Fierce clashes between Palestinians of PFLP-GC


jibril , ahmad- PFLP GCThe local media has reported fierce clashes between members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command in the Beqaa region near the Syrian border

The Syrian- backed leader of PFLP-GC , Ahmed Jibril has reportedly dismissed one party official and this led to the inter Palestinian clashes. Al-Arabiya television reported about the dismissal of the official but did not name him.

PFLP-GC has a military base at the Qousaya camp camp near the Syrian border. This is the area which witnessed most of the fighting

Future News branded the incident as a “rebellion” among PFLP-GC members in the military base of Qousaya.

LBC satellite channel said at midday that the PFLP-GC military outpost in Ain Baida was coming under shell fire from Qousaya.

“Fierce clashes are taking place among Palestinian factions at Qousaya camp,” OTV reported.

The Voice of Lebanon radio station said in a news flash at 2:20pm that PFLP-GC rebels in Kfarzabad turned themselves in to the Lebanese army.