Palestinian solidarity protests held around the world

Palestinian solidarity protests ere held around the world this weekend

Demonstrations took place in London, Melbourne and Paris while more are scheduled in other big cities, including New York.

Pro-Palestine solidarity marches are being held around the world in a continuation of weeklong demonstrations, with protesters demanding their respective governments impose sanctions and a military embargo to cut the supply of weapons to Israel.

Israel’s 11-day bombardment of Gaza killed nearly 250 Palestinians, including at least 65 children, leaving behind many buildings, homes and infrastructure destroyed in the besieged enclave.

The fighting came to an end after the Israeli government and Palestinian fighter groups agreed on a ceasefire that started on Friday.

The Sheikh Jarrah protests against forced expulsion of Palestinians by Israeli settlers in East Jerusalem, and the Israeli attack on Muslim worshippers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam, during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, served as a catalyst for Israel’s attacks in Gaza.

Protests were held in London, Melbourne and Paris on Saturday, while more of them were scheduled for the weekend in other big cities, including New York.

The fighting came to an end after the Israeli government and Palestinian fighter groups agreed on a ceasefire that started on Friday.

The Sheikh Jarrah protests against forced expulsion of Palestinians by Israeli settlers in East Jerusalem, and the Israeli attack on Muslim worshippers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam, during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, served as a catalyst for Israel’s attacks in Gaza.

 United Kingdom

At the march in London, Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan reported that there was a “sense of relief” with Israel’s attacks halting, but that more needed to be done.

“There is a sentiment that the conflict should not be forgotten,” he said.

Some were draped in Palestinian flags and set off green and red smoke flares. Others carried banners declaring “Free Palestine”, “Stop bombing Gaza” and “Sanctions on Israel”.


In Adelaide, hundreds of protesters gathered outside Parliament House before marching through the city centre.

“We need to remember that just because they announced a ceasefire doesn’t mean it’s over. It will never be over until Palestine is free,” said Australian Palestinian community member Jana Fandi who attended the rally.

In Sydney, thousands of protesters gathered in Hyde Park before marching through the streets, chanting and waving banners.

“Palestinians continue to face violence from Israeli occupation forces and it’s not going to end until the occupation comes to an end,” Palestine Action Group activist Dalia al-Haj Qasem said.


A solidarity protest in the capital, Paris, was held with thousands attending the march.

“A ceasefire does not resolve the question. This fight concerns all those who are attached to the values of justice, dignity and law,” said Bertrand Heilbronn, president of the France Palestine Solidarity Association which organised the Paris rally and other demonstrations.

The capital marchers shouted slogans such as “Palestine will live, Palestine will win”, “Israel assassin, Macron accomplice”, “and We are all Palestinians.”


Hundreds of people rallied in support of Palestinians in demonstrations held in the German cities of Frankfurt and Berlin.

In Berlin, hundreds came to the rally, many waving Palestine flags and carrying posters that read “Free Palestine,” according to a dpa  news agency reporter.

Many chanted “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea” at the event titled “The events in Palestine and the German media”.

Al Jazeera



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  1. Bassam ‘Ibn, director of the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom crossing:
    “Israel prevents aid and food from entering the Gaza Strip and allows only medical equipment and medicines to be brought in”

  2. So who is Jamal a-Zabda?

    In the first hour after the ceasefire, the first Hamas figure to appear in the media was Khalil Al-Hayya, the deputy of Yahya Sanwar, the Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip.
    In his speech, he mentioned only two martyrs: Bassem Issa (Gaza brigade commander in Hamas’ military wing) and Jamal a-Zabda.

    The man who eliminated Israel at the beginning of the round and an absolute majority of the country’s citizens do not even know who he is. (Following the results of the survey in his case on the channel yesterday).
    When I try to test how significantly a person has been eliminated, I like to use the “howls index” – the amount of whining and crying about that person’s death among those who benefited them.

    It is no coincidence that Jamal a-Zabda, Yahya Senwar’s deputy, chose to mention Hamas in his first interview after the ceasefire.

    Jamal a-Zabda, known as the “Professor” was, in the opinion of many, “the Fakhrizada of Gaza.”

    A – Zabda, who was 64 at the time of his assassination (on the second day of the operation), received a Ph.D. in engineering and mechanics at the age of 29 from the Virginia Institute of Applied Sciences in the United States, allowing his family members, including his eldest son, Asama . After receiving his degree, he spent another eight years in the United States before returning to Gaza in 1994 to serve as a lecturer and head of the engineering department at the Islamic University in Gaza.

    According to his family, before returning to Gaza, he received tempting offers to work for the US space agency NASA. Various Arab media outlets point out that studies published by a-Zabda during his years in the United States have been used to improve the performance of F-16 engines and other fighter jets.

    A-Zabda has published further studies in the field of aerodynamics of the Delta wing – which is used in some fighter jets.

    In 2006, he joined the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam and Abed Brigades, according to the Al-Akhbar newspaper, alongside Muhammad Daf, investing his best time and expertise, at the head of a team of engineers he set up, to improve Hamas rockets and its aircraft.

    In 2012 he survived an assassination attempt in the last hours of Operation Cloud Pillar.

    The fingerprints can be seen in the improvement of Hamas rocket ranges, portraiture, and their ability to carry heavier explosives. This is also the case with the improvement of aviation capabilities and the carrying of explosives of Hamas aircraft, including the UAV “Shahab”, which was unveiled by Hamas in the last round. According to Arab sources, the new Ayash rocket (named after engineer Yahya Ayash) The latter, with a range of 250 km (according to Hamas) is a personal development project a-Zabda.

    Al-Zabda was assassinated with his eldest son and continues on his way, Osama (a U.S. citizen), who excelled in engineering and spent nights in Hamas’ manufacturing and development workshops under his father’s scepter.
    Along with them, Bassem Issa, a Gaza brigadier general (equivalent to the commander-in-chief of the Central Command), who was one of the escorts of Hamas’ first engineer, Yahya Ayash, was also killed.

    In practice, the elimination of a-Zabda is more significant than the possible elimination of Muhammad Daf.
    While Muhammad Daf is a symbol and myth, a-Zabda is in fact the mastermind behind Hamas’ military buildup. His absence, especially after the significant damage done to Hamas’ military infrastructure in the last round, will now be felt even more.

    Some of the symbols of a-Zabda were eventually eliminated by dropping a bomb from a fighter jet, whose performance improved, thanks to a-Zabda’s research, at least according to Arab sources.
    From closing such a circle.
    We will not miss.

    1. A-Zabda and his son Asama. before and after

      1. A rare video taken during the birthday of the eldest son, Asama a-Zabda, in which Father Jamal wishes his son another hundred years of jihad and “crushing the heads of the Jews.”
        In the end, the opposite happened to what a-Zabda wished: the Jews smashed both of them ‘heads ….

  3. This morning, too, the Faliiiestinians are documenting the entry of Jews into the Temple Mount

  4. Gazans are photographed dining and spending time inside the ruined Maldives restaurant on the shores of Gaza City.
    This is how hasbara is done!

  5. Belarusian authorities: Hamas signed message about bomb on board Ryanair

    Director of the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Belarus Artem Sikorsky, speaking at a briefing on the forced landing of a Ryanair aircraft in Minsk, read out a message sent to the airport’s e-mail.

    “We, Hamas soldiers, demand that Israel cease fire in the Gaza Strip. We demand that the European Union renounce its support for Israel in this war. Delfi Economic Forum participants are known to return home on flight 4978. A bomb has been planted in this plane. do not fulfill our demands, the bomb will explode on May 23 over Vilnius, “the letter allegedly says.

    “Just imagine what could have happened in Vilnius, whose airport is located right in the center of the city, if the information, God forbid, turned out to be valid. In accordance with the Chicago Convention, as well as the requirements of the National Program for the Protection of Civil Aviation from Acts of Unlawful Interference, was introduced into action mechanism “, – portal Oneliner quotes the official.

    According to him, after the pilots were informed of the threat, they could choose several possible landing sites, including Vilnius, but decided to take advantage of the controller’s offer and land in Minsk.

    It should be reminded that on May 23, the Belarusian authorities forced a Ryanair airline plane to land in Minsk, which was flying from Athens to Vilnius and crossing the airspace of Belarus. The reason for this was the report of a bomb on board, which later turned out to be false.

    After landing, the authorities detained the former editor-in-chief of the opposition portal Nexta, Roman Protasevich, who was on this flight, who is accused of organizing mass riots and disturbing public order in Belarus. He faces the death penalty.

    In connection with the statement of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Belarus, we note that the hostilities between the Israel Defense Forces and Hamas in Gaza ceased on the night of May 21, and the ceasefire regime has since been strictly observed by both parties to the conflict. For this reason alone, the text of the “letter from Hamas” quoted by the Ministry of Transport of Belarus sounds absurd.

  6. Tunnel updates
    According to a Gazan report, the four missing bodies of Izz ad-Din al-Qassam operatives from the second tunnel in Khan Yunis were recently found after the search for them has continued since Friday
    The funeral will be held today, according to the report

  7. The growing discourse in Gaza on the desire to emigrate from the Gaza Strip following the round of fighting

    Today, while browsing the web, I came across some interesting Google data.

    Here is an example when writing the phrase in Google in Orabic:
    مهجرة من ..
    And in English translation
    The migration from …

    The following completions will also be accepted (also in incognito mode), according to the order presented here:

    1. The migration from Mecca to the state (which is the most famous migration in the Muslim world that was done by the Prophet Muhammad).
    2. Migration from Israel to Canada.
    3. Migration from Israel to the United States.
    4. Migration from Gaza

    Emphasizes again these are the results obtained for the searcher in the Orabic language

    1. Beyond that, look at the following graph from “Google Trends” which indicates a dramatic jump in the volume of searches for the word “immigration from …” in Orabic within the “Faliestine” territories

      1. In addition, I came across an interesting post written by a leader of the Gaza exile network, who has emigrated to Europe in the last two years and is in constant contact with the Gaza audience.
        Here is the post he wrote:
        “Many of my friends in Gaza talked to me about emigrating from Gaza. What will happen? It seems that half of Gaza wants to leave.”
        I enclose all the comments to this post ^ as of the time of reading it, a few hours after it was published:
        1. I work as a clerk in a tourism and travel company and I am shocked by the amount of people traveling. Most of them are families.
        2. Gaza is good only for the sons of the leadership.
        Half (want to leave) lol .. Say even everyone and a little more from the neighboring countries.
        4. We too ☹️
        5. I talked to my friends two days ago, most of them told me that they started thinking seriously about emigrating and leaving Gaza, I do not know from the degree of frustration they feel.
        6. I swear that if there was the (financial) ability, no young man would have stayed in Gaza.
        7. What we have left, leave it to them, we have only the Sovereign of the worlds.
        8. Everyone is sure (want to emigrate).
        9. That’s how it is.
        10. I am the first to immigrate.
        11. I expect that if they bring a ship like a convenient box in front of Gaza, there will be nothing left in Gaza except the electricity company and the owners of the generators.
        12. I swear if I did not have a bank loan I would leave this place, let’s see how the children sleep, enough wars.
        13. I’m on my way to you, in two months you will not find anyone here.
        14. May Allah help the young, in our life of misery, some in Egypt and some in Turkey, Greece and the Emirates.
        15. In my life, Gaza is uninhabitable.
        16. Before coming here (to Europe) everyone who leaves Gaza should make a short film about his life together with five other six (and tell where) it hurts them. That way they will get documents (for immigration to Europe), made a joke of us.
        17. The topic of our conversation with the guys in our meetings over the last two weeks has been immigration, it’s open on the table, there’s nothing else.
        18. My dear it is natural, and they will come and Europe will open for them portfolios (immigration).
        19. We stay here and cling to the last breath, this earth is our land.
        20. Whole families on top of families talk to me (about immigration)
        21. No one will stay in Gaza
        22. Death is more compassionate in Gaza. Better than immigration.
        23. There is no place on earth more beautiful than Gaza especially the noble souls of Gaza.
        24. I am the first of them (to leave).
        25. Except for me, I’m coming back.
        26. I wish there was an ability (financially).
        27. A life of poverty.
        28. The first (to immigrate) is my uncle.
        29. We will all be uprooted (left).
        30. It’s not because of emptiness. The young people have reached the height of depression here.
        31. He who can and does not go out, will regret it.
        32. I swear, that whoever thinks of going I will make him understand (that he is wrong) Ya Zalma.
        33. And yet the difficult stage is before us.
        34. We were all optimistic about the election. We thought they would sleep and improve the situation, and here they failed. After the last war, depression increased from all these sights. When we got tired in the past we used to go to the sea or Ramal or even to the strawberry groves in the north, everything was destroyed and all the places were depressing to the soul. The power outage only exacerbated the situation and everyone expects the war to return and honestly no one wants to experience it

        Many thanks to Moran
        On the translation of the responses into Hebrew

  8. Yahya Sanwar celebrates victory in rally in Gaza while most Gaza residents are dreaming to escape

  9. In the last two days, the official channel of Izz ad-Din al-Qassam has uploaded the military arm of Hamas, pictures of its 45 operatives who were killed in the last round.
    The list is definitely not final and correct at this time

  10. Izz Adin al-Qassam publishes her 47th murdered Muhammad Abu Samaan. A brief look at his uniform reveals that he is the naval commando man of Izz Adin Al-Qassam

  11. Hamas in official statement:
    “We were shocked to hear the statements of UNRWA Director in the Gaza Strip Matthias Shamali in an interview with Channel 12.
    Shamali justifies Israeli harm to civilians in Gaza …
    We demand an apology from UNRWA …
    We demand that legal and administrative action be taken against the person who made this serious mistake …. ”
    Admit it sounds interesting …
    So what did my Shamali , a resident of Gaza who so ignited Hamas, say?
    Just the truth ….
    It is hard to think that Matthias Shamali will act out of Gaza to lie in favor of Israel. His life depends on it.
    He simply recounted what he saw and experienced during the 11 days of fighting, during which he was in the Strip.
    The main things that my Shamali said:

    1. During all 11 days of fighting there was no shortage of water, food and supplies. The opening of the border crossings in the last two days has prevented a shortage.
      I was under the impression that the Israeli attacks were carried out with great sophistication.
      They hardly harmed civilian targets
      Shamali represents the UN. There is no fear that the UN is biased in favor of Israel.
      Shamali is doing a real, honest and important service to Israeli propaganda. He just tells the truth and more in English.
      How is it still not broadcast anywhere in the world ??
      Attaches the section from Channel 12 for your use:

  12. Updates on Baliestinian casualties in the last (not final) round, according to Boliestinian data:
    Hamas: 61 killed
    Islamic Jihad: 20 killed
    Resistance Committees: One killed
    Popular Front: One killed
    The Falsetinian Ministry of Health, according to the latest update, reports a total of 253 deaths, including 66 children and 39 women.
    It is important to note that the Falsetinians blame Israel for all the deaths, although there are cases, such as in the first half hour of the outbreak, where a failed Hamas rocket or Islamic Jihad killed eight members of the Al-Masri family, including 6 children

  13. Blastinians are angry at Google. again.
    And this time because of the search results of the following phrase in English:
    what do terrorists wear on their head?
    Translation: What do terrorists wear on their heads?

    The results, according to the Balastinians, link Faliestinian kaffiyeh to terrorism.

    I also tried and this is what I got:

  14. After the dust settled … this is the view of the sea after the fall of the Nadi Tower in Gaza City – the first tower that the IDF dropped in the last round of fighting.
    Not everyone complains …

  15. When the human body was created, each of its parts wanted to become the main one.
    The BRAIN said: I control the entire nervous system, I must become the main one.
    LEGS said: we keep the whole body in an upright position, we must become in charge.
    HANDS said: we do all the work and earn money to feed the body, we must become in charge.
    THE EYES said: we are getting basic information about the outside world, we must become the main ones.
    The MOUTH said: I feed everyone, I must become the boss.
    The HEART, EARS and LUNGS said the same thing.
    the HOLE IN THE ASS spoke. She also wanted to be in charge. The rest of
    the body laughed at the thought that some HOLE IN THE ASS wanted to
    control them.
    Then the HOLE IN THE ASS got angry. She closed and
    refused to work. From this, the BRAIN fell into feverish excitement, the
    EYES glazed over, the LEGS felt weak and lost the ability to walk, the
    HANDS sagged limply, and the HEART and LUNGS began to fight for life.
    And everyone began to beg the BRAIN to give in and let the HOLE IN THE
    ASS become the main one

    And so it happened. All parts of the body
    started working normally again, and the HOLE IN THE ASS began to
    command everyone. Her main occupation, like that of any boss worthy of
    this name, was raking “crap”.

    Moral: You don’t have to be smart to
    be a boss. The chances of becoming one in the most ordinary HOLE IN THE
    ASS are much greater than that of anyone else

  16. Izz Adin al-Qassam continues to post new casualties in its ranks and this time engineer Mahmoud Fares.
    From the photos, it is certainly possible to understand the added value of eliminating engineers like him from Hamas’ production line during the last round

  17. Hamas supporters sign UNRWA Director General in Gaza, Matthias Shamali, after the interview with Channel 12.
    In the cartoon here, Shamali is seen stepping on a plaything of a Gazan girl lying among the rubble of a building, saying: “The Israeli attack was very accurate.”
    I am in Shamali place looking for a replacement for the position and thinking of a quick relaxation away from Gaza …
    Hamas bites the hand that feeds it

    1. The campaign of Hamas supporters against UNRWA director in Gaza, Matthias Shamali, continues.
      The time has come for relocation from Gaza

  18. This is, one might say, one of the famous images of the Balstinian struggle against Sheikh Jarrah. This picture of Nabil Alchard leaning against a wall with the caption لن نرحل – did not go away, starred in countless articles around the world and even won various cartoons Al-Kard became the Blalstinian presenter in Sheikh Jarrah

    1. Tonight the Jerusalem Municipality arrived to delete the graffiti

  19. Syria chooses.
    Today, Syrian citizens will go to the polls to elect a president. Hamasnik

  20. Syria chooses.
    Today, Syrian citizens will go to the polls to elect a president. Hamasnik

  21. The Gazans report that the 11-story a-Da’ur building in Gaza has begun to lean on its side in recent hours following IDF attacks that hit nearby buildings during the round.
    The building is being evacuated and there are plans to demolish it soon, in coordination with the Hamas Ministry of Public Works

  22. President Assad and his wife recently voted in the Duma in Damascus

  23. Gaza network star wrote yesterday:

    Before the victory, Gaza had 8 hours of electricity (a day). Now there are only 4 hours a day. One more victory and we move on to candles

    1. Another prominent Gazan wrote like this on Facebook yesterday:

      “The citizen asks …
      What closes at the end on the subject of war. What are the results?
      I see that the situation in Sheikh Jarrah remains the same and the (worst) situation in Gaza remains the same.
      We want a report so we can understand where we have come from. ”

      Here is a short collection of the responses he received:

      1. Gaza was a car traveling on two wheels. She is now riding on one wheel. I’m afraid this wheel will puncture again.

      2. Destroy our Ramchan and the joy of the holiday and destroy Gaza and destroy the people and frighten them and in the end shout we won. Laugh at the people.

      3. Why do you say that Gaza remained as it is? The achievement is that we have added many hours of non-power supply (:

      4. Who said that the situation in Gaza remains as it is? Became much worse.

      5. Yes something happened. Qatari money now goes to Abu Mazen (:

      6. Do not want to understand what happened and do not want to know anything. Just give us back the 8 hours of electricity.

      7. Repeat repeated several times in different versions:
      Where have we come from you ask?
      We reached the back of the chair factory.
      (To understand this expression in the West, a long explanation is needed. Byrne Munich fans from 2015 must be familiar. I will be content with a subtle translation of the meaning: “They did their thing to us”)

      8. In essence, Hamas started this war only for itself and Jerusalem is not interested in them but only the chairs (of the regime, this time) and the elections. A curse will come upon them. May Allah have mercy on our martyrs and heal our wounded.

      9. Unfortunately the war has made our lives unbearable.

      10. Dismantle us and that’s it.

      11. The choke ring tightened on Gaza after the war

  24. Yahya Sanwar, the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, is holding an open meeting with a foreign press in Gaza

  25. Baliestinians report that the Shabak has arrested the “king of rejection,” the Bedouin, Mo’in al-‘Asam, over his identification with the Gazans and the spokesman for Hamas ‘military wing, Abu’ Abida.
    Alasam is the most popular Israeli Orab singer today and also performs in the BA

  26. Es gibt kein Normalität mehr Avatar
    Es gibt kein Normalität mehr

    Nizar Banat, a 43-year-old from Hebron known for social media videos denouncing alleged corruption within the Palestinian Authority (PA), died on Thursday shortly after security forces stormed his house and violently arrested him, his family said.

    On Saturday, hundreds took to the streets of Ramallah, the seat of the PA in the occupied West Bank, calling for Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas to quit.

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