Municipal election update: Voter turnout in south Lebanon


NBN TV , which is own by Amal leader speaker Nabih Berri predicted that the lists which are backed by Hezbollah and Amal in Marjeyoun and other Shiite areas in south Lebanon will be victorious in Sunday’s municipal election

NBN TV reported that the voter turnout in Jedeidat Marjeyoun reached 15.9 %, 56.15 % in Bilat, 44%in Toulin , 47% in Houla, between 30 -45 % in Khiam areas, 23 % in Misas, 29.46 % in Odaisah , 30 % in Bint Jbeil 45 % in Deir antar 45 % in Majdel Sulm. In Deir Zahrani the voter turnout reached 60 % , in upper Houmain 49 % , in Nabatiyah 49%

Meanwhile in Sidon Ahmad Hariri , son of MP Bahia Hariri and a candidate in

Sidon’s Consensus for Development list told Future News on Sunday that the Future Movement supporters should not celebrate in the streets and avoid causing trouble following the announcement of the results of the Sunday election in the southern city.

Hariri added that the Popular Will list “tried to create a tense atmosphere,” but said that the people of Saida knew what happened.



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