Another Hezbollah official killed in Syria

hezbollah flagFuture TV reported that Mahmoud Hayek, a key member of Hezbollah’s security apparatus who was charged last year with attempting to assassinate Minister Butros Harb, was killed in Syria .

Harb on the other hand denied to MTV receiving any official information on Hayek’s alleged death.

Tens of thousands of Hezbollah fighters are actively trying to save the regime of the embattled president Bashar al Assad despite the Baabda accord which calls for distancing Lebanon from the Syrian conflict.

State commissioner to the military court Judge Saqr Saqr charged on February 1, 2013 Hayek with attempting to assassinate MP Harb in July 2012.

Hayek who was Hezbollah ‘s explosives expert was also charged with carrying out terrorist activity.

Hayek remained on the run and Hezbollah refused to hand him over to the Lebanese judicial authorities.

Hayek’s death comes a day after the death of Hezbollah military commander Fawzi Ayoub who was killed in Syria in an ambush set up by the Free Syrian Army ( FSA) in Aleppo.

  • Atlas Turns

    God, you people are beyond delusional. Its pretty entertaining for those of is in the real world to sit back and watch you invent stories in order to convince yourselves that you’re winning.

    • GaddafiDeadAssadDying

      The delusional people are those supporting Assad and believing his lies. It will be as funny as when Gaddafi was killed to see you delusional people actually realize that you’ve been told a bunch of lies. Keep reading Alex Jones and Sana, apparently you people havent had enough slaps in the face after Gaddafi death (wasnt he winning, said the delusional conspiracy theorists ?) ;-P ;-P

      • Atlas Turns

        Lol hasn’t Assad been dying for 3 years? Last time I checked, forces defending the regime are going from victory (Qusair) to victory (Yabroud) to victory (Homs). But you’re right, maybe the bin Ladenites will behead their way to victory.

        • AkhouManUki

          Keep checking ya atlas – remember that your propaganda machine will only get you so far – at some point there needs to be victory. Assad will not live to see 2015 – mark my words.

          • Atlas Turns

            I quiver with fear from your deeply analytical conclusion, and I’m sure Assad does too. You wouldn’t happen to be the reliable Curveball asset who provided the West with reliable intelligence on Saddam’s WMDs, would you?

          • AkhouManUki

            Ya Atlas, leave the quivering to Assad and women with their battery operated toys. As Farqrallah would say, get your popcorn ready, fireworks are on the way.

        • Farq2

          And these victories my friend are a thorn in the side of these clowns. Its quite funny how Assad has been losing for the past 3 years in the mind of these people. And to compare Assad to Gaddafi is extremely funny. Assad still has full control of the army. Gaddafi lost his army in a matter of weeks. Gaddafi was taken down in a matter of months. Assad after 3 years and more than 80 countries against him is still strong and guess what, running for the presidency. Now the big victory will be in Aleppo. And again all the clowns will keep saying that Assad is gone Blah Blah Blah. You have to love their enthusiasm. I know I do. What I love more however is how amused they keep me with all their bullshit dreams.

          • AkhouManUki

            Ya Farqrallah, you need to accept reality and stop believing all of the BS propaganda you like to call “reliable sources”. The rest of us live in reality, where we don’t believe everything reported by SANA, Al Manar and Press TV. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but all they pump out is propaganda to dominate the mental war.

          • Farq2

            Yep your right, I should stick to Al Jazeera, the BBC, CNN, fox news and of course Yalibnan. After all, they always tell the truth. Don’t they (sarcasm). You choose to believe what suits your reality.

          • AkhouManUki

            You know what, you are finally right about something. Didn’t think I would be saying this, but I’m proud of you for dropping wisdom ya sayyed farqrallah! You do choose to believe what suits your reality, and so save your sarcasm for that next mirror you look into – your reality is tainted, and it’s critical for you to see that the path you are on is a troubled one – plagued with disappointment and regret. I don’t wish that upon my Lebanese brothers, because after all, we are one nation.

          • Atlas Turns

            It is impressive, how some of them can still pretend to have hope. Most of the rebel sympathizers I know myself have long lost hope, beyond the standard “one day khilafa will return” hope that predates the Syrian war. On top of being demoralized by the military defeats, the clear savagery of the rebels and their bloody battles against themselves before they even won against the government has made it clear to all but the delusional that there is nothing to cheer for in that camp.

  • Guest

    Did you know that all of the good will that Hezbolah worked so hard to build up and get over the years between the Shias and Sunnis in the Middle East by Hezbollah being a very effective anti-Zionist force has been broken down and ruined by none other than Hezbolah’s ally Bashar Al-Assad’s bad behavior against the Sunni majority in Syria. And now adding insult to injury, Hezbollah has had to risk and sacrifice the lives of hundreds of its young men to keep Assad in power on orders of Iran which has further alienated and badly strained relations between Shias and Sunnis. The sectarian secular Bashar Al-Assad is not worth sacrificing ones life and dying for.

    • wargame1

      Hezbushaitan are the Israeli border guards

  • zabada

    shiah is a great cancer in muslim,s world,at the past ,now and in future.

    • AkhouManUki

      Oh outspoken Zabada, why do you find it necessary to condemn an entire religion? I accept that a few crazies have hijacked the religion, but that’s the case with every religion. Don’t be a bigot please.

    • Atlas Turns

      Salafi-Wahhabis are the actual cancer. Fortunately, the Lebanese Resistance is surgically removing the cancer as we speak.

  • MekensehParty

    How convenient that he “dies” in Syria…