LF calls Hezbollah’s 100,000 fighters, the enemies of Lebanon & Christians



The head of the Media and Communications of the Lebanese Forces Party blasted the speech of Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah , describing the 100,000 Hezbollah fighters that Nasrallah claims his Iranian backed party has as the enemies of Lebanon and the Christians.

Charles Jabbour

The head of the Media and Communications of the Lebanese Forces Party, Charles Jabbour, blasted “the speech of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, describing it as an attack on the Lebanese Forces, stressing that all the accusations Nasrallah made are false and misleading and reflect his militia reality, because he is the one who refuses to hand over his weapons to the Lebanese state. under the pretext of resistance.

In an interview with “Spot Shot”, Jabbour explained that “all facts and investigations confirm and prove that the events of Tayouneh are not an ambush staged by the Lebanese Forces, but rather a political incitement by Nasrallah whose motto is “overthrow of the judicial investigator in the port bombing case, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar. ” stressing that the demonstration of Hezbollah and its ally the Amal Movement aimed at ing to topple the judge .

In response to to the manner in which Nasrallah addressed the Lebanese Forces Party and its leader, Dr. Samir Geagea, he said: “This impolite speech is rejected and expressed and added: “The speech is flawed and does not suit the party’s secretary-general.”

Regarding the 100,000 fighters that Nasrallah spoke about, Jabbour commented: “Talking about 100,000 fighters is the biggest condemnation of him and his person. This clearly means that he wants to intimidate the Lebanese through his weapons, but “the 100, 000 men do not scare anyone.”

When asked, “Is the LF ready to participate in the war if it is imposed on it ?”, his response was : “The Lebanese forces do not want to return to the stage of war, but every Christian citizen is born in Lebanon with an olive branch and a gun .”

He continued, “These hundred thousand are enemies of Lebanon and Christians, notDr Geagea. It seems that Nasrallah did not read the history of Lebanon and and did not learn anything about Christianity from his ally, the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, “MP Gibran Bassil.”

Jabbour called on Nasrallah to “learn from the experience of the civil war, and to abandon the culture of murder, violence and intimidation, for we do not need your weapons, not even your protection.”

Regarding the position Hezbollah’s ally the Free Patriotic Movement, which was expressed by Basil on the anniversary of October 13, Gabbour said: “We expected MP Basil except to cover for Hezbollah.

He concluded: “For the thousandth time, Bassil was exposed to the Lebanese public opinion and confirmed that the Mar Mikhael agreement ( the location where Nasrallah and president Aoun signed their agreement is the path to the invasion of Ain al-Remmaneh.”



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  1. Right on …. Any fighter that is willing to kill Lebanese of any religious sect is the enemy of Lebanon

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