MP Saad: Jumblatt will visit Syria when the time is right


Democratic Gathering MP Antoine Saad said in a statement today that he hopes “the visit of Prime Minister Saad Hariri to Syria is the beginning of a new era of relations between the two countries”

As for the visit of Democratic Gathering leader MP Walid Jumblatt to Syria he said : “He will visit Syria when the time is right and without any preconditions.” After all he added “Jumblatt was the first to call for internal reconciliation specially after the May 7, 2008 events and was the first to call for correcting the relations with Syria in accordance with the Taef accord” . He added:” No one can dictate to Walid Jumblatt what he should do because he is the most concerned about national unity”

The pro-Syrian media has been speculating about various conditions that Syria has reportedly stipulated before Jumblatt can visit Syria , including a public apology to the Syrian people and a visit to his foe former president Emile Lahoud. Many observers think that such demands by Syria are very humiliating to the PSP leader and therefore may forgo such a visit if these conditions are really true



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