Iran official promises Lebanon a military grant

ShamkhaniIran is to give a military grant to the Lebanese Army, the director of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said on Tuesday, boosting security forces that are already backed by Saudi Arabia and the United States.

“The Islamic Republic decided to give a military grant to the Lebanese Army,” he said in Beirut. Shamkhani is meeting Lebanese officials. He did not give a figure for the grantor any other details.

Shamkhani said on Monday upon arrival in Beirut at the head of a high ranking Iranian political and security delegation that he is in Lebanon for defense cooperation and talks on provision of military facilities for the Lebanese Army, according to their request, IRNA quoted him as saying

‘The main objective of my visit of Lebanon is holding dialogue and consultations on political and security developments in the region and seeking ways for cooperation in confrontation with shared threats against Iran and Lebanon,’ he said.

Iran, Hezbollah’s main backer has made many promises to various Lebanese governments in the past but according to analysts it never delivered any.


  • nagy_michael2

    Yes I wish you trained the Lebanese Army 20 years ago instead of creating Hezbollah we could been better off now.. now because HEzbollah is pulling the army in its direction and you want to finally arm it? why don’t go save your borders from ISIS instead. oh wait you have 1/2 of Al Qaada leaders in your country eating out of your plates and you use them as you please.. please bomb them instead before they eat you alive. Don’t you have planes for God’s sake? why do you want Iraq to fall to them? its beyond comprehension why do you continue to play these deadly games. I hope they behead and your f.. khomeini for all the troubles you cause Lebanon, Iraq and Syria and palestinian people.

  • Maborlz Ez-Hari

    Please just promise stop sending military equipment to lebanon, your previous generosity resulted in a yellow flag with an AK 47 on it being associated with the lebanese. Take your gifts else where.

  • persianwrath

    no need to go all retard on iranian Aid . if u dont want it , dont take it . your partial stability today is due to our efforts , but 14th march retards always bite back the hand that feeds them . long live iran and lebenon

    • The real lebanese

      We’ll take it, but notice the last sentence.

      “Iran, Hezbollah’s main backer has made many promises to various Lebanese governments in the past but according”

      Don’t get your hopes up.

    • arzatna1

      Talk is cheap and empty promises cost nothing.
      Even if Lebanon accepts the offer , Iran cannot legally export any weapons according to UNSCR 1737 of ( 2006) , 1747 of (2007 ), 1803 of (2008) and 1929 of (2010).

      Iran knows this , so why do Iranian officials make such promises ?

      Iran ships arms to Hezbollah, Hamas, Bahrain and Yemen , but these are all illegally smuggled into these countries

    • nagy_michael2

      Really where were they your buddies 30 years ago when the gov’t and the army under Syrian control. why didn’t they arm and train the lebanese army then instead of hezbollah. the intentions were very clear to create a control of Lebanon and they have succeeded anyway. so if March 14th are suspicious of your scumbags and lowlifes intentions and righteously so.. Iran wants to control lebanon. Even the Generals keep saying we have lebanon as a front to Israel. I mean how much more do you want? oh please do not call me takfiris because i am christians and hate those bastards anyway and i could careless about any gulf countries for that matter.
      And besides why don’t Iran protect the shiites in Iraq where the ISIS are knocking down their doors one by one. where are the Iranian airpowers to bomb them. or are you waiting on the US to do the job for you then you accuse the US of hidden intents. I don’t think Obama would have cared if your assholla in Tehran bombed the living hell out of ISIS. oh wait Iran playing double games one day side with ISIS and another with Iraqi shiites. half of isis leadership still being entertained in Iran courtesy of the Ayotollah.. so get yourself busy there first and if you clean them up then you come and talk to us..

    • sweetvirgo

      I would watch who I call “retard”. Iran might have the upper hand for now but it will fall….along with hezbollah.

  • 5thDrawer

    Is Iran making toilet paper now?? ;-))
    They are little late – although I recall some grandiose scheme to supply electricity when there was still a little money left in the bank. Ah well, accept graciously any hand-out. It’s needed.
    How about some free food for the 300,000 Lebanese who can’t feed themselves? (Daily Star report)
    (correction … ‘reports’)

  • Callsign Viper

    We should also keep in mind that the likes of Gen. Bill Odom predicted that the 2003 Iraq invasion would be one of the greatest strategic disasters in US history.