Telecom: Sakr has the original report about US request


New TV reported on Monday that MP Okab Sakr acquired the original report of the technical committee formed to review the 2007 US information request on Lebanon’s communication networks.

This comes after As-Sharq newspaper reported last week that Telecommunications Minister Charbel Nahhas formed a second technical committee to produce another report because he was displeased by the original version—which allegedly said that the US information request did not have a negative impact on Lebanese security.

According to an observer that is very familiar with this case the US embassy asked for information about the two mobile phone companies , Alfa and MTC Touch because they were both supposed to be for sale . It is the responsibility of the embassy in such a situation to obtain as much information as possible on these companies in order to provide it to prospective US companies that may be interested in bidding for them.

The observer told Ya Libnan: Since Hezbollah has its own telecom network the issue of the phone companies is considered very sensitive . General Michel Aoun’s son in Law Gebran Basil who was the telecom minister at the time rejected the request and the whole issue died until Bassil’s successor FPM’s Sharbel Nahhas leaked the information to the As Safir to try to embarrass the US .



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