Nasarallah urges support for the resistance


Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said during his address via video link of Arab and International Forum for Supporting the Resistance at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut :

– Lebanon has abandoned the myth saying “Lebanon’s strength is in its weakness” and replaced instead with “Lebanon’s strength is in the solidarity of its army, people, and resistance.”

– Israel today is undergoing a true crisis.. .The crisis of the dream and leadership, the crisis of its defeated army… the crisis of confidence in its institutions and army.

– I promise you, that in case of any confrontation with Israel, we will foil the aggressions’ objectives, defeat the enemy, and change the face of the region.

– I call you to support the resistance against this psychological warfare, but I assure you that this war will not shake us and that we will face it through patience and self confidence.

– The resistance is still facing many threats topped by defaming attempts through accusations of committing crimes, drugs trafficking, and blind submission to Iran and Syria.