14 students injured in Beirut over civil war history book

Clashes broke out on Saturday between security forces and students affiliated with the Kataeb party and the National Liberal Party (NLP) who were staging a demonstration against a curriculum proposal for a Lebanese history book in Downtown Beirut near the Grand Serail. Kataeb bloc MP Sami Gemayel on Saturday held the Lebanese cabinet responsible for […]

Geagea: Aoun crossed the line

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea is holding Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun responsible “for any domestic violence in Lebanon.” In an open letter addressed to Aoun, Geagea said on Wednesday that the FPM leader’s comments on Hezbollah’s arms are “a clear call for resorting to domestic violence.”

Phalange MP: The Lebanese & the Palestinians should have civil rights

Phalange party MP Elie Marouni told OTV on Tuesday that his party was keen on engaging in dialogue regarding the issue of granting Palestinian refugees in Lebanon their civil rights. Marouni said the Phalange party was not invited to the first meeting of the March 14 alliance MPs last Thursday, which addressed the issue of […]

Phalange: The campaign against the presidnet aims at disrupting the institutions

Following its meeting at the Saifi headquarters the Lebanese Phalange party issued a statement in which it said “the planned campaigns being waged against President Michel Suleiman, are not aimed at unseating him, but to disrupt the constitutional institutions and influence the president’s decisions. “

PSP helps March 8 win the elections at LAU Beirut campus

The March 8 opposition won the elections at the Lebanese American University’s Beirut campus as a result of the support by Walid Jumblat’s Progressive Socialist Party. The “Keep Working” March 8 alliance, representing Amal, Hezbollah, the Free Patriotic Movement, the Lebanese Democratic Party, and Syrian Social Nationalist Party, managed to pick up all the 12 […]