Lebanon Health minister denies reports of favoritism in Vaccine distribution


The media office of caretaker Minister of Public Health Hamad Hassan denied, in a statement, “the reports circulating about the Pfizer vaccine over favoritism in distribution of the vaccine .”

Dr Hamad Hassan , minister of health who represents Hezbollah in the cabinet .

According some of the reports The Phizer vaccine which is considered the Gold standard will only be available for members of parties associated with Hezbollah.

Hassan, who represents Hezbollah in the caretake cabinet called the reports misleading and aimed at insulting the reputation of the ministry and undermining its credibility .

The minister who announce that Pfizer vaccine will start arriving this Saturday encouraged citizens to register for an appointment to take the vaccine

Lebanon has reserved 2.7 million doses of vaccines from multiple international companies and 2.1 million to be provided by Pfizer, PM Hassan Diab’s office says.

Minister Hassan also revealed that the AstraZeneca vaccine, which was reserved by the Ministry of Health on the Covax platform, received the approval of the World Health Organization, which constitutes a positive development, especially since the date of the arrival of this vaccine is expected at the beginning of the fourth week of February .

One analyst who goes by the name of Arzna commented on the Pfizer vaccine that will be shipped to Lebanon by saying:

“Wait till the end of February when you will start getting stories about Pfizer Vaccines shortages because of being smuggled to Iran and Syria .
Neither country can afford these but their leaders are scared to to take the Chinese and Russian vaccines 
They will insist on getting the Gold Standard even though they officially banned it 
Lets face it Hezbollah is in charge of Lebanon and the health minister is a loyal party member and Hezbollah chief pledged allegiance to Iran’s supreme leader 
and as events have shown no one cares about the Lebanese people 
The subsidized flour is being smuggled to Syria while the Lebanese are going hungry 
The subsidized fuel is being smuggled to Syria while the Lebanese are facing more power blackouts 
The subsidized medicine is being smuggled to Syria and Iran while the Lebanese have to do with inferior quality medicines that are imported from Iran and Syria 
This is what happens when a country is colonized”