Tarabay re-elected president of Maronite League


Joseph Tarabay’s Maronite Renaissance list won uncontested in the Maronite League elections after his rivals withdrew before the polls could take place at 10:00 am Saturday, Voice of Lebanon has reported .

Seventeen contestants were running in the elections. Rami al-Chidiac was the last candidate to withdraw his candidacy .

After winning uncontested, Tarabay retained his post as Maronite League president and Francois Bassil became his deputy.

Tarabay addressed reporters saying: “We want to serve Lebanon and serving it does not come through divisions. It comes through joining ranks.”

In addition to the president and his deputy, the winners were Hafez Zakhour, Samir Hobeika, Abdo Jerjes, Antoine Qlimos, Samir Chafik Abi Lamaa, Nehmat Afram, Antoine Litfallah al-Bustani, Antoine Wakim, Alia Berty Zein, Shawki Kazan, Antonio Andari, Talal Douaihi, Hikmat Abou Zeid, Charles al-Hajj and Fares Abi Nasr.