Lebanon plans to vaccinate 80 % of population in 2021


Caretaker Health Minister Hamad Hassan  announced on Wednesday Lebanon’s Covid-19 vaccination plan

Here are some highlights:

80% of of the residents will be vaccinated in 2021

The vaccine will not be obligatory and will be “free of charge even at private and public centers.”

“All residents including displaced Syrians , Palestinian refugees and people of other nationalities” will have equal access to the vaccine.

 Lebanon decided to “accept any vaccine donation” but “according to the platform and the national plan.”

The Pfizer vaccine will be the first to arrive and is expected in Lebanon around mid-February and will be stored as recommended at -70 deg C

Like all nations the priority will be for “protecting the health sector, the elderly and people who have chronic illnesses.”

Organizations and individuals are urged to register for the vaccine. Those that register will receive cards containing information about the first and second doses and contact details to report any side effects.

 5.5 million people expected to receive vaccinations according to the plan.

The head of the parliamentary health committee, MP Assem Araji, who attended the event warned that “receiving the vaccine does not mean ending the 3 precautionary measures ( or 3 Ws ) Wearing masks and Watching social distance and Washing the hands thoroughly .” “It is necessary to wait until an 80% immunity is reached in society,” he added.

Hassan said the plan ensures the monitoring of the refrigeration chain, guarantees a transparent and fair access to the vaccine and confronts the possible side effects.