Amnesty International urges Lebanon to prosecute villagers over lynching Ketermaya murder suspect


Mideast Lebanon MurderAn international human rights group is calling on Lebanese authorities to prosecute villagers involved in the recent lynching of a murder suspect.

Egyptian national Mohammed Salim Mosallam was stabbed to death by angry mobs in the Iqleem el Kharroub mountain town of Ketermaya who then paraded his body through town and hanged it from an electricty pole.

Mosallem had been arrested a day earlier on suspicion of killing four members of a local family.

London-based Amnesty International said in a statement Thursday nothing can justify mobs taking the law into their own hands. It said Lebanese authorities faced a test and urged them to prosecute those behind the lynching.

Lebanon says it has identified 10 of those who took part in the April 29 mob killing. No arrests have yet been made.




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