Lebanon cabinet appoints Banking Control Commission


Lebanon’s Minister of State Jean Ogassapian briefed the media on the emergency cabinet session that took place at the presidential palace in Baabda.

National Dialogue:

President Michel Suleiman said that national dialogue will convene on Tuesday March 9 .

Administrative appointments

Wednesday administrative appointments made by the cabinet were necessary and will play an important role in setting the mechanism for future appointments.

He added : The cabinet bears its responsibility for filling the vacancies.

– Prime Minister Saad Hariri stressed that Wednesday’s administrative appointments were positively received and that the cabinet will pass the remaining appointments as soon as possible.

– The cabinet discussed the appointments to the Banking Control Commission after the the CVs of candidates were distributed to the members.

-The cabinet appointed the following members to the Banking Control Commission: Osama Mekdashi as its head, and Ahmad Safa, Amin Awad, Mounir Elian and Sami Azar as its members.

Finance Minister Rayya al-Hassan, who distributed the CVs of the candidates, stressed their competence.

The Banking Control Commission members were unanimously approved by the cabinet.

Municipal elections:

– Cabinet unanimously adopted the draft municipal electoral law and transferred it to parliament.

– The draft law included the largest possible number of reforms.

– The municipal elections will be held in June. The president insisted on holding them before the summer tourism season.

– Interior Minister Ziad Baroud presented the report prepared by the ministerial commission on the committee to monitor the election.