Lebanon election 2022: Hezbollah candidates as announced by Nasrallah


Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah revealed the names of his party’s candidates and his strategy for the upcoming parliamentary election

“In some districts, we will be on the same lists with allies and friends, and in other districts we might be on two lists under an agreement based on electoral interest,” Nasrallah said in a televised address dedicated to the issue of elections.

Noting that we are no longer hearing accusations that Hezbollah and its allies want to postpone the elections, Nasrallah said he can confirm that “the country is heading to elections on the scheduled date in May.”

Here are the names of Hezbollah’s 13 candidates

– Baabda district: Ali Ammar

– Jbeil district: Raed Berro

– Zahle district: Rami Abu Hamdan

– Baalbek-Hermel district: Hussein al-Hajj Hassan, Ibrahim al-Moussawi, Ihab Hamadeh and Ali al-Muqdad

– Tyre district: Hassan Ezzeddine and Hussein Jishi

– Beirut’s second district: Amin Cherri

– Nabatiyeh district: Mohammed Raad

– Bint Jbeil district: Hassan Fadlallah

– Marjeyoun district: Ali Fayyad

Most of the candidates are current members of the parliament , with the exception of Rami Abu Hamdan who currently works in Saudi Arabia and Raed Berro who works with the Shiite community in Africa