Across the U.S., people protest the violence in Gaza and Israel


In cities across the U.S., overwhelmingly pro-Palestinian protesters have taken to the streets in solidarity with Palestinian civilians caught in the ongoing violence between Israel and Hamas.

From Dearborn, Mich., where demonstrators booed President Biden on Tuesday over the administration’s policy toward Israel, to outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, crowds gathered to demand an end to Israeli attacks that have killed 219 people in Gaza, according to health officials.

Supporters of Israel have also demonstrated in cities such as Los Angeles and New York since the latest conflict erupted 10 days ago, though in far fewer numbers. Thousands of Hamas rockets launched at Israel have killed 12 people, according to the government.

Outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington on Tuesday, protesters were draped in the black, white and green of the Palestinian flag. They chanted against the U.S. alliance with Israel and read the names of Palestinians killed in the latest burst of violence over a public address system.

Among those who gathered outside the embassy was Taher Herzallah, an activist who said he had learned only hours earlier that his relatives in Gaza lost their home in an airstrike. They were unharmed. Still, Herzallah said he wants the lives lost to be known as more than just a death toll.

“Every single Palestinian life matters. Every single Palestinian soul that was taken matters,” he said. “And that’s why we wanted to make sure that those names were read. These are people who come from us, that are of us.”

Similar rallies were held in at least 22 cities across North America over the weekend, including in New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago and Dallas.

Protesters objecting to U.S. policy toward Israel gather Tuesday at Lapeer Park in Dearborn, Mich., during a visit by President Biden to a nearby Ford Motor Co. plant.Seth Herald/AFP via Getty Images

A woman cries as the names of Palestinian children killed in the fighting in Gaza are read during a protest Tuesday in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington.
Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

Crowds gather during a pro-Palestinian rally last week at Copley Square in Boston.
Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators rally Monday in Tucson, Ariz., in support of Palestinians.
Ross D. Franklin/AP



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  1. Throughout the night and until now, Gazans have been reporting IDF attacks throughout the Gaza Strip. Houses of members of the military have been attacked, infrastructure has been attacked as well as military outposts of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
    From the other side The last shooting from Gaza towards Israel was at one in the morning. The IDF continues to attack at this time as well

    1. Attack on the Abu Razka family home in western Khan Yunis tonight

      1. Assault in the Al-Zaftawi area of the northern Gaza Strip

        1. The craters in the photos here were not taken on the moon but in the Jabalya “refugee” camp tonight

          1. Fell and did not explode at the home of the Maharb family in Khan Yunis

          2. What is not being done in Hamas to promote its image abroad.
            On the one hand, there are complaints that Israel is endangering the children of the Gaza Strip, and on the other hand, they are being placed on an unexploded ordnance to promote marketing abroad

  2. Another feeling that arises this morning when reading the Orab and? Faleleostinian channels is that the Biden administration is putting very strong pressure on Israel to stop attacking Gaza.
    This is reflected in the quotation of reports of pressure exerted by the US Secretary of State on Linken on his Israeli counterpart. Biden’s pressure on Netanyahu. These reports are resonating. As well as reports that many democratic senators are interested in imposing restrictions on Israel in various areas, including the sale of weapons to Israel in order to force it to agree to a ceasefire.

    Public American pressure on Israel encourages Balesostinians and other observers in the Middle East to rub their hands in pleasure.
    This will surely take a toll on Israel in the future as well

  3. Hamas Government Information Office:
    The extent of the damage to the Gaza Strip in the ten days of the operation is estimated at about $ 322 million.

    Apparently trying to improve numbers upwards to match the $ 500 million that the Egyptian president has declared as aid. (According to a previous report by this bureau two days ago, the extent of the damage was estimated at $ 244 million)

  4. sure protest is better then

  5. In the “West Bank” and Jerusalem area, Fallostinians report a large wave of arrests of Hamas operatives, including senior officials (about 20 people were arrested tonight by the IDF)

  6. Amid all the fighting, the Hamas Ministry of Health publishes a report that 92 new corona patients were discovered in 256 tests performed in a laboratory in Gaza.
    In recent days, Hamas has claimed that following the attacks, the Gaza Ministry of Health cannot conduct corona tests.
    As stated, idle claims and nothing more.
    The laboratory performing the tests was not harmed

    1. lie is terror friend and cover

  7. Israel continues to attack the homes of members of the military in the Gaza Strip.
    Here in the video of the attack on the Al-Arini family home in Tel a-Za’atar in Jabalya

  8. +A woman cries as the names of Falosstinian children killed in the fighting in Gaza are read during a protest Tuesday in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington+

    10% – 15% of Hamas missiles do not even leave the territory of Gaza, but explode immediately after launch over the territory of the enclave, destroying the local population

    By the way, it turns out over time that the children “brutally killed by the Zionists” are then photographed alive and well. And some of the Orab pictures with bloody babies are generally obtained from Syria. And then it is already completely unclear who “bloody” them and for what

    700 Hamas rockets hit the Gaza Strip, so the children and the unarmed are on the Hamas account

  9. sure protest is better then

  10. Stopped to rest in bed. The Maharab family home in Khan Yunis

  11. Did you think that only in Israel is there a mess on the streets?
    Supporters of Samir Gaagea from the Lebanese Forces Party
    Attacking Syrian refugees making their way to exercise their right to vote in the Syrian presidential election at the polls set in Lebanon. (Elections will be held in Syria on the 26th of the month. In Syrian representations around the world, the polls have already opened today)

    1. More scenes from the attack on Syrian refugees in Lebanon

  12. Hamas Public Works Office updates the data:
    1800 houses were completely destroyed during the ten days of the operation

  13. According to the IDF Spokesman, the two people who were thwarted in the attack on the vehicle were members of the anti-tank squad that served at the morning hike in the northern Gaza Strip
    Closing a circle is important

  14. Attack on the Alhandi family home on Jalal Street in Khan Yunis
    According to the Gaza reactions after the attack, it seems that they are quite enjoying the attraction …. (:

    1. The best show in town☝️. Thanks to the roof press procedure they have free tickets to the front row

  15. Balesstinians report two dead and seriously injured in a car crash in the a-Saftawi area in northern Gaza City

    1. Amusing trivia detail: The vehicle was attacked near a-Tzaruh Square – دوار الصاروخ
      The meaning of the name in Orabic: Rocket Square

      1. Report of an attack on another vehicle, on Alkram Street in the Jabalya “refugee” camp in the northern Gaza Strip

    2. Additional photos of the remains of the vehicle in which the two were killed in the a-Saftawi area

  16. Izz Adin Al-Qassam is releasing the video of the anti-tank shooting at the hiker in the northern Gaza Strip this morning

  17. Balolstinians report that a Gazan named Ali Khalil Abu Jarad was killed and five others were injured in an attack on a building in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, without “tapping the roof,” recently

  18. According to the high volume of statements about rocket launches, on the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam channel, from 15:00 until now, it seems that Hamas feels that the declaration of a ceasefire is approaching

  19. A Balelesstinian reported that the Egyptians had canceled the planned entry of fuel from Egypt into Gaza today.
    It could be a means of pressure that the Egyptians are now using to push Hamas to reach a ceasefire

  20. A fly got in the coffee

    Italian – throws out the cup and leaves in a
    fit of anger. The Frenchman pulls out a fly and drinks coffee. Chinese –
    eating a fly and splashing out coffee. Russian – pours coffee with a
    fly, silently. Israeli – Sells coffee to a Frenchman, a fly to a
    Chinese, buys himself a new cup of coffee and uses the remaining money
    to invent a device that prevents flies from entering the coffee.
    Plastilinian – accuses an Israeli of planting a fly in his coffee,
    protests an act of aggression at the UN, gets a loan from the European
    Union to buy a new cup of coffee, uses the money to buy explosives and
    then blows up in a cafe where the Italian, French, Chinese and Russian –
    everyone is trying to explain to the Israeli that he should give his
    cup of coffee to the unfortunate plastilinian

  21. Yesterday I wrote what are the principles according to which Israel should now act against Hamas in Gaza after the declaration of a ceasefire.
    As the date approached, I summarized the matter into 3 main points:

    1. Senior Hamas figures remain in the bunker. Those who come out are exposed to frustration.

    2. Prevention of intensification and military ammunition – thwarting fire from the air.

    3. Comparing Hamas’ conditions to those of the PA – Hamas police are only allowed to manage the population with personal weapons (there is much more to this than poetic justice to the PA).

    All the principles can be enforced by fire from the air

  22. The Globs newspaper reports, citing a high-ranking Israeli source, that during the behind-the-scenes talks being held these days, Israel made it clear that it is not ready to tolerate the restoration of the missile arsenal of the terrorist organization Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip. Also, Israel will not tolerate shooting of any kind on its territory.
    In addition, Israeli negotiators said that if the world does not want to see further attacks on the Gaza Strip, a gradual transfer of responsibility for the sector to the international community should begin.
    Moreover, we are talking about the transfer of both civil and military responsibility, since Hamas has clearly demonstrated its illegitimacy and incapacity as a civil administration

  23. Senior Hamas official, Sami Abu Zohari:
    “Israel’s declaration of unilateral ceasefire will be an admission of defeat”

    1. Do not be disturbed, whatever the outcome on the ground that Hamas will always say it has won
      This is how it is when the narrative sanctifies the truth
      It’s like you can ‘t find a single Egyptian who says Israel won the Yom Kippur War. The facts do not interfere with the dictated narrative

  24. Fakistani National Assembly MP Maulana Chitrali called on the government to declare “jihad” against Israel using nuclear weapons
    “We made atomic bombs to show them in a museum? Why do we need shells, atomic bombs or a huge army if we cannot use them to liberate Faliestine and Kashmir,” Chitrali said

  25. American Indian Avatar
    American Indian

    Zionazi occupation is no different from NAZIS of Germany, those ZIONAZIS have murdered hundreds of Palestinian children, they are cleansing Palestinians to import more Jews from Europe and America.

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