Lebanon bakeries may be closed tomorrow due to lack of fuel: Union chief

bread bakery lebanon

The head of Lebanon’s bakery owners’ union, Ali Ibrahim, confirmed in a call with the “National News Agency”, that “the pack of bread in the bakeries is still sold at the official price, which is 4000 Lebanese pounds ” He said: “As far are the price in the shops , it is not our responsibility,

Reports circulated that the pack of bread is sold in some shops at 15,000 pounds.”

He added, “We, as bakeries, adhere to the official price, despite the challenges and difficulties we face.”

Asked about the possibility of closing the bakeries tomorrow, he said: “They promised to supply us with diesel fuel , but so far we did not get any .”

He asked, “What are they waiting for, and why do they not fulfill their promises, out of mercy for the citizen?”

Ibrahim said: “Tomorrow, many of the bakeries that have run out of diesel will be closed, while some of them still have little and the bread will be sold inside their bakeries but will not be distributed to shops.”

He concluded: “We appeal to officials to be frank with the citizens and tell the truth. It is enough humiliation for the people, who have been exhausted by successive crises in their daily life, from the loss of bread, medicine, gasoline, diesel and others.”