Ketermaya residents protest against arrest of suspects in Mosallem’s murder


ketrmaya - mother of the 2 slain girls

Residents of the Ketermaya village of Iqleem al Kharroub in Mount Lebanon blocked the main road facing the town’s mosque in protest against the arrest of several residents over the April 29 lynching and killing of Mohammad Salim Mosallem, who was the prime suspect in a gruesome murder of two grandparents and their two granddaughters.

The residents burned tires to block the road and prevented the passage of cars in both directions amid a state of anger that prevailed in the town.

Some media reports mentioned that security forces arrested two suspects while other reports mentioned the arrest of 3 suspects, among them Abed Saad Ali.

According to MTV Lebanese army troops are still conducting raiding operations in Ketermaya despite the protests . The concerned security authorities have not issued any official statement yet to clarify the details of the raid, but the cabinet decided during the last meeting to pursue the villagers behind the murder of the Egyptian national.

Top picture: Rana Abu-Merhi, the mother of two murdered daughters Amina and Zeina

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Residents kick the body of Egyptian Mohammed Mosallem after he was stabbed to death in Ketermaya village on April 29, 2010


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