Iran opposition calls for unravelling the truth on Iran including executions of women, children

iran executionsThe Iranian opposition in the United States has published a book on the 1988 massacre when the Iranian regime murdered thousands of people opposing it.

During a presentation on Friday in Washington, the opposition called for unravelling the truth on what is happening Iran including executions on women, children and those who oppose the regime. It also called for the Iranian regime to be held accountable for the 1988 massacre.

Meanwhile, former US Ambassador Adam Ereli called for holding all those behind the massacre responsible and said: “As this book notes, there is a large number of people who are culprits to this crime and hold high positions in the current Iranian government.”

Young Prisoner Hanged in Public in Northwestern Iran Jan 2016 HRW
Young Prisoner Hanged in Public in Northwestern Iran Jan 2016 HRW

Ereli also stressed the importance of implementing an American law that holds accountable all those responsible for the executions. The law would be similar to that of Russia’s Magnitsky Act, he added.

Others at the presentation said that they aim to establish an investigative council to investigate the happenings in Iran. The council would be similar to the Argentinian investigative council which uncovered crimes on military junta, they added.

Al Arabiya

  • Danny Farah

    And some people here got the nerve to defend Iranian Mullahs and making it look like Angels compared to KSA.
    well folks I am sure some of you will say fake news and I say you are fake human beings. there are no difference between Iran and KSA. they are the same breeds just different mentalities because of their religion. In reality they are the same and the Iranian gov’t here are nothing but bunch of cowards toward their own people. And to think that they care about Hezbollah and Assad or the hooters. Well take a hard look here and there are many incidents like this where they hung their own people. Let’s be clear here they don’t give a damn about Nassrallah or the Shiites in Lebanon. They are being used to bring the glory back to the Persian empire and nothing else.

  • Rascal

    The Islamic regime in Tehran is a disgrace.
    Really what is the difference between an Islamic Republic and a Islamic State? Not much. SA see this now but will it be able to make the necessary changes socially to overcome their own short-comings? Iran appears to be progressively going backwards so unless Khamenei dies it is unlikely they will change. Like it or not, the culture coupled with fundamentalist Islam has created an almost socially retarded situation where most basic human rights are denied/suppressed. They can not preserve their violent Islamic religious control over the politics and expect to be able to develop economically as a functioning modern society.