Hariri meets with Hezbollah, Amal reps , insists on technocratic cabinet of 18 ministers


According to Al-Jadid TV information a meeting between PM designate Saad Hariri, MP Ali Hassan Khalil, representing Amal Movement ent leader Nabih Berri and the political assistant to the Secretary-General of Hezbollah Hajj Hussein al-Khalil at his Central House with the intention of trying to finalize the formation of the cabinet.

The visit comes after the speech of Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah which alleviated the tension over the cabinet formation

File photo of Hajj Hussein al-Khalil (R) first assistant of Hezbollah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah and Ali Hassan Khalil (L) a former Amal movement minister

The meeting failed in resolving the issue , since Hariri is insisting on forming a cabinet of 18 specialists.

Nasrallah in his speech urged Hariri to form a techno political cabinet in order for it get the support of the political parties , similar to the failed cabinet of caretaker PM Hassan Diab .

Hariri is trying to follow the advise of the French government in forming a cabinet of experts that will be able to implement the required reforms in order to resolve the financial crisis.

Hajj Hussein al-Khalil told Hariri , lets forget about Nasrallah’s proposal and discuss expanding the cabinet to 20 from 18 . Hariri also refused and insisted that the government of 20 would mean including a destructive third for President Michel Aoun, which has been a red line for Hariri
Hariri also met with MP Wael Abu Faour and former Minister Ghazi Al-Aridi, who were sent by Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt to explain his position for reaching a political settlement as per his discussions yesterday with Aoun in Baabda .

Hariri was reportedly not thrilled with Jumblatt’s visit to Baabda and told his representatives that he is going to meet with Aoun on Monday to finalize the discussion over the cabinet formation



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  1. The big question:
    Did Jumblatt help Hariri with his initiative or screwed things up for him?
    I hope I am wrong but Jumblatt is a master in screwing things up for himself and his allies .
    Won’t be long before we find out today

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