Jumblatt wants the Christians back in Shouf region


jumblatt defIn his weekly article with Al-Anbaa newspaper to be published Tuesday, Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt made the following comments :

Hezbollah arms:

Jumblatt wrote that that it is better for parties to “not discuss Hezbollah’s arms through the media because it would only increase domestic tension without any practical result.”

Border demarcation:

Jumblatt wrote that even though the Shebaa Farms are not yet liberated from Israel’s occupation, he said Lebanon and Syria should start border demarcation in other regions, such as the North. Demarcation would benefit Beirut and Damascus, he added.


The Palestinian refugees in Lebanon should be granted their rights, he said, adding that the parliament should legislate on the issue.

Municipal elections

Al Hayat newspaper reported today that Jumblatt is keen on handing over the head of municipal council seats to Christians in Druze-Christian towns in the Shouf region and has reportedly given the green light to his constituency

to choose Christian heads of municipalities which are currently occupied by Druze.

Jumblatt reportedly prefers to give the municipality presidency in Mazraat al-Shouf to Amal Abdel Sater, in Maaser al-Shouf to a consensual Christian and in Barouk to Elie Nakhle. The same also goes to the mixed town of Ain Zhalta.

PSP sources told al-Hayat that Jumblatt is insisting on bringing Christian municipal heads in these towns as part of his willingness to consolidate reconciliation and encourage Christians to return to their towns and villages.

The PSP sources also told al-Hayat that Jumblat won’t interfere in the formation of the list in Damour, one of the biggest Christian towns. He backs consensus on the basis of renewing the post of current municipal chief Charles Ghafari despite a tendency by some families to enter into an electoral battle against him.

In purely Druze towns, the PSP leader is against electoral battles. That’s why he is cooperating with Tawheed Movement leader Wiam Wahab in Jahliyeh. Jumblatt also encourages a coalition list in Jiyyeh given that it is a Sunni-Shiite-Christian mixed town.



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