Arab Coalition exposes Hezbollah’s role in using Yemen airport to attack Saudi Arabia

File photo of Hezbollah flag. :Several countries designated Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed, Lebanon-based Shiite group, as a “terrorist” organization.The designation covers the entirety of the group, both the political and military wings . Australian was the most recent country to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist group.


The spokesman for the Arab coalition Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki, exposed Hezbollah’s role in using the Sanaa Yemen airport to launch an attack against Saudi Arabia

The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen exposed , this afternoon, Sunday, in a comprehensive briefing on the Yemeni crisis, “evidence proving Hezbollah’s involvement in Yemen and the use of the airport to target Saudi Arabia.”

The coalition showed pictures of Hezbollah members training the Houthi “militia” to launch marches.

The official spokesman, Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki, said in the press conference, Sunday, that “the Houthis are not the ones to decide to be part of the political solution in Yemen.”

Al-Maliki stressed that “Hezbollah is behind the destruction in the region and the world, and it bears responsibility for targeting civilians in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.”

Al-Maliki also affirmed that “the Iranian regime is supplying arms in the region and is carrying out destruction and devastation,” noting that “the Houthi militia has adopted sectarian ideology from Iran.”

Al-Maliki talked about Tehran’s role in fueling “sectarian thought in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.”

The official spokesman for the coalition added that “the war in Yemen is intellectual, social and sectarian, as is the case in Lebanon.”

In his press conference, Al-Maki stressed that “the political solution in Yemen is the best solution,” explaining that “the Houthi militia has rejected all United Nations efforts to resolve the crisis politically.”

The spokesman accused the Houthi militia of “exploiting the de-escalation agreement and moving its forces on several fronts,” stressing that “the coalition monitors the movements of the Houthi militia around the clock.”

Al-Maliki said that “the Houthi militia’s attempt to control Marib threatens 3 million Yemenis,” revealing that the late Iranian ambassador to the Houthis, Hassan Irloo, was leading military operations in Yemen.

He also announced that “the Houthi militia has threatened maritime navigation with more than 247 sea mines.”

He also said on Sunday the Iran-aligned Houthi group had fired 430 ballistic missiles and 851 armed drones at Saudi Arabia since the war started in 2015, killing 59 Saudi civilians.

Al-Maliki showed pictures proving “the Houthi militia’s use of Sanaa airport for military purposes,” as well as “the Houthis training to launch ballistic missiles from Sanaa airport.”

The coalition earlier broadcast part of a video that revealed the transformation of Sanaa Airport into a military base.

This comes as the United States, France, and Arab and Gulf countries condemned the terrorist attack on the Samtah Governorate in the Jazan region of Saudi Arabia, which resulted in the death and injury of a number of Saudis and residents of the Kingdom as a result of the fall of a military projectile launched by the Houthi militia.

Yesterday, Saturday, the US embassy in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, expressed its condemnation of the Houthi terrorist militia’s attack on the Jazan region with a military projectile, which resulted in the death of a Saudi and a Yemeni resident, and the injury of seven others, according to the Saudi Civil Defense, in addition to material losses.

The US embassy confirmed that the escalation of the Iranian-backed militia prolongs the conflict and the suffering of innocent civilians, and puts the Saudi people and more than 70,000 Americans residing in the Kingdom at risk, and called on the criminal militia to stop its reckless attacks on Saudi Arabia and engage in diplomatic efforts to end the conflict.