Nearly half of Lebanon’s new COVID-19 cases caused by Delta variant



New Delta Coronavirus variant spreading rapidly in Lebanon

 Lebanon’s Health Ministry reported on Monday that around half of the country’s COVID-19 cases recorded in the last 24 hours were caused by the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

The ministry said that among 101 new cases, 46 were detected as being infected with the Delta variant imported from 10 different countries.

The ministry also reported two deaths from coronavirus in the past 24 hours.

Lebanon has reported 545,671 infections and 7,863 coronavirus-related deaths since the virus was first detected in the country in February 2020.

Health experts warned that the public should be cautious of the spread of the Delta variant which is believed to be more transmissible.




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  1. Lebanon
    Yesterday, 101 new corona cases were discovered in Lebanon, 46 of them with the Indian variant.
    Today, Lebanese Health Minister Hemed Hassan (a Hezbollah member) declares: “The Indian variant is spreading rapidly, forced to impose a 14-day closure.”
    If alongside the fact that this is a total of a small number of verified and take into account the following parameters:
    The state of governance and rule in Lebanon
    The state of the Lebanese economy
    The state of electricity in Lebanon
    Add to this the fact that the minister is a Hezbollah man, it is impossible not to wonder whether the consideration of imposing a closure is purely a matter or whether there are other foreign considerations here …

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