Iranians and Saudis fighting a proxy war in Yemen


The military of Saudi Arabia should turn its weapons on Israel rather than take on Shiite rebels battling the Yemeni government, Iranian officials said.

Ali Larijani, the speaker of the Iranian Parliament, weighed in on the Saudi military incursion into Yemen aimed at al-Houthi rebels, saying Riyadh should aim its arsenal on Israel instead, state-broadcaster Press TV reports.

“If (the) Saudis have rockets, why don’t they use them against Israel?” he asked. “The Saudi government is Islamic and should not excite division among Muslims.”

Last month Basher Esheq, an Eritrean opposition leader accused Iran of using the Eritrean territories as a base for transferring arms to Houthi elements in Yemen. Basher added that the Iranian weapons arrive to Eritrea’s coastal towns, particularly Assab City then Houthis deliver those weapons at night to Yemen.



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