The woman behind CIA director David Petraeus’s exit

CIA Director David Petraeus resigned abruptly following reports of an extra-marital affair with a journalist. In a letter to the CIA, Petraeus acknowledged poor judgement in carrying on the affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell while in Afghanistan. He admitted it was unacceptable behaviour.

Kafa fighting to protect women from rape and abuse in Lebanon

For 25 years Sahar has been living in fear. From the beginning of her relationship with her husband, she knew something was very wrong. He was intensely jealous, self-centred and would lash out at her for no apparent reason. He and her family refused to let her end the relationship, however. She felt trapped and […]

Sex and the City rejected by Abu Dhabi

Carrie Bradshaw and her friends are packing their suitcases, putting on their high heels and heading to Abu Dhabi, where luxury hotels and pristine beaches serve as a glamorous backdrop for their next adventure. But the “Sex and the City” sequel was actually filmed thousands of miles away in Morocco, because the film’s premise is […]