Hezbollah chief : Only the resistance protects Lebanon, nothing else “


In an interview with Arabic-language Iranian TV channel Al Alam Hassan Nassrallah, Secretary General of the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group declared that “The resistance is the only guarantee for protecting Lebanon and there is nothing else”. He did not give any role to the Lebanese army in defending Lebanon , adding “The resistance in Lebanon is a major national interest.”

He added : “Hezbollah’s manpower is unprecedented in the history of Lebanon and the history of resistance movements.”

As usual he attacked the Arab Gulf countries and specially Saudi Arabia

“Saudi Arabia and the UAE interfere in Lebanon’s affairs and in the domestic affairs of all Arab countries.” He declared and added : “They are waging a war against the Yemeni people and we are supporting the Yemeni people,” a possible reference to the Iranian backed Yemen’s Houthi rebels who have been fighting the legitimate government of Yemen .

He also attacked the United States

  • The American influence in Lebanon is subversive, he said
  • The new U.S. embassy that is being built in Lebanon is for the entire region and not only for Lebanon. 
  • The entire Lebanese banking system is subject to the decisions of the U.S. Treasury.

He accused the US of interfering in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“Delegations from the U.S. embassy are roaming the country and are interfering in the issue of elections, whereas Iran is not interfering in the elections at all. He said

Nasrallah described as “dictates” the recent Kuwaiti proposal aimed at mending Lebanon’s ties with Gulf Arab nations, strained largely over Hezbollah’s growing influence.

“Lebanon is a sovereign country and should not be sent dictates,” Nasrallah said

He also attacked the opposition in Lebanon

Cartoon of Lebanon flag showing an Iranian cleric replacing the Lebanese emblem ( the famous Cedar tree of Lebanon ) with the Iranian emblem . Many now feel that Hezbollah’s dominance made Lebanon a colony of Iran
  • “Some parties in Lebanon deal with the resistance with the mentality and tools of an enemy”, he said and claimed that Hezbollah’s decisions are Lebanese , while the opposition receives orders from embassies .
  • “I ask all those accusing Hezbollah to tell us about a single act that Hezbollah did for the sake of Iran rather than for the sake of Lebanon.” He said

Nasrallah attempted to distance Hezbollah from Tehran, while also gloating that Israel is afraid to go to war against either.

He said that Israel is not serious about actually attacking Iran, but if it does, Hezbollah will not immediately retaliate against Israel on Tehran’s behalf, but will decide whether or not to get involved.

“Iran is a strong regional state and any war with it will blow up the entire region,” he said.

File photo: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei L is shown with Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Iranian backed Lebanese militant Shiite movement Hezbollah. In September 2019 Nasrallah pledged allegiance to Khamanei and declared that he is a soldier in ( Iran’s ) Wilayat al-Faqih
  • Hezbollah was created by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in 1982 as part of its Quds foreign force. Iran has been funding , training and arming Hezbollah ever since and in return, Hezbollah has been acting as Iran’s proxy in destabilizing the Middle East from acting as Irani’s occupier of Lebanon, to helping the Syrian dictator in his war against the opposition and in Iraq supporting the Iran backed militia group and in Yemen helping the Houthi rebels .

In September 2019 Nasrallah declared allegiance to the Iranian Supreme leader and vowed to fight in support of Iran.

Commenting on his speech, Alliwa newspaper wrote on Tuesday ” In his today’s speech in which he was trying to distance himself from Tehran he deliberately forgot his famous saying, that Hezbollah’s funding, weapons and food come from Iran entirely, and that he is a soldier in Wilayat al-Faqih”,



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