Syrian rebels need more and better weapons, report

Syrian rebels are smuggling small arms into Syria through a network of land and sea routes involving cargo ships and trucks moving through Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq, maritime intelligence and Free Syrian Army (FSA) officers say. Western and regional powers deny any suggestion they are involved in gun running. Their interest in the sensitive border […]

Romanian voters hand President Traian Basescu a second term

Romanian voters appear to have handed center-right President Traian Basescu a second term by a thin margin, but the opposition was quick to allege improprieties and contest the outcome. With 99.95% of the vote counted, election authorities said Basescu won 50.33% of the vote, while opposition Socialist Democratic Party leader c, a former Romanian ambassador […]

Geoana claims victory in Romanian presidential runoff

Mircea Geoana, Romania’s former foreign minister and leader of the leftist Social Democrats, declared victory on Sunday in the country’s presidential runoff but the results were in dispute. The incumbent, centrist President Traian Basescu, refused to concede the race, alleging media manipulation and declaring himself the true winner.