4 Palestinians killed in Hamas, Fatah camp shooting during funeral

Men carry the coffin of a man who was killed in an explosion that occurred on Friday night in the Palestinian camp of Burj al-Shemali, during his funeral in southern Lebanese port city of Tyre, Lebanon December 12, 2021. REUTERS/Ali Hankir

CAIRO/GAZA, Dec 12 (Reuters) – Four people were killed and others were injured in a shooting on Sunday in the Palestinian camp of Burj al-Shemali in Lebanon, two officials of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas told Reuters, and they blamed rival movement Fatah for the bloodshed.

The shootings took place during the funeral of a Hamas supporter who was killed in an explosion on Friday night in the camp in the southern Lebanese port city of Tyre.

“Fatah gunmen deliberately opened fire against people taking part in the funeral march,” one Hamas official said, asking not to be named.

There was no immediate response from the office of the Palestinian ambassador in Lebanon to a Reuters request for comment about the Hamas allegation.

Fatah controls the Palestinian Authority that exercises limited self-rule in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Palestinian Authority officials in the West Bank, contacted for comment by Reuters, said they were checking the reports.

Earlier on Sunday, Lebanese state media said two people were killed and seven were injured in a dispute that erupted in the Burj al-Shemali camp.

Hamas said in a statement on Saturday that the blast on Friday night was caused by an electrical fault in a warehouse containing oxygen and gas cylinders for coronavirus patients, as well as detergents and disinfectants.’

Geagea calls for explanation

FILE PHOTO: Samir Geagea, leader of the Lebanese Forces

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Sunday called on the defense and interior ministries to explain the circumstances of Friday’s explosions at the Palestinian refugee camp of al-Bourj al-Shamali.

“We want the official and complete account of events for the blast that went off Friday at the al-Bourj al-Shamali camp in the city of Tyre so that we react accordingly,” Geagea said in a tweet.

A Lebanese security official told The Associated Press news agency that the explosion in the camp was clearly ammunition — not oxygen bottles as Hamas claimed earlier.

Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency had reported late Friday that arms stored for Hamas exploded Friday in the camp, killing and injuring a number of people. Hamas in a statement Saturday described the explosions as an “incident” adding that a fire in the camp caused limited damage. 

In a later statement, the group said that one of its members, Hamza Chahine, was killed. It called on its supporters to take part in his funeral on Sunday afternoon at a mosque in the camp.

Immediately after the blasts, Lebanese troops deployed around the camp and briefly prevented people from entering or leaving.

NNA said the state prosecutor in southern Lebanon has asked security agencies and arms experts to inspect the Hamas “arms storage” site inside the camp.




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  1. Lebanon – Killed by gunfire during the funeral of a Hamas operative killed in an explosion on Friday
    This afternoon, a funeral was held in Lebanon for the Hamas military operative, Hamza Shahin, with the participation of members of the Hamas Politburo.
    According to Hamas-affiliated sources, as soon as the funeral procession reached the nearest point to the Fatah movement’s branch in the Raj a-Shamali refugee camp, Fatah operatives opened fire on the funeral participants, killing four people and injuring others, including Zahar Jabarin. , Who serves as a member of the Hamas Politburo and is in charge of the prisoners ‘movement in the movement (Jabarin is Saleh Al-Aruri’s deputy, and is one of the founders of Hamas’ military wing in the West Bank. Deported abroad in a Shalit deal).
    Jabarin was slightly injured in the leg.
    The Fatah movement in the camp denied any connection to the shooting and called for an investigation into the circumstances of the shooting.
    The level of hostility between Fatah and Hamas is now at its peak and not only within the FA but also beyond these borders.
    Attached are videos documenting the shooting at the funeral: https://t.me/abualiexpress/32289 Here we see, according to Hamas officials, a Fatah activist named Muhammad Dahoish who started firing on the funeral participants: https://t.me/abualiexpress/32290 Here he is the same crammed in more pictures https://t.me/abualiexpress/32291

    1. Bethlehem
      More from the frictions between Hamas and Fatah, this time in Bethlehem: FA security personnel are “interfering” with a convoy in which Hamas operatives are celebrating the release of prisoner Abadah Knitz in the Aida refugee camp. Participants were arrested and Hamas flags confiscated https://t.me/abualiexpress/32293

      1. Following the arrest of activists in the prisoner convoy. Hamas supporters in the Aida camp reacted in clashes with PA forces.
        There is not much love between Fatah and Hamas https://t.me/abualiexpress/32294

        1. A similar event is also taking place in Tulkarm at this time:
          FA security personnel “rule order” at the reception of the released prisoner Muhammad Araf in the Nur Shams camp in Tulkarm. Araf himself was wounded and his brother was arrested https://t.me/abualiexpress/32295

  2. Following the shooting incident at the funeral in the Barjah a-Shamali refugee camp in southern Lebanon from which 3 Hamas operatives were killed and due to Hamas blaming Fatah for the shooting, the Fatah movement in Lebanon announced in an official announcement on its behalf a complete severance of ties and any kind of engagement with Hamas At all levels, in Lebanese territory

    1. Hamas Lebanon in response☝️:
      We have not withdrawn from the “Falsetinian Joint Labor Authority” but will not work with the “National Security” mechanism (belonging to the FA).
      We froze our membership in the security force (joint) of the refugee camps, following what happened in Barja a-Shamali. ”
      Deterioration in relationships.

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