Municipal election: Voter turnout in south Lebanon


New TV reported that as of 6:30 PM the overall voter turnout in Jezzine district reached 39 % while in the city of Jezzine city it reached 59 % . The overall voter turnout in Sidon district reached 45 % while in the city of Sidon it is over 50%. In Bint Jbeil near the southern borders the voter turnout reached 35 %

Sidon and Jezzine are the hottest 2 areas in the Municpal elections in south Lebanon.

Photo: Supporters of pro-Hezbollah former MP Ousama Saad and pro-government supporters of former prime minister Fouad Siniora fight in a polling station during the country’s municipal elections in the port city of Sidon in south Lebanon May 23, 2010



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