Municipal election: Voter turnout update


The Voter turnout has reached 50% in Sidon city and 49% in Sidon villages, 39% in Jezzine villages but 59% in Jezzine city , 43% in Tyre and 43% in Hasbayia. The average voter turnout in all southern areas has reached 43 percent by about 6:40 pm , minutes before the poll stations close.

Sidon , which is one of the most hotly contested cities in this election witnessed some clashes between the supporters of the pro-Hezbollah the pro-government candidates . OTV reported that 50 people from both sides have been arrested so far in Sidon.

photo: Former Lebanese prime minister and Sidon MP Fouad Siniora casts his vote at a polling station during the country’s municipal elections in the port city of Sidon in south Lebanon May 23, 2010



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