Wahab: STL accusing Mughniyeh of killing Hariri


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Former minister Wiam Wahab said Thursday told New TV that according to leaked information, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is accusing slain Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh of involvement in the assassination of Lebanon’s former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Last week Wiam Wahab a staunch ally of Syria warned:

“A problem could take place in the country because the investigating panel will create strife,” Wahab told New TV on Saturday. He was referring to the summoning of Hezbollah members by the STL investigation team.

The former minister also advised PM Saad Hariri to “avoid the trap of the international tribunal.”

In a report published in May 2009 the German magazine Der Spiegel revealed that Hezbollah was behind the assassination of Hariri and the van van used in the explosion was loaded with explosives in Hezbollah stronghold of Dhahiah and it belonged to a Hezbollah official.

Wahab also commented Thursday to LBC TV about his recent call for President Michel Suleiman to resign, saying his stance was a “political viewpoint” that did not deserve “the intellectual terror” practiced against him.

Wahab denied that he will be visiting Suleiman in Baabda this Friday, buthe at the same time he expressed his readiness to meet with the president anytime.

Wahab a staunch ally of Syria attacked President Michel Suleiman last week and called on him to resign for allegedly failing to govern the country.

Following talks with Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun in Rabiyeh, Wahab said the president should resign “because after two years of rule we feel like we are in the last days of the presidency.”



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