Bank depositors call for occupying the Lebanese banks

A bank depositor is shown holding a placard that reads : We warn you ( the authorities ) against tampering with our deposits . We warn you against stealing our money

The “Lebanese Depositors Association” slammed the decision to extend the work of Circular No. 151 which calls for an exchange rate of 3900 LL per US dollar .

The current rate of exchange in the parallel market more than 4 times the above rate .

The proposed rate represents a haircut for the depositors between 80 to 90 % based on the current blackmarket exchange rate

The Depositors Association called for “going to the banks starting tomorrow, occupying them and staying in them, and for a sit-in in front of the branches of the Banque du Liban in all regions, and for sit-in in front of the Central Banque du Liban,

The Depositors Association also called on all bank employees to avoid confronting depositors.”



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