UNIFIL: Israeli Force did not Cross Blue Line


UNIFIL Deputy Spokesperson Andrea Tenenti announced on Sunday that a 10-member Israeli force crossed on Saturday morning the technical fence 2 kilometers south of the Ghajar village and took positions in the area for around 75 minutes.

He noted that a UNIFIL force arrived on the scene and did not record any violation of the Blue Line by the Israeli force, adding that a Lebanese Army patrol was also present at the location.

Tenenti stressed that the Lebanese Army and UNIFIL are investigating the incident.

The Lebanese Army Command had earlier announced that the aforementioned Israeli force had entered one of al-Wazzani River’s parks where it dismantled the steering wheel of a dredger that was stationed in the park.

The Israelis then patrolled the eastern bank of the river before returning to Israel, leaving a black box behind, according to army command’s statement.



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