Franjieh finds another use for Hezbollah arms


Marada Movement leader MP Suleiman Franjieh found another use for Hezbollah arms . “Hezbollah’s arms stand in the face of the of the scheme to naturalize the Palestinians in Lebanon” adding that Hezbollah’s weapons “will not persist forever.”

During a Marada ceremony in Bnachei, he said

“Those who hate Hezbollah and do not want the existence of its arms …if they were truly patriotic , would have instead used them to pressure Israel.”

All the Lebanese political parties are opposed to the naturalization of the Palestinians in Lebanon , even the Palestinians themselves don’t want to be naturalized and want to go back to their homes in Palestine. Marada and FPM have been using this issue to score points with the Christians and Shiites, because most of the remaining Palestinian refugees that have not been already naturalized are Sunni Muslims



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