Israel warns of another war. Says Hezbollah has become Iran’s Lebanon branch

Lebanon Israel flagsIDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis warned in a rare op-ed on a Lebanese opposition website that a war with Israel could break out if Iran develops precision missiles in the country, Jerusalem Post reported .

“Lebanon has become – both by its own actions and omissions and by a blind eye from many members of the international community – one large missile factory,”  Manelis wrote on the  website.

“It’s no longer a transfer of arms, funds or consultation. Iran has de-facto opened a new branch, the ‘Lebanon branch.’ Iran is here,” he said.

“In Lebanon, Hezbollah does not conceal its attempt to take control of the state,” he continued.

“The future of Lebanese citizens is in the hands of a dictator who sits in Tehran,” Manelis  reportedly wrote, adding that “I think it is right to warn the residents of Lebanon of the Iranian game in their security and in their future.”
According to IDF assessments, Hezbollah has  least 100,000 short-range rockets and several thousand more missiles that can reach central Israel. In addition to a massive arsenal of rockets and missiles, Hezbollah is able to mobilize close to 30,000 fighters and has flouted its tunnel system, complete with ventilation, electricity, and rocket launchers.
Hezbollah has also increased its military capabilities due to its fighting in Syria on the side of President Bashar Assad, and has spread its troops across the entire Middle East.

“The past year has been further proof that Hezbollah serves as an operational arm of Iran. In every place where there was instability, we discovered the fingerprint of Iran and everywhere we discovered Hezbollah’s involvement,” Manelis  reportedly wrote.

Some 200 villages in south Lebanon have also been turned into “military strongholds” from which Hezbollah militants are able to watch Israeli soldiers at any moment.

“The ordinary citizen will be mistaken to think that this process turns Lebanon into a fortress, it is nothing more than a barrel of gunpowder on which he, his family and his property are sitting,” Manelis said in his op-ed on Sunday.

“One in every three or four houses in southern Lebanon is a headquarters, a post, a weapons depot or a Hezbollah hideout. We know these assets and know how to attack them accurately if required.”

“The future of Lebanese citizens is in the hands of a dictator who sits in Tehran,” Manelis  reportedly wrote, adding that “I think it is right to warn the residents of Lebanon of the Iranian game in their security and in their future.”

The commander of Lebanon’s armed forces instructed his troops during the  last independence day ,  to be fully ready to deal with a potential attack from Israel.

The Lebanese army achieved several  victories against jihadi groups on the country’s restive eastern border with Syria last year

On the eve of the country’s 74th anniversary of independence from France, the Lebanese military commander, Joseph Aoun, commended soldiers for successfully expelling the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, an Al-Qaeda affiliate formerly known as Nusra Front, from the outskirts of eastern towns such as Arsal, Ras Baalbek and Hermel this summer. He warned, however, that current “exceptional political circumstances” required personnel to “maintain the utmost awareness and vigilance and to take measures to maintain stability,” especially looking south, where another foe stands at the ready.

“I call on you to be fully prepared at the southern border to face the threats from the Israeli enemy, its violations and its hostile intent towards Lebanon, its people and its army, as well as to always ensure the implementation of Resolution 1701 in coordination and cooperation with United Nations forces in Lebanon, preserving a secure stability,” General Aoun said , according to the Lebanese army’s official Twitter account.

Israel  tries to intimidate  the Lebanese  on a daily basis with its  military overflights.


  • Rudy1947

    Reminiscing on an old quote from a US President, any attack from Lebanon will be considered an attack by Iran.

    • Rascal

      It is about time. Iran has been sneaking around with its Qud and Hezbollah type militias for a long time plotting attacks not only on Israel, but in most countries in the region. They need to take some credit.
      Speaking about Khameneism reminds me of Charles Manson. That madman didn’t do the killing, but he commanded the cult that took his orders to kill.
      He was also the most guilty.

  • Hind Abyad

    Propaganda. Israel wants Lebanon since the birth of Zionism.

    Oh! The Balfour Declaration Promised Lebanon and Jordan to the Jews, Too?.

    ‘As the First World War raged, the imperial powers raced to recognize Jewish self-determination. France put out its pro-Zionist statement five months before Balfour, while Britain worried that enemy Germany would also preempt it’

    • Y K

      But aren’t rabbis evil? Don’t they kill Christian children for matzo ball soup? Make your mind already, retard. 🙂

    • Hannibal

      Do not answer the troll… It is the best thing you do. He starts turning like a snake that just bit itself. LOL

  • Arzna

    Israel tries to intimidate the Lebanese on a daily basis with its military overflights.
    I think the Lebanese people are sick and tired of Israel, Iran and Hezbollah . Leave us alone !

  • Hannibal

    Didn’t they learn from 2006? I guess they need another lesson. Lebanese do not enjoy nor do they seek wars but if it is mandated upon them they will return it in kind. Galilee here we come.

    • Y K

      “Lebanese do not enjoy nor do they seek wars but if it is mandated upon them they will return it in kind.”

      I’m sure you’ll be the first sent to the front. “Mandated upon them.” You’re quite funny for someone so hopelessly retarded. 🙂

      • Niemals

        Isn’t this Hannibal residing in the US of A?

        • Y K

          I do not follow his fascinating life that closely. All I know about him is totally unsolicited crap he decided to share with the world for some reason.

          • Niemals

            Are we talking about the same Hannibal?

            The HanniMegaHin member told me that his wife belongs to the American indigenous peoples without specifying the tribe.
            In addition, he told me she can speak German, American indigenous peoples speak german…..

  • Hannibal

    @yalibnan, This is an insult to the Cedar by FIRST splitting it in half and then espousing it with the Star of Evil in the blog’s picture. The Cedar represents the nadir of a deep rooted culture of the Aramaic people, while the Star of Evil represents Apartheid and Racism and usurping the lands and wealth of nations.
    Please split the two flags for history’s sake.

    • vs

      You are evil, stupid Hanni. Are you orabized or liberal fundamentalized? Israel and Lebanon will be friends in spite of HA and its friends like you and Heblablah fools

    • Y K

      Retarded – not to mention garbled – comment from a retarded commenter. Nothing more natural than that.

      Do you even know what “nadir” means, my dumbass startup CEO friend? 🙂

      P.S. Would be nice to hope that your malignant idiocy is not representative of Lebanese society, at least of its “non-Resister” half. But that would probably be just wishful thinking.

    • Hind Abyad

      Represents pure Evil..destroying Holy land olive trees defacing the land with ugly pigeon holes.
      It take 4 generations for an olive tree to reach maturity.

      • Rudy1947

        The uptick in settler violence comes after Palestinian terrorists killed Rabbi Raziel Shevach in a drive-by shooting outside the Havat Gilad outpost last week.

  • Jack

    Lebanese likes to see Beirut like that every ten years…….
    They just forget that in 2006 they could hide and scream that they are not responsible for Hezbollah…….
    But today Hez…. are part of the puppet Lebanese regime and Lebanon will be responsible for what they aloud Hez…. to become.
    Lebanon will be able to scream wolf wolf again…… but no one will listen now as Lebanon is responsible for all the stupidity they managed to establish

    • Niemals

      For my part, it’s hard to believe that any of the parties involved in the 2006 Lebanon war are interested in repeating this again.

      Today’s weapons increased destruction capacity will leave treacherous bloodbath for both parties. Katyusha rockets fired 2006 from southern Lebanon to Israel (Foto AFP)
      are nothing to compare with today’s power of fire that both parties have access – note that I do not refer to the LAF as a participant – the LAF never participated in provocative acts against Israel (as far as its known to me).

      Israel had had experience of modern missile warfare in 1991, when Iraq fired Scud missiles at it during the war over Kuwait.
      In 2006, it was under Katyusha rocket attack again and had an ineffective response.

      After eight Israeli soldiers had been killed and two captured by the Lebanese group Hezbollah, Israel and Hezbollah engaged in a 33-day war in which Hezbollah (not the LAF) fired a hail of rockets into Israel and the Israelis bombed Lebanese towns, villages and infrastructure but made little headway in ground operations.

      The war ended inconculsively but with Hezbollah largely intact. A new element had also been introduced into Israel’s wars. It accused Iran of arming Hezbollah (and Hamas).
      [BBC News]

  • Niemals

    The fearless Lebanese journalist Maria Maalouf makes headlines again. As a Christian-Maronite Maria Maalouf, is well-known for having a hawkish attitudes toward Hezbollah and the Syrian regime.

    She wrote some days ago;
    “If Israel really wants peace, then it should go ahead and prove it by signing an agreement with Hezbollah. To this day, we have yet to rid ourselves of Hassan Nasrallah, who had led us awry in his war against it.”, and added:
    “If Israel considers Hassan Nasrallah an enemy, then why hasn’t it carried out an airstrike to relieve us of this burthen?” hard words no visors.

    It is not the first time that there are some who are trying to encourage the authorities to silence Maalouf.
    Two lawyers have filed a complaint against Maalouf with the Lebanese Public Prosecutor’s Office on a number of charges, including incitement to murder, conspiring with the enemy, a crime against the state, weakening national sentiment and increasing racial and religious fanaticism, as well as incitement to civil war and ethnic conflict.
    Hard words and no visors, wasn’t it Gibran Bassil who created agitation when he was filmed calling Parliamentary Speaker, Nabih Berri, a “thug”?

    Maria Maalouf, has not remained silent she respondent with the sarcastic tweet aimed at Shiites, saying that she was shocked that “anyone who spoke ill of the purest woman on earth, Aisha, is also speaking ill of Maria Maalouf for going against terrorist Hezbollah and Iran.”

    It seems they are having a difficult time deciding who they hate more – Aisha or Maalouf.