Aoun defends Hezbollah arms, saying they benefit Lebanon


Following the weekly meeting of Change and Reform bloc , FPM leader MP Michel Aoun said in response to Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea’s criticism of Hezbollah arms : “I defend the resistance arms because I believe they benefit Lebanon. Why does Geagea always imagine that the resistance is coming after him to Maarab ? No one will come to Maarab after him. Aoun said that he is “embarrassed to ask Hezbollah if it would respond with military action against Israel, if Israel attacked Iran,” adding that “Hezbollah may take preemptive measures and fire first at Israel” He also said : “Syria might do the same as well.”

Aoun criticized the Phalange party MP for wanting to challenge article 6 of the the ministerial statement before the Constitutional Council : Such issues have nothing to do with the Constitutional Council …it is against the law.

Aoun praised Hariri’s visit to Syria and said this ” restores positive relations and serves the real interests of the Lebanese and Syrian peoples.”

Aoun has been accused by the majority of providing a Christian cover for Hezbollah arms. Hezbollah triggered a war in 2006 when it kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers, resulting in the death of over 1200 Lebanese mainly civilians and in the complete devastation of the Lebanese infrastructure