Twin murder suspect turned into authorities


The man who killed the two Saleh brothers in the north Lebanon town of Dahr al-Ain, Hanna al-Barsawi, turned himself in to judicial authorities on Sunday.

The brothers – Tony and Nayef – were killed Friday. They were members of Suleiman Franjieh’s Marada Movement.

Marada issued a statement in which it accused Lebanese Forces official Hanna al-Barsawi of killing the Saleh brothers, two days after a quarrel between them.

The three men hail from Bazoun village in Besharri.

During the dispute, one of the brothers was beaten and hospitalized and al-Barsawi’s children were arrested by security forces, Marada said.

It added that following Marada’s mediation, Saleh withdrew his complaint and the suspects were released.

However, Hanna al-Barsawi took revenge by killing the two young men.

In their turn, LF MPs Strida Geagea and Elie Kayrouz issued a statement condemning “the painful incident.” However, they had a different version of the story.

They said the two brothers entered al-Barsawi’s butchery in Dahr al-Ain and after a quarrel, the man opened fire in self defense.

“The LF does not give cover to any person linked to the incident,” the statement stressed.