping Lebanon’s law-enforcement officers, as we are committed to helping all of Lebanon enjoy sovereignty, stability, and prosperity, guaranteed through strong, effective state institutions,” he added.

The ATA program trains Lebanese government security and law enforcement personnel in police procedures that deal with terrorism, the embassy said, adding that since 2006, total support for Lebanon in training and equipment through ATA totaled $8.7 million, with 479 law enforcement officers trained in 22 different courses.




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