This election should be an opportunity for change. Get out and vote

Lebanon to hold its parliamentary election on May 15. Lebanese living abroad will vote on either Friday, May 6 or Sunday, May 8, People working at polling stations will vote on May 12. This election is a unique opportunity for the Lebanese people to get rid of the political elite that destroyed and impoverished the country

By Ali Hussein

The elections are around the corner and the Lebanese are utterly confused over whom to vote for . The majority of the Lebanese were hoping  for a unified Revolutionary list in every electoral district .

Even though the leadership of the revolution failed to unite , there are candidates in every district that are worth considering .

We the Lebanese do not have much choice , since the country is craving for a change

we cannot vote for the corrupt lebanese politicians . they destroyed the whole country . reelecting them means more misery for the l ebanese

We cannot vote for Hezbollah and its allies because we want Lebanon to be a free country and end the Iranian occupation.

This is why I have identified the candidates that could result in changes for the better in every electoral district

The Lebanese people should not blame anyone but themselves if the same corrupt politicians are re elected

The Syrian occupation of Lebanon, which ended after the assassination of Rafik Hariri, has been replaced by Hezbollah. After 30 years, Lebanon is still being punished for its diversity. Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah controls the state and consistently and methodically erodes it, isolating the country from its regional neighbors. The civil war that raged in 1982 has been replaced with a new war of starvation in 2022.

File photo of Masked Hezbollah fighters as they march through a suburb of Beirut in May 2008 when the party occupied a large section of Beirut . US considers Lebanon’s Hezbollah as “Iran’s most dangerous terrorist partner.”. RAMZI HAIDAR/AFP/Getty Images)

If we don’t act we will not be only victims but also accomplices in this situation that punishes us.

Lebanon needs a new political system. More important, the Lebanese people should not (despite living under Iranian occupation) seek an outside savior to restore order and stability. If we look back in history, we will easily see that this has been tried, and it never worked.

Federalism is the best solution, but this should be decided by the Lebanese people. Look at what happened to Switzerland after switching to federalism . Switzerland was suffering from similar problems like Lebanon and federalism saved it and made it one of the most prosperous countries in the world

(COMBO) This combination of pictures created and taken on August 8, 2020 shows Lebanese political figures hanging from gallows nooses erected in downtown Beirut during a demonstration against a political leadership they blame for a monster explosion that killed more than 211 people and disfigured the capital Beirut, showing (top R to L) leader of Lebanon’s Shiite Muslim movement Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah, Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, Parliament Speaker and Shiite Muslim Amal movement leader Nabih Berri; (bottom R to L) foreign minister Gibran Bassil, Lebanese President Michel Aoun, and Lebanese Forces executive chairman Samir Geagea. (Photos by – / AFP) (Photo by -/AFP via Getty Images)

If the same politicians return to power don’t be surprised if the dollar hits over 1 million Lebanese pounds. look at what happened to Venezuela’s currency . Back in the sixties and seventies the exchange rate of the Venezuelan Bolivar was about the same as the Lebanese pound but it takes over a billion of the old Bolivar to. buy a dollar now , but the difference beween Venezuela and Lebanon is the fact that Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and is a key oil exporter . So the people get help from the government and no one starves

Patriarch Raï appealed to the Lebanese to vote :
“If you really love your country, participate en masse in the elections” he said.

The main silo at Beirut Port was completely destroyed in the devastating explosions that rocked Lebanon on Aug 4, 2020 as result of the illegal storage of 2750 tons of Ammonium Nitrate at the port area . The silo protected the capital . If it wasn’t for the silo most of Beirut would have been leveled by the explosion. Only about a month’s worth of wheat can now be stored at a time in mills as a result of the blast that destroyed the country’s port, shredded its grain silos , killed over 218 people, injured about 7000 people and left 300, 000 homeless . The Iran backed Hezbollah militant group has been for months trying to get Judge Tarek Bitar who is investigating the blast, fired , reportedly because it is concerned about exposing its role in supplying the Syrian government with the explosive chemical for use in its barrel bombs . As Lebanon runs out of wheat Hezbollah is being blamed for starving the Lebanese people for the sake of supplying Syria with the explosive chemical to kill more Syrian civilians. AP Photo/Hussein Malla

If the Lebanese really want to protect their right to self-determination and distance the future of the country from the groups that intend to cause the collapse of Lebanon and erase its historical identity, they must participate massively in the legislative elections


I recomend voting for the LI WATANI LIST

Magui Nanijian(Tahalof Watani)Diana Ohanian(Tahalof Watani)Paola Yacoubian(Tahalof Watani)Brigette Shalbian(Tahalof Watani)Ziad Abi Chaker(Tahalof Watani)Ziad Abs(ReLebanon)Charles Fakhoury(ReLebanon)Cynthia Zarazeer(ReLebanon)

Beirut II

I recomend voting for Beirut Al Taghyeer LIST

Samah Halwani(Beirut Tuqawem)Fatima Mechref(Sabaa)Ibrahim Mnaimneh(Beirut Tuqawem)Eman Tabbara(National Bloc)Wadah Sadek(Ana Khatt Ahmar)Rushdi KabbaniMahmoud Fakih(Tahalof Watani)Ali Abbas(Popular Observatory)


Hani Ahmadieh(Tahalof Watani)Melhem KhalafNouhad Yazbek(Beirut Tuqawem)
Paola Yacoubian(Tahalof Watani)

Bekaa 1 (Zahle) –

we recomend voting for Al Taghyeer

Khalil YounisTanos Al KhouryReda Al MaysHusein Al KhatibLina Kokjian

Bekaa 2 (West Bekaa – Rashaya) 

I recommend voting for Kadreen (Citizens in a State) list

Oussama Abou Zeid(MMFD)Farah Kassem(MMFD)Ghada Ghanem(MMFD)Magge Mehanna(MMFD)

Bekaa 3 (Baalbek – Hermel)

I recommend voting for Ehtilaf Al Taghyeer

Ali Abi RaadOussama ShamasSami Al ToufailiAlsharif SleimanAbbas YaghiKhaled Saleh(Tahalof Watani)Mohammad Al HojairiYoussif Al Fakhri(Sabaa)Talal Al Makdissi

Mount Lebanon 1 (Keserwan – Jbeil)

I recommend voting for the MMFD list and the candidates are

Dominik Tarabai(MMFD)Farah Nasser(MMFD)Butros Khalil(MMFD)Charbel Freiha(MMFD)

Mount Lebanon 2 (Matn)

I recommend voting for Nahwa Al Dawla(Citizens in a State) and the candidates are

Verena El Amil(Jil El Teghyir)Jad Ghosn(MMFD)Miriam Jabr(MMFD)Shaden Maalouf(MMFD)Lucien Bou Rjeili

Mount Lebanon 3 (Baabda)

recommend voting for candidates in 2 lists

Baabda Al Taghyeer (National Bloc)

Robert KhalifeMichel Helou(National Bloc)Ziad Akl(Tahalof Watani)Wassef Al Harake(Popular Observatory)Abir Naji(Lihaqqi)
and Kadreen(Citizens in a State) list
Rani Al Raji(MMFD)Mohammad Sakr(MMFD)Ali Darouiche(MMFD)

Mount Lebanon 4 (Aley – Chouf) 

I recommend voting for Tawahadna Lel Taghyeer list and the candidates are:

Sououd Abou Chebel(Ex-Lebanese Forces)Najat Aoun(Taqaddum)Ghada Eid(Sabaa)Rania GhaythHalime Kaakour(Lana)Imad Seifeddine(LCP)Shukri Haddad

Mount Lebanon -Aley

I recommend voting for Tawahadna LelTaghyeer list and the candidates are

Jad BejjaniFadi Abi AllamAlaa El SayeghMark Daou(Taqaddum)Zoya Jreidini(LCP)
Since this is an incomplete list I recommend voting for Nagham Al Halabi (MMFD) as the second Druze

North 1 (Akkar) 

I recommend voting for Akkar Al Taghyeer and the candidates are

Khaled AlloushBerri Al AssaadMohammad BadraWafaa GemayelLloris El RahiEdgard DaherJinan Hamdan

North 2 (Tripoli – Dennieh – Minnieh)

I recommend voting for Intafid.. Lil Seyada Lil Adalah list ( Sabaa)

and the candidates are:

Zakaria MseikehRami FanjHind Al SoufiMoustapha Al OwayekMalik Moulawi(Sabaa)Kamil Mourani(National Bloc)Haidar NasserGhaleb OthmanMohammad Khalil

North 3 (Bcharre – Zgharta – Koura – Batroun)

I recommend voting for

Kadreen Nghayyer (Citizens in a State ) and the candidates are :

Maroun Mahfoud(MMFD)Jean Kheirallah(MMFD)Mireille Mattar(MMFD)Anis Nehmeh[51](LCP)Zeina Al Nabti(MMFD)Bassem Sneige(MMFD)

South 1 (Saida – Jezzine)

I recommend voting for the Nahnu Al Taghyeer list

and the candidates are:

Hania Al Zaatari(Beirut Madinati)Mohammad Al ZarifSleiman Al MalekJoseph Al AsmarRobert Al Khoury
or Kadreen (Citizens in a State)list
Ismael HafoodaAhmad Al Assi(MMFD)Elie Abou Tas(MMFD)Emilio Mattar(MMFD)

South 2 (Tyre – Zahrani) 

I recommend voting for Maan Lil Taghyeer list

And the candidates are

Hatem HalawiMohammad AyoubSara SoueidanRoaa Al Fares(MMFD)Ali KhalifehAiman Mrouweh(LCP)Hisham Hayek

 South 3 (Nabatieh – Bint Jbeil – Hasbaya – Marjaayoun)

I recommend voting for the Maan Nahwa Al Taghyeer

and the candidates are

Wassim Ghandour(Beirut Madinati)Ali WehbiWafik RihanKhalil TheebHasan BazziAli Mrad(Aamieh Nizar Rammal(MMFD)Ibrahim AbdallahMohammad KaadanFiras HamdanElias Jarada

Khaled AlloushBerri Al AssaadMohammad BadraWafaa GemayelLloris El RahiEdgard DaherJinan Hamdan

The political elite is worried . Some candidates fomented support by offering healthcare and other services, which is “tantamount to vote-buying.”

The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections watchdog said this week it had already noted candidates or affiliates distributing food coupons in Beirut, offering health services further east and donating power generators to schools in the south.

It won’t belong before we find out how you voted
As mentioned earlier, we the Lebanese have a unique opportunity to get rid of the political elite that destroyed the country
Lets trash them on May 15

Finally click here on Election Guide to familiarize yourself with the whole election process