Lebanon’s October 17th uprising candidate, Aref Yassin is the new chief of Beirut Syndicate of Engineers, update


“So far the “Union Revolts” candidates of the October uprising are winning in the the Syndicate of Engineers election that kicked off at 9 am according to Syndicate’s website . Their vote count is about 4 times the votes obtained by the candidates of the ruling parties.” 77% of the votes in the first ballot box that was counted went to the “Union Revolts” candidates

The polls closed in the Beirut Engineers Syndicate elections at 6 PM Beirut time.
The voter turnout was extremely low . As of 4:00 p.m., 7,120 voters voted in the twenty ballot boxes distributed in the Syndicates ‘s r courtyard, out of 47,936 engineers who had paid their annual fees.

The voters are expected to elect a Syndicate chief and 6 board members .

Engineer Aref Yassin, representing the Union revolts list which is backed by the Lebanese uprising of October 2019

Eight candidates are competing for Union leader representing several political parties in addition to the the UNION revolts. : Future Movement candidate who is also backed by Amal Movement is Basem Al-Aweni , independent candidate Abdo Sukkari and the “the UNION revolts. ” candidate is Aref Yassin . The engineers who have paid the annual fees and registered to vote are 47,936

Update :

Engineer Aref Yassin won the election as the new leader of the Engineers Syndicate of Beirut.

According to the figures released by the Syndicate , Yassin received 5789 votes in the final results of the elections, compared to 1528 votes for Bassem Al-Aweni and 1289 votes for Abdo Sukkarieh, noting that the total number of voters was 8842.

Based on the number of people voted and the total number of registered engineers who are qualified too vote the voter turnout was less than 20 %



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  1. This looks like a promising start for the October 17 uprising . The question is will it be able to repeat such performance in the upcoming parliamentary election . I would like to see some faces and programs to end the crisis in Lebanon. The Unit revolts has some good programs and their candidate Aref Yassin seems to have a promising program and makes lots of sense

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