Chronic cough fuels concerns over Hezbollah leader’s health


Concerns over Iran-backed Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s health spread on social media hours after he appeared to suffer from a cough during televised remarks on Tuesday.

Nasrallah had denied suffering from Covid-19 two weeks ago and apologised for his chronic coughing during a televised speech. He said at the time the cough was caused by a lung infection.

Following Tuesday’s appearance, his son, Jawad Nasrallah, sought to reassure supporters, tweeting “just an allergy, rest assured.”

Nasrallah’s public remarks were his first since the 11-day long war between Israel and Hamas ended in a ceasefire and also marked the withdrawal of Israeli troops from south Lebanon in 2000.

He said he should have appeared on TV earlier to comment on the fighting but had delayed his appearance due to illness.

Nasrallah seemed fatigued and spoke slowly during his 100-minute long speech.

His appearance raised concerns on social media among the party’s supporters over his health condition.

Nasrallah warned Israel against future attacks on Jerusalem, describing its battle with Hamas as a clear victory for the “resistance” axis.

Hezbollah fought a devastating month-long war with Israel in 2006, and Nasrallah threatened that the group and its regional allies will be seeking to establish new red lines, adding that serious Israeli attacks against holy sites should be met with a regional war.




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  1. Hezbollah
    Naim Qassem, Nasrallah’s deputy, excuses Hezbollah leader’s coughing speech:
    “Nasrallah’s health is good. He has had a sudden medical condition in recent days. He should have rested for another two or three days but he did not want to disappoint his lovers who were waiting for his speech on May 25.
    Dear Mr. Qassem, In a few days of “sudden medical condition” not so much weight is lost …. (as could be seen in comparing a past picture of Nasrallah and the picture from the speech)
    And another thing Mr. Qassem. Your complexion looks yellower than usual and your voice is relatively hoarse.
    I recommend you check (:

  2. Yahya Sanwar, the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, arrived today for a brief visit to his home, which was bombed by the IDF during the last round and stopped to rest on his favorite armchair

    1. rueda Avatar

      Nice Friday .Enjoy the New day and the best for You and Your Family.
      I Pray for Peace and the end of the Terror. Blessings.!!

  3. Fitzl Shachar, head of the Al-Qaeda area in Hezbollah, publicly declares in an interview with a leading Iranian channel:
    “I deny all the publications that Nasrallah entered the floor. His health is good. He is suffering from a health problem in his lungs.”
    The importance of this quote is in its publicity and in that Fitzgerald is an official senior member of Hezbollah and hence it can be said that this is the first public and official statement of a senior Hezbollah man, with name and face regarding Nasrallah’s condition

  4. A few technical details about Kharak, the Iranian military logistics ship that sank today off the coast of Jasek Port:

    It is the largest ship in the Iranian military fleet and weighs 33,000 tons. According to Iranian sources, it is the largest ship of its kind in all of West Asia.
    It is 207 meters long and 26.5 meters wide and could move at a speed of 39.8 km / h.
    On the ship was a helicopter landing pad and 4 12.7 mm cannons were installed on it.
    It was used for military logistical purposes and included advanced systems, according to the Iranians

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